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 So the script idea has been amended and updated a bit... The script is now for an Alternate Universe Sequel to Series 13  of New Who, after the run of Jodie Whittaker as the Doctor. The series are as follows - For my scripts I am currently working on three Doctor Who seasons, set in the near future The First season is called  DOCTOR WHO: APOUKALUPSIS  (Revelations). Then comes the Doctor Who Specials:  DOCTOR WHO: BATTLE OF TIME PAST (Part I - III) The Second season is called  DOCTOR WHO: NEO KOSMOS  (New World). And then there is the third untitled season. The first two seasons are almost complete. And I uploaded the Valeyard: Origins today. Episodes - DOCTOR WHO: APOUKALUPSIS  (Revelations) Animal Kingdom The Colony Conservancy Journey to the Centre Tardis a day keeps the Doctor away Masters of Horror Stormageddon Homecoming Web of Truth POST.TRAUMATIC.SPACE.DISORDER The Neutral Zone Back to the Futures The Vale of Vails A Rose with any other name Specials: DOCTOR WHO: BATTLE OF TIM

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