Valeyard: Origins


Valeyard: Origins

This Short-story is a Valeyard Origin scene which has parts and extracts derived and reimagined from 'Doctor Who and the Time War', by Russel. T. Davies, which was to coincide with the 2013 50th anniversary Special, but never actually released as it deviated from the storytelling of The Day of the Doctor; so parts of it has been paid homage to, as a reimagined scenario. It leads in to other bigger stories I have written on the Whoniverse
Doctor Who and all original or recurring characters is copyright © British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) 1963.

Gallifrey Falls

A long coat, fluttering in the howling wind. Up on the highest visible peak on Mount Seldom. The whole grassland is a version of orange. There is beauty and peace in the sights of it. Everything is silent except the howling winds. And the winds carry the cries of war. The Doctor stands on an eyrie. So far away that the warring kinds of Time Lords and Daleks in the Capital City and Arcadia are out of reach. He could hear them scream in vain. The screams of war.
Time Lord[OC]: Fire the Time Torpedoes!
Dalek-voiceover[OC]: Exterminate! Exterminate!
There is a platoon of Time Lord convoy approaching Mount Seldom. Far away in the horizon, he could make out the shapes of some familiar contours of destruction. Spiderbot Dalek Drones are hovering up and down, in waves, trying to reach him. Their cries to reach him, trying to make him stop, comes to his ears too. Both humanoid and mutant-kind. He chooses to not focus on them, but see the devastation of the Last great Time War instead, reminding him why he is doing this. He is covered by a semi-spherical force shield, top-down. There are fluctuations within the shield. The Daleks are trying to get in using a transmat. Soon the shield would give away.
He looks down at his feet, where a withered skeletal feet crumbles away into dust, carried by the wind. Only the worn-out clothes remain, full of carbon-scoring and burn holes.
8th Doctor: It's too late now..
He looks up to the Moment. An implement of brass and oak, with a big red lever on top. The moment gives a whole glow-out, leading up to the lever. It is ready.
8th Doctor: This is it. Oh, well! Last words are useless now. Not in this world and time. Time Lords of Gallifrey. Dalek-kind of Skaro. Monsters alike. I had served you notice to stop this war, not step into this impending doom. I had said no more, but you chose once more. And now, so shall I, one last time!
He steps forward, with tear in his eyes, and pulls the lever all the way down. Total whiteout. Tears roll down his other eye as he clenches his jaws tighter. Still eyes closed, he steps back and opens them. The war around him, and Gallifrey is no more. He feels a sharp pain, as if disintegrating in small parts. There is funnel of multi-spectrum light, even through the destruction and white nothingness around. Following the faint spectrum around, he goes to his ship and falls down on his knees, crumbling in pain. He finds himself landing on the doors to his Tardis.
8th Doctor: I suppose this is it. The death of the Doctor. 
Another tear rolls down his eyes. He wipes them off, with another hand on his chest. His face bleeding and disheveled. His bones broken, he just lies on his back at the foot of the Tardis.
Moment-Rose: You have time.
8th Doctor: Time for what!? There is no more point to it. All this pain and sorrow. All the guilt and burden. All the places I could have seen, all that I could have done. All this cravings and musings. [Sniffs] Another musing I am having right now. What age am I?
Moment-Rose: Would you like to know? [Steps forward]I can show y-
8th Doctor: Oh, what would be the point? Would it do me any good to know where and exactly when did I manage to fail my own kind. When I stopped destruction with destruction itself. All the lies and betrayal. All the temporal manipulations and experiments. I suppose it could be a thousand by now. Or 980, maybe? 970? Let's just round up to 900, shall we.
Moment-Rose: You are the boss, Boss.
8th Doctor: I boss nobody. Does it look like I am worthy of following? Does it look like my efforts and inner-musings can bring in any fruition worth to anybody?
Moment-Rose: Companion then. That is always your story. Stuck between a girl and a box. And balanced out by a companion.
8th Doctor: Well, given the circumstances the company could have been worse, I suppose. Baloohoom to Mars, Earth to Condor, Skull Moon to Delirium, you were not the worst accomplice to end it all with. Although the choice in face from my future did not do any justice, since I won't be having a future anymore. Is it- Is it done?
Moment-Rose: Your future has been fixed.
8th Doctor: So. No more regeneration. Good, good. Ah, Gallifrey. AHhhhhh.[Sniffs in hard] I once told a friend that no matter where ever you choose to go, you always end up home. I suppose it holds true for somebody as despicable as me too.
Moment-Rose: You are not despicable Doctor. Or disposable.
8th Doctor: Really[coughs]. And what would you call mass genocide? A thought so contemptible and evil. So evil to the roots that it has burned away everything. My own people. My enemies, however bad they were. All life is precious and demands to be preserved no matter the circumstances. A crime so heinous, it has burned away my will to live!
Moment-Rose: Hmmm. "I love humans. Always seeing patterns in things that aren't there".
8th Doctor[coughs lightly]: Whaat!?
Moment-Rose: I said-
8th Doctor: I know what you said. It's what I said. A lifetime ago. I don't forget lines and faces much. Not in most regenerations at least.
Moment-Rose: You are no different Doctor.
8th Doctor: Don't call me that. I do not deserve that name anymore.
Moment-Rose: Okay. That makes the conversation a bit tougher. You are no different, 'Time Lord'[air-quotes]. There is no connection to your pain and what you just did. These are battle scars, the mental anguish and burden. Not the physical pain. Those were truths that had to take place. You had to do what you were meant to do, however painful. In your version of the universe, those were fixed-points. Undeniable temporal conundrum to you, I suppose. To me, one definitive possibility in a long list of possibilities. Plus you are not even dying.
8th Doctor: My version of universe? And wait, did you just say I am not dying!?
Moment-Rose: No. You are not dying. Like I said. Seeing connections where there are none. Nothing is burning away anything in you.
8th Doctor: Then-
Moment-Rose: Isn't it obvious. You are regenerating.
8th Doctor: [Tries to get up in his pain] Why? I explicitly instructed you not to!
Moment-Rose: As if! [Eyes glow] Do not misjudge the gravity of your situation or your statements, Doctor. Words like explicit do not mean the same thing to you and me. You have lived for about 900 years. I could be a sentient life-form in all of existence for nine minutes and still see and know further than you. Both ways too! Your instructions are but mere amusement to me. I wear the face of your future companion for the same reason you wear yours around human companions. To pander to their needs and justifications. To heed to their sensibilities. But deep down, we all are so much more. You have seen so much. And yet I have seen so much more! I have seen many of your stories Doctor. You do not get off that easy. You still have work to do. There is pain and hurt from what you did. But there is so much more good to come out of it. Out of what you feel today, right here. Right now. A version of you, older than you, once said that Time does not pass. It is an illusion and life is the magician- the great provider. Like a magician's trick, revealed to you only in parts. Never the bigger picture. Like frozen pictures. Stills of your life. Pictures are so still and mundane to look at. But if you experience those pictures one after another, then everything comes alive. Imagine if Time happened all at once; not a linear sentiment that you experience one day at a time. But all of it. That is how I see it Doctor. All of it that has happened and all that is yet to come. And you are needed in there. It does take the romance out of things. Maybe Time does you a favor too. Wears the face of one-boring-day-at-a-time.
8th Doctor: Huh? I did not see the day going like this.
Moment-Rose: [Smiles] I did. Like the other one said, Time is a structure relative to each of yourselves. Which is why it is called Time and 'Relative' Dimensions in space. It means life. That is what it provides and upholds. That little box of yours. And you play a part in that in every circumstance. Now get in there. Chop-chop!
8th Doctor: To do what?
Moment-Rose: Wardrobe change.
8th Doctor: So, is this what you meant by 'fixed'?
[His hands start glowing].
Moment-Rose: She did most of it with her kiss. Passed it on as a restoration cycle. Your 'Savior'. That's what you call her in your mind, don't you?
8th Doctor: How did y-
Moment-Rose: I just put in a tiny upgrade in there, after that.
He looks down to see vigorous golden energy coming out of his hands, following the familiar changes. His face starts to burn and engulf him.
8th Doctor: Huh, this is a bit new. 'Savior'. That is just about right. She was that. And so much more.
Moment-Rose: Put it to good use then.
8th Doctor: Hold me to that promise. One day, if need be, I will try and pass it on to save another.
Moment-Rose: Oh, if only you would know it! I am holding you to it right now.
With a very large bang and whiteout, he regenerates. He cools down, smoking and panting. He runs his hand over his face, his hair , his nose, the nape of his neck. The whole length of the foreface, and then his ears.
9th Doctor: Blimey!
Moment-Rose: Double the blimey! Mind you, the ears could-
A sudden beam of energy hits the Doctor from above, like an energetic transmat. His hands laid behind, he is suddenly pulled up and away.
Moment-Rose: Huh! That was new. Although now that I see it.. Oh, well. My work here is done for now...[pouts unmindfully] Wish I had some chips.

Retracted from Time

Meanwhile, in The Library-
10th Doctor: Time can be rewritten.
River: Not those times. Not one line. Don't you dare. It's okay. It's okay. It's not over for you. You'll see me again. You've got all of that to come. You and me, time and space. You watch us run.
10th Doctor: River, you know my name!
COMPUTER[Automated voiceover]: Autodestruct in ten
10th Doctor: You whispered my name in my ear.
COMPUTER[Automated voiceover]: Nine, eight, seven
10th Doctor: There's only one reason I would ever tell anyone my name. There's only one time I could!
River: Hush, now.
COMPUTER[Automated voiceover]: Four, three
River[smiles]: Spoilers.
COMPUTER[Automated voiceover]: Two, one
[River joins two power cables together. There is a big, blinding light and a partial whiteout.]
A sudden beam of energy hits the Doctor from above, like an energetic transmat. Just like before.....
10th Doctor: What? Whaat!? No, not now! Not today of all days! Not nowwwww-
He vanishes.
In between an infestation of Daleks, at the start of it all-
4th Doctor: Just touch these two strands together and the Daleks are finished. Have I that right?
Sarah: To destroy the Daleks!? You can't doubt it.
4th Doctor: Well, I do. You see, some things could be better with the Daleks. Many future worlds will become allies just because of their fear of the Daleks.
Sarah: But it isn't like that.
4th Doctor: But the final responsibility is mine, and mine alone. Listen, if someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you and told you that that child would grow up totally evil, to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives, could you then kill that child?
Sarah: We're talking about the Daleks, the most evil creatures ever invented. You must destroy them. You must complete your mission for the Time Lords.
4th Doctor: Do I have the right? Simply touch one wire against the other and that's it. The Daleks cease to exist. Hundreds of millions of people, thousands of generations can live without fear, in peace, and never even know the word Dalek.
Sarah: Then why wait? If it was a disease or some sort of bacteria you were destroying, you wouldn't hesitate.
4th Doctor: But I kill, wipe out a whole intelligent lifeform, then I become like them. I'd be no better than the Daleks.
Sarah: Think of all the suffering there'll be if you don't do it.
[The two wires finally touch! A big whiteout, but the Doctor finds himself riding up a white beam, with minimal voluntary movements.]
4th Doctor: Oh. My! 
12th Doctor: Where am I? What planet is this?
Kid Davros: I don't understand.
12th Doctor: Well, neither do I. I try never to understand. It's called an open mind. Now, you have got to make a choice.
Kid Davros: A choice?
12th Doctor: Yes, you have got to decide that you're going to live. Survival is just a choice. Choose it now.
Kid Davros: If I move, they'll get me.
12th Doctor: I told you, you have one chance in a thousand. But one is all you ever need. What's your name? Come on, faith in the future. Introduce yourself! Tell me the name of the boy who isn't going to die today.
Kid Davros: Davros. My name is Davros. 
[The Doctor looks petrified, and backs away]
Kid Davros: Hello? Are you still there? Please, you've got to help me. You said I could survive. You said you'd help me. Help me!
[Through the battle-fog, we see a sudden beam of bright, white energy hit the silhouette of the Doctor from above, and pick him up]
In Manhattan-
Amy: That gravestone, Rory's, there's room for one more name, isn't there?
11th Doctor: What are you talking about? Back away from the Angel. Come back to the Tardis. We'll figure something out.
Amy: The Angel, would it send me back to the same time? To him!?
11th Doctor: I don't know. Nobody knows.
Amy: But it's my best shot, yeah?
11th Doctor: No!
RIVER: Doctor, shut up! Yes. Yes, it is.
11th Doctor: Amy.....
Amy: Well, then. I just have to blink, right?
11th Doctor: No!
Amy: It'll be fine. I know it will. I'll be with him, like I should be. Me and Rory together. Melody?
11th Doctor: Stop it. Just, just stop it!
[River takes Amy's hand. She kisses it.]
Amy: You look after him. You be a good girl, and you look after him.
11th Doctor: You are creating fixed time. I will never be able to see you again!
Amy: I'll be fine. I'll be with him.
11th Doctor: Amy, please! Just come back into the Tardis. Come along, Pond, please.
Amy: Raggedy man, goodbye!
[Amy turns her back on the Angel, and vanishes. Rory's gravestone has a few more words on it now. And His Loving Wife Amelia Williams. Aged 87.]
11th Doctor: Nooooo!
[Seen from the back, the Doctor draws his sonic and points at the Angel]
11th Doctor: I should do it! Right now! Why, just why!?
A sudden beam of energy hits the Doctor from above, just like the rest.
11th Doctor: Whaaat!? What? No, no, no, no, nooooo!
He vanishes too.
A vast white conduit of energy, with figures travelling upwards.
10th Doctor[OC]: For a long time now, I thought I was just a survivor, but I'm not. I'm the winner. That's who I am. The Time Lord Victorious.
Random voice[OC]: Bill Potts
10th Doctor[OC]: Adelaide, I've done this sort of thing before. In small ways, saved some little people, but never someone as important as you. Oh, I'm good.
Adelaide[OC]: Little people? What, like Mia and Yuri? Who decides they're so unimportant? You?
Random voice[OC]: Ace
Random voice[OC]: Donna
11th Doctor[OC]: Amy, she's not real! Melody, she's a Flesh avatar. Amy!
11th Doctor[OC]: Amy! Amy.
Rory[OC]: Yeah, we know.
10th Doctor[OC]: Exactly. You were born in battle, full of blood and anger and revenge. 
Random voice[OC]: Loshann
Random voice[OC]: Fey Truscott
War Doctor[OC]: What I did, I did without choice. In the name of peace and sanity.
7th Doctor[OC]: Ace!
Wilf[OC]: I'm sorry.
10th Doctor[OC]: Sure.
Wilf[OC]: Look, just leave me.
10th Doctor[OC]: Okay, right then, I will. Because you had to go in there, didn't you? You had to go and get stuck, oh yes. Because that's who you are, Wilfred. You were always this. Waiting for me all this time.
Emperor[OC]: I want to see you become like me. Hail the Doctor, the Great Exterminator.
9th Doctor[OC]: I'll do it!
Emperor[OC]: Then prove yourself, Doctor. What are you, coward or killer?
Wilf[OC]: No really, just leave me. I'm an old man, Doctor. I've had my time.
10th Doctor[OC]: Well, exactly! Look at you. Not remotely important! But me? I could do so much more. Sooo mucchhhh morrrreeeee! But this is what I get. I suppose I should! I could do it, you know. But could I!? How am I Time Lord Victorious with a victory of this kind?
Random voice[OC]: Vervoid
Random voice[OC]: Fenric
Clara[OC]: I went to a concert once. Can't remember who it was. But do you know what the singer said?
12tth Doctor[OC]: Frankly, that would be an absolutely astonishing guess if I did know.
Clara[OC]: She said - "Hatred is too strong an emotion to waste on someone that you don't like."
10th Doctor[OC]: I never would. Have you got that? I never would. When you start this new world, this world of Human and Hath, remember that.
Random voice[OC]: Fendahl
10th Doctor[OC]: Which of us is more valuable to the universe? I don't want to. So I'm not going to-
7th Doctor[OC]: Ace!
8th Doctor[OC]: Cass!
Random voice[OC]: Daleks
10th Doctor[OC]: Tough!
10th Doctor[OC]: Time Lord Victorious
In a whole other universe, there stands a version of the Doctor, at his console, sobbing. There is pain, hurt, rage, undigested determination and unhinged fury, all summed up together, in his eyes. His bloodshot eyes. He is standing in what looks like a dilapidated Battle Tardis from the old days. From the viewing pane of the Time Bubble, he can see what he has done. Outside, there lies the body of the two Karn Sisters from the moon of Korlan, Ohima II and her little sister Ohincko, withered and burned beyond recognition. There is solemn and silence all around. Only the malfunctioning Time-torpedo tube is sparking off, sounding off little thrusts of noises in a distance. The same kind of carbon scoring can be found on both, the Torpedo tubes and all of Korlan around. The High Sanctum is burning. Reminding him of the burning grounds of Gallifrey that the Master had caused a few years back. He is broken, at what he had done. At what he had caused. He did not mean to, however. He only wanted to end all the secrets of the Sisterhood. He did not want to be a vestibule of manipulation in the aftermath of wars anymore. His first proper kill. Kill of innocence. Kill of his principality. His morals. His oath as the Doctor. His oath, as a Doctor, has ironically always been hypocritical. He had to do harm, to stop the oncoming engines of harm. He had stopped destruction with destruction. But never before he has killed somebody outside of a war, a battle or struggle. 
Suddenly there is a hissing noise and an incoming flash of light. Bang!
All versions converge on him, from under. The process seems immensely painful, and he keeps shouting in a long stretch. Gradually, the amends from the planetary engine of Korlan takes place. A green glow of light slowly waves on from the Change Engine, unknown to the Doctor, phasing through the tormented conglomerates of the Doctors, and then passing on. When under attack, the Change Engine chose to act out and save itself. So as a mandate, it not only chose to prolong the 'essence' of life, but amplify it. And all it could find was the rage and sorrow of a thousand different Doctor, clustering and blundering into each other. As it reaches them, the light engulfs his face, like a regeneration. When everything cools down, the Battle Tardis is almost in ruins. The Valeyard has been born. His clothes are torn up, smoking. He rises on his knees, crouching, slowly. There is rage in his eyes. Too much rage, and vivid determination. He knows what he has to do. He is the savior no more. Healer no more. Doctor no more. As he tries to get up, he faints down, hitting his head on the console.

Born Again: Nascence of Evil Incarnate

[To a tweaked and lively version of the tunes of Beethoven - Symphony No. 3 In E Flat Major (Op. 55) Eroica]
An unknown form a Valeyard, probably a younger but future one, in his usual Time-Lord attire, is looking on to a screen, at somebody trying to open a safe, marked The Divine Bank of Karabraxos.
A very blue humanoid, with a bandana cloaked in his collars, is using a handheld blowtorch to cut through the rims.
Valeyard: You do know what to do, I presume?
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: Yes, I do. They do not call the Von Bornes the Bloody thief of Xantor Bloodmoon for nothing.
Valeyard: And have you c-
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: Yes I have cut the inner layer of the rim. Now I am torching the hinges open to reveal the wiring. And when I bypass the wirings, the charge fluctuations open the panel.
Valeyard: And you have exactly twenty seconds to retrieve the item or the deadlock compartment within the safe sets in. It's a titranium safe. So do be careful.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes[OC]: Ok.
Valeyard: And how long would it-
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes[OC]: Done. Retrieval complete.
Valeyard: You know what to do.
Another light blue colored humanoid is waiting for extraction.
Bladimir: Well?
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: We are done. Go. Go, go, go, go!
The levitating cruiser cuts of a few cars in the other direction, and jumps to the lower levels of the magna-platform highway It takes a swift turn and bends into an alley.
Bladimir: They wouldn't find us at the Grade B pedestrian levels.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: And did you get your part?
Bladimir[shakes and shows]: One oxyhemerogen torch and a Level-Alpha badge from the Bank Archive. What did the Architect say to do next? What do we do with it now?
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: You, nothing. Me, proceed to the next level.
He shoots a paralytic dart at his head from behind, and steals his loots. He proceeds to a building a few lanes later, marked Bilino's Pub. The Pub is heavily lit, with chambers on each corners. There are two dancing pole in the middle, and a variety of life-forms around.
Attendant: Kaaley, my friend! Is it the usual?
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: You know me too well, Boros. Got One for me?
Attendant: Big booth.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: Good.
Attendant: Well, knowing you is costing me. Not good! Sometimes do enjoy the amenities the pub has actually to offer. The High Chair is breathing down on my neck.
Kaal'Avista enters a private chamber and locks the door. There is one dancing pole in the middle. He grips the pole, turns it right three time, left one two times and then right again the last time. A small panel from within the side of the pole pricks him.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: Ooiiiuu! By the hounds of Bloodmoon. Gets me every time.
AI voiceover[translated]: Blood Sample Analysis. Kaal'Avista. Von Bornes Metalworks Security.
The pole retracts to the ceiling and a dias opens up to provide a hatch. Kaal'Avista climbs down and is greeted by another of his kind. There is a second person, in a mask and a metallic jacket.
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: Did you get it all?
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: One sealed pouch. One oxyhemerogen torch. And One Level-Alpha badge. What have you got?
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: A Yerba Mate from 12th Colony Earth and Aesophorous Magnodian plant from early Skaro. Found it in the Skylock Museum, just as the Architect said.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: Ready?
Koll'Arbum nods. He rubs the Mate extract on the hinges of the lockbox, on the bench. Then he carefully points the Aesophorous Magnodian plant at the hinges and squeezes it. A lime-yellow liquid gets squirted over the extracts. He does the whole process for all the corners. Soon, the hinges melt off. The upper cover and the lid comes off, leaving the inner locking mechanism only. Along with the lid and back-box, the safety mirror also comes off clean.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: And what does he do?
Valeyard: He does as I tell him, as you men have done.
The Valeyard has silently approached them from behind the empty room. Dressed in a long coat and a headgear that looks like a skull crusher cap that hides most of his usual attire, he advances towards them and presses a switch. The other person jerks up a little bit and then stiffens, like in a shock.
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: How did you?
Valeyard: Let me be clear. He does not only fulfill my wishes. But moreover, he has no other choice.
The mask opens up to reveal a black, oval metallic face, with interface nodes on the forehead.
Valeyard: He is called Psi, an old associate. He used to be an augmented human. Now he is mere brain cells and a severed head with the same capacity stuck inside Autonomic body mechanisms and a stolen neural interface.
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: Whaat?
At the non-verbal bidding of the Valeyard, Autonomic Psi respond to his nods and tries to bypass the safe. His right limb transforms into a skeleton-key reader. With a few tries. He gets in. There is a large capsule inside it.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: Wait. Wait! What is the endgame here? Our 'big' steal is a sealed pouch, a torch and a large capsule of some kind? Why does this capsule look so familiar!? The designs on-
Valeyard: Well, to be fair-[looks at the other]
And he shoots a paralytic dart at Kaal'Avista. Who tumbles down on the floor, His legs still move but this hands are turned upside down and one side of his is barely mobile.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes[mutters with effort] VVWhhyyyyy?
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: What? Speak up. You seen a little down under.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: VVWwwhhyyyyy? VVWhhyyyyy vood yu-?
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: Rest up cousin. The lower house of the Bloodmoons is not deserving of the riches I have been offered. In years to come, you will learn to forgive me. While I would not even waste a thought on you. So, is it done. Is this it?
Valeyard: The honor is all yours. Open it up. Go for the spoils.
Koll'Arbum tries to open up the capsule box; but there is a huge splash. It is a liquid similar to the one squirted from the flower. It covers Koll'Arbum and Autonomic Psi fully, drenching them in some kind of sticky underlayer. Koll'Arbum soon looses his grip. He stumbles to his knees. His whole left side has gone numb. And his head is now parting into two from the forehead, like huge dandelions. Meanwhile, all the while the Valeyard seems unphased. Literally unphased. His body is slowly going translucent.
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: VVWhh-VVWhhaad deed yu vuu?
Valeyard: What? Do speak up.
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: VVWhhaad[Pause]. VVWhhaad deedi doo?
That is no ordinary capsule. It is from the Black Operation team on Bloodmoons. They use it on higher House convicts, like you. Mix that with a little bit of propellant[lights it with the torch]. And voila! Makes for a cold flame that can eat through anything.
Both Koll'Arbum and Autonomic Psi burn in a slow red flame.
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: Oh..Woahhhggh! VVWhh-VVWhhaad. Vwwhy dedde u d-vhow wud vu eskaapve?
By now the Valeyard has gone completely translucent. At the very last moment, a round-shaped device appears on his chest, braced with holsters from the back, ina criss-cross fashion. He points to his right, while completely dissappearing. A different version of the Tardis sound can be heard from where he was point. A Tardis materialises, slower than usual.
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: Vvhah! Vwuhh vwickes svon of a- 
He and Psi splatters into a slow explosion. And the Valeyard comes out and picks up the sealed pouch from the table. He presses a switch on his gauntlet. His attire changes and folds back to his usual Time Lord regalia. He throws away the coat. The device on his chest regresses back to palm-sized, with the X-shaped braces still intact.
Valeyard: Saved by a Tachyon displacement regulator. Displace yourself anywhere within a limited temporal bubble, even the past. And then there was this-
[He opens the pouch]
Valeyard: The hind Brain of the last Teller progeny of The Divine Bank of Karabraxos. Should work perfectly fine against Rassilon. All proof and accomplices destroyed. Well, one partially destroyed. With this I would be able to enhance by psychic transgression techniques even further. With this I mig- Oh! Who am I even talking to? Why bother at all. Curse of mingling with the lower species I suppose.
Suddenly a gas-grenade flies in near his feet. It hits the body of Kaal'Avista and stops spinning. A thick cloud of gas whoozes out rapidly covering the entire area with smoke. Within the smoke the Valeyard can see two shadowy figures, with golden glow contours from the royal regalia. The shape of their head-gear is quite clear, with masks on. As the figure emerge into prominence, they break out their batons, blunt and bigger at the end, with a shock-spark mouth. A brief struggle aside, the Valeyard gets subdued easily. Coughing irresistibly, the Valeyard collapses and passes out.
The young Valeyard wakes up with aches all over his body. Through the hypnopompic mist of unconsciousness and fatigue in his eyes, he sees that he is somewhere resembling the decors of Gallifreyan architecture. There are four people in the room. All eyeing him with pure disdain, yet with a hint of unsure fright.
Valeyard: Gallifreyan Silence Chamber. Nice touch of deniability and sinister applications. What am I doing in here?
Bor'ham: Even in your impure form and aspects, you cannot stop at only a sentence could you. Oh, mighty Rassilon, they can talk!
Valeyard: So you know who I am?
Bor'ham: The darker sides of the Doctor put together. We have had indefinite sources compiled about your whereabouts over the years. Although they mostly seem inconsistent. You know who we are?
Valeyard: By the architecture and pompous magnificence and gestures of arrogance, I would suppose the High Council.
Bor'ham: We picked you up from universe because we have a task for you. We w-
Valeyard: No.
Bor'ham: What?
Valeyard: No. I am not the errand boy of Gallifrey. If I was, I would still call myself the Doctor and wear a scarf around. Like I said, arrogance. Hidden in all the delight and ravishing joy. The ostentation and splendor of the most knowledgeable beings in the universe. Arrogant enough to even cross universes.
Bor'ham: If you do not comply you-
A Time Lord raises his hand and turns around. He signals, and Bor'ham ushers the guards away, hurriedly.
Rassilon: If you do not comply, death would be the worst of your problems.
Valeyard: Well, well, well. The fatherly voice of tyranny. At last.
Rassilon: I understand that you are used to exercising power and order. Not receiving them. You are used to demanding utter submission. That is why you chose to call yourself that utter nonsense. Valeyard. The Time Lord who has dominion over the abstract of vails - Submission. [Gestures]So I give you some power. Power over your life. [Signals]
A hatch opens below him. Made of glass. Beyond the hatch can be seeing a rotor fan, keeping something intact and levitated.
Rassilon: Organic mold from Terradilecta. With a tiny bit of a death particle inside. You know how it works; you have used the same principle before. Either you agree to assist us or you face the death particle in the isolated chamber. Sucked out beyond Gallifrey. Or, you could help us and empower yourself.
Valeyard: Empower how?
Rassilon: When we get what we want, you get what is rumored you have been after for so very long. The remaining regenerations of the Doctor from our universe.
Valeyard: And what do you wish me to do?
Rassilon: Nothing major. Defame him. Debunk his ego and status. Let him stand on trials if you have to. I am putting this memory into you with a Temporal stamp, so that any version of you sharing the same resonating frequency, past or future down the road, can have them. Let me show you how-
He approaches and touches the side of his heads, lowering himself.
Rassilon: Initiate contact!
- And the Valeyards' eyes open up. In the present.
Valeyard: So that is what I have to do. ...So far away yet. So much work to do.

Triumph and Trials in Time

The Valeyard tries to get up. His forehead is red with blood, that has set in. The Valeyard discards his screwdriver near the console. He slowly steps out of the console platform. He staggers down the dais, stunned and tired, his clothes still smoking. He goes up to the door, to leave. He suddenly turns his head. He can see his reflection in one of the spatio-temporal sensor roundels. He still looks like the Doctor.
Valeyard: Still the same. Yet so different underneath. Hmm (smirks).
He decides to turn back. In a calm and composed way, he makes it back slowly to the console.
Valeyard[sotto]: Okay, Doctor. Let us do this properly. Me to you. New to old this time around.
He operates the switches.
Valeyard: First things first. I am not you. No moralistic inhibitions and the burden of insecurities. No one pulling be back. No attention to others. Let us not stand on ceremony and pretend to be something redeemable. I have had my first kill, that was unwarranted. Uncalled. Outside the scope of war. An initiation by blood, not fire.
He gets the Time Rotor going. The Helmic regulator gives out with a short-bust. He hot-wires the two charged ends to get it going again. The Time Rotor is moving, but the Battle Tardis isn't. He works on a console.
Valeyard: If you are wondering who I am; The Doctor or the Valeyard- I am both. Like you I used to wear that pitiful mantle of the Doctor. Until mere moments ago, I was the Doctor!
[Pauses] I was created by you, long time ago. Wherever your version of the universe is, the version of you in my universe spearheaded my creation, accidentally having used a Transmat along with a Genetic Modifier. I was a manifestation that was drawn out of my own timeline and ended up within the Time War itself. I resembled a version drawn out directly from after your trials because that is the version the Time Lords knew of, while my real form and timeline was absolved of any trace of me. But I did not look the part, young and angry and temperamental, as I once did during the trials. The Time differential of drawing out this version had aged me considerably. Turns out the whole thing had been engineered by the Gallifreyan High Council, who saw me more suitable as an errand for war, while also putting physical limitations on me and keeping me in check. After failing with the War-Master and other versions of the Valeyard on trials, I was chosen. Because I had your qualities, but did not hesitate to take drastic steps. Free of the burden of your morality, I was the ultimate soldier for the Time War. I had the gut to get the job done, at whatever the cost. I mascaraed Spiderbot drones of the Dalek convoy, squashing them like ants under a boot. I overloaded the Kaled Mutations in their chambers and destroyed all Daleks in a splat on the Chrysilis sister-warship, in their sleep. While the Dalek Emperor was too busy with you and the other Gallifreyan forces. Things you would never consider doing, unfairly. I was sent and instructed to recover a Dalek weapon on a planet that could potentially wipe out the whole race of Time Lords, yet retain their knowledge and memories in the universe, at the mercy of the Daleks. Our Data Cores and the Matrix, open for plunder once we were gone. I was under strict instructions to use the weapon on the Daleks instead. So that they were wiped out, while we still held their records and data. But a localized blast made the weapon malfunction, while some of the Daleks fled through a rift, along with the Dalek Time Strategist. The whole population of the planet was wiped out. The High Council created a frame of Time Loop over the whole planet, in a Time-Lock in order to hide their involvement and to imprison me. For about two hundred years, I was stuck in the same loop, trying to use the weapon at the start of the batlle, and getting stuck at the end, with the weapon itself providing me a memory of those who were involved in the battle to be stuck with me, all still alive. The 'War' Valeyard is what you called me, in my universe, before becoming a so-called Warrior yourself, who perished in battle a few regenerations later. The weapon that stuck me in a loop had an effect on my memory. With your clothes, and carrying the burdens of your conscience, I was the Doctor! I was reluctant at first. In mind and soul, I considered myself the Doctor. For two hundred years I had been haunted by the reflex of wiping out a race, as I considered myself the Doctor. Self-righteous and simplistic. While the version before your Warrior persona came and broke the loop, I decided to still stay within the Time-Lock. I foolishly feared becoming the Valeyard again once I got out. There was too much death and destruction around me. I even restarted the Time-loop with his help because atleast an echo of the planet had survived, within that loop. Coming from that particular regeneration, I had descended with all your base emotions. I did not want to be part of the war anymore. But soon, there was no more war. No Daleks, no more Gallifrey. No more. A word that reverberated and echoed through all the universe. Everybody was tired of the war. And so was I. I was stuck in a time loop again, this time out of my own choice, until something, or someone worked it out and released me. I did not pay much attention to the who and what back then. The I started having my own adventures, like the Doctor. With the Warrior dead, I was the new 'Doctor'. I had my fun, my adventures. Met a few people along the way, who I completely did not hate. Gabby, Amy, Clara Oswald, Jack Harkness, Bill, Nardole. But then I learned about my terrible secrets. Where I came form, what I had been made to think over the years.
Valeyard: [Sotto]Uhh, so that is how. He got it from me. Bypassing the logic-circuitry like in the Nathemu- [Loud]Down the line you may meet me. You may get to wonder what started me all. If I am reading this correctly, And I usually do, it turns out the Master has set his last trap for us, before i killed him yesterday. An idea he had got from other version of me, of feeding on emotions. Mind-locked to my psychic precipitancy and emotional signatures from over the years. [Stares up into the open] I was here to end all the secrets. Those that have bothered me. Us...., me and you! For so long! To destroy the High Sanctum of Korlan. But something happened.. something I did not plan for. And the sense of loss made me let go off my emotions. And the Psychic precipitancy Sensors picked it up. The trap, once switched on, was to create a temporal fixation of bringing all versions of me to this very place, where I am standing, in their worst moments. Creating a paradoxical chain reaction so big, that no version of me could have solved in those emotional states.
The Time Rotor speeds up.
Valeyard: Luckily, something good came out of it. Me. Imagine that. A multitude of you, within me! The best. The worst. In one corporeal spatio-adjustment. In one flesh!
The dais slowly swivels into a turn and opens up like a clock-face. The Time Rotor starts glowing. He climbs down, and gets out of the Tardis door, locking it behind
Valeyard: Unlucky for you, I am coming.
[A considerable amount of time later}
The Tardis blasts! Destroying whole of Korlan. The core implodes inside-out. A few rocks and debris are even falling down on the atmosphere of Karn itself.
The Valeyard flies by in a shuttlecraft. Turning his head, he puts the craft into hyperdrive.
Valeyard: So it begins Doctor, So it begins. My triumph. Your ultimate trial!


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