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Script Ideas - First Draft Full

The scripture has been modelled after the likes of televised episode-patterns. But it can work well as video-Comic stories (from Titan Comics) or Prose. There are certain dramatic intros and exchanges (Like Title Themes at the beginning, which felt appropriate to mention at the beginning of a few episodes). But it can be thought of as a Title-card in written-source or Prose.
There is also a Valeyard Origin scene mentioned at the end. It is part of an episode under construction. Tying in into the finale. It has been derived and reimagined from 'Doctor Who and the Time War', by Russel.T.Davies, which was to coincide with the 2013 50th anniversary Special, but never actually released as it deviated from the storytelling of The Day of the Doctor; so parts of it has been paid homage to, as a reimagined scenario


First Part of a two-parter introduction story. Post-regeneration and alien invasion episode where an ancient species, the likes of Silurians of the old, has risen once again and wreak havoc. A newly regenerated Doctor, with a malfunctioning Tardis, is joined by two new companions Layla Robbins and Daniel Bolton, as they try to overcome these raging monsters.
Opening scene of the jungle life with proper and partly sinister music. We get introduced to the varietal species we know, and some we don't. As we progress into more unknown or semi-known ones, we shift focus to quick snaps and video montages of reptiloids and ape-like creatures; different iguanas, crocs, Komodo, flying lizards, creepy crawlers, something that looks awfully like a mass of Silurian but not biped, different ape-men, traits of Neanderthals, and finally the very close close-up of tar-ape like face and the bloodshot eyes of our antagonist.
Opening scene of the modern concrete jungle but with speedy tribal drumming intro in the background. We get introduced to all the inhabitants of the concrete jungle, living their busy life.
[To the tunes of Black Tambourine by Beck]
A side-by-side intro for two new companions; one a hacker, another a hiker. Layla Robbins, 27 is a gifted computer prodigy, a playful girl who loves to code, form her own new languages, partake in geeky adventures and solve mysteries. Basically a well dressed hybrid of Osgood and Clara. She is one straw short of a proper conspiracy-nut but makes up for it with her kindness. Outside her world of coding, she also likes to solve the mysterious 'unknown', unlike her companions, who do not heed to such instincts. Over the past few years, she had started her own new project of evidencing and researching all the different odd sightings and unexplainable circumstances like the Christmas star, a drawn-out battle at Canary Wharf, millions of funko-like dolls floating up in the sky like being pulled up by some electromagnetic winch. But over the years, she had found that people around take things at face value and move past beyond it too quickly. Most of her mates and family had already forgotten most of these incidents, like somebody has 'rebooted' the universe, maybe.  On the other hand, Daniel Bolton, 23 is a goofy and jolly hiker. He hikes through smaller hills, scuba dives, goes on long drives and firmly believes that the world itself has all the wonders that we seek; it's only a matter of going. What he lacks in imagination, he makes up for it with loyalty and immense courage. One day Layla gets a reading of a pillar-like projectile or structure heading for a canyon near her RV base station where she hangs out sometimes. Bombarding it with variously-spectrum rays she finds out that the projectile has dense interwoven endoplasmic layers beyond the shelled covering, like a fabric but with immense exothermal energy outputs. When she runs out with her custom monocular to see the falling projectile, it flashes a few times before her eyes like a star in a distance, before changing into a falling blue box! The blue box, to her surprise, crash lands only about a mile away, with enough thrust to level most of the land, almost squashing an unsuspecting Daniel who had hiked upto a small reef and was waiting for his girlfriend. This is where they meet the new Doctor.
Meanwhile, a legion of a troop of 200 monkey like biped creatures with higher intelligence, wreak havoc on the streets. When the Universal pattern Lupari recall signal was force-activated due to the Flux, a friendly beacon was sent out to other species as well as a warning to migrate to safer distances and planetoid havens or to protect their bonded species and sub-species assets. These included The Kanine Regency of Barcelona, Bovinus Slashers (minotaur-like creatures), Brotherhood of Caprocoorus and Ovinoorus of the Andromeda galaxy (peaceful goat and sheep tribes) and the miniature Apis colony (bees) who did not answer the hail cause they had already migrated, even from earth to Planet Melissa Majoria. Unknown to the others, another ancient and forgotten species that received the call was the Simiiformians or Simiifors, a species that shared the earth with the earliest Silurians. They were tar-like skinned war-monger monkeys that walked upright. They lived deep below caves that the silurians built, with tweaked ceilings within the roomy caverns to settle in. Evolutions over the centuries forced them to walk upright and be impervious to all kind of temperatures. Over the years, only a few scouts would come up to the surface and collect anything that could give them a tactical advantage once the 'emergence' began. All the while the others slept in deep hibernation in pods similar to the Silurians. Being hunter and gatherers, they had collected a lot of relics over the years. These included basic human firearms and bayonets to stolen Silurian machineries. More recent finds included remnants of cyber-parts from Cybus cybermen and various other weaponries over the years. With modified weapons, the troop poses a threat to all of the city above. The plan was to come out of the deep-sleep (ritual called Emergence) every few thousand years and challenge the herds of population above to a battle. If the Simiifors were victors of the battle, they would collect the strongest specimen to take back down home and process them in special pods over hundreds of years, to tar their skin artificially, and form newer Simiifors. This was a process they had continued over many times, as the females in their troop were more vulnerable to the heat and most of them lost their ability to create and carry a progeny in their sacks. The earliest titans of men were strong enough to withstand the process many years ago, but now the Simiifors find that most of the population are weaklings or even other races not fit for the Emergence (Zygons in disguise, hybrid alien humanoids and colonies of other alien lifeforms that live under the protection of 'Me' in different street corners). Chaos ensues as the Simiifors destroy everything in sight in search of a worthy opponent.

Second Part of a two-parter story. Post-regeneration and alien invasion episode. The Doctor overcomes the rigors of his regeneration, while fighting the plans of an alien race trying to conserve their own likes and kind. With the aid of an old and unlikely group of acquaintance, he tries to save the day with Layla and Daniel.
At the most of the most dire moments, post physical confrontations, The Doctor tricks the Simiifors by using their lack of new galactic knowledge against them and mocking them to mark their territory by announcing their intent worldwide, all the while broadcasting it out over a monitoring subset frequency. This is picked up by the Inner Rim guard Judoon of the New Shadow Proclamation Agency. Who come in to save the day.
The New Shadow Proclamation Agency, as divulged by the dialogues of the new Architect, was formed after the debacle of capturing two fugitive Doctors and their own part in failing to secure the self-alignment of planets under Davros' plan in The Stolen Earth. With a 'new' benefactor, the New Shadow Proclamation Agency works within the original body, but with a changed stance of accepting and outsourcing help from enhanced and enabled entities such as the Doctor himself. Over a list of character bio - Psi (from The Time Heist), redacted subsections on Clara Oswald, Rigsy in an uneasy pose with some Alien Graffiti files, Donna Noble, Ferrohumans with metal hard skins, Chimera creatures that look different in each case but with vampire-teeth, Mutant-humans, two Zygons and Petronella Osgood marked as Zygon. Then we come to the final bio of the 12th Doctor. The Doctor is told that the Shadow proclamation doesn't fully understand or trust the Doctor. Yet. But it needs him. All of him. He knows the lay of the land and has saved more souls than he cares to admit.

P.S: The Doctor has a newly regenerated Tardis, which he really likes. The interior is slightly similar to the Tardis in The Revolution of the Daleks that Yaz uses. The companions comment that it wasn't much good at the fight. Maybe it's just suited for travel and popping off to different places. To which, surprisingly the Tardis reacts with sounds it can make, beeping over the console audio units and response indicators, moodily. The Doctor tells them that it is so much more than a machine. It is even so much more than a companion. They are imbibed within each other. They have had a psychic imprint over each other that have lasted over a thousand years. She respects his wishes to not fight and escalate, but help and resolve. She doesn't always take you where you want to, but always where you need to. And this, ..this one is a new model. Came like a package deal. It is made from the exo-chormo-plasmic living metal blocks and concretes of a very old, docile and decommissioned Battle Tardis. A relic of the old that has shaped the Doctor's past in more ways then one. And it has a superior Matrix of its own now, merged with the interactive line matrix of a Type 58 TT. On their last adventure, another Tardis sacrificed herself so that he and the Type 40TT could survive.... They do not understand a word of such alien gibberish and complexity. The Doctor gives them a tour. The Tardis can now interact freely by making sounds with all three of them. It has living metal paddings in between roundels that can divert into screens and view-scanners. He gets them reintroduced. Also there are psychic pods with telepathic circuitry gel pads, should they ever need to drive. They say how would they even start to learn to drive her; plus it's a box. How do you drag or drive a police box!? Turns out, aligning with the interactive line matrix of a Type 58 TT hasn't exactly done any good to the chameleon circuit. But the Doctor can partially revert the out layers of the living metal blocks and concrete to proto-mode for repairs, which he shows them. The Tardis now also has a mind lock that both Layla and Daniel cannot master. Daniel thinks it is too Spock for him!
The Doctor is settling in the new Tardis with companions when suddenly, a platoon of Inner Rim guard Judoon beam them away.

The Doctor and companions are forcibly brought to a  planet designated RHOMBOCTAAR Sol-5 of the New Delta, where long-lasting superstitions, misnomers and bifurcation of cultures is soon going to bring about the extinction of the natives. Amidst all the chaos and trying to save the day, the Doctor gets on the trace of something disturbing.
The Doctor and companion/s visit a planet designated RHOMBOCTAAR Sol-5 or RHOMBOCTAAR Sol-5 of the New Delta by the Shadow Proclamation Interventions Department (SPI department), escorted by heavy Judoon Guards. SPI monitors webs of all possible outcomes that a planetary body could have or undergo since blooming out of its core, the events causing them or hindering them thereof, and the fate of its civilizations. Rhomboctaar is the 5th and last outer planet in this new and nascent system, shaped like a rhomboid. Continued hits by meteors on the peripheral crust have chipped away most of the spherical planetoid shape, thus leaving behind somewhat of a rhomboid. The equator is a hollow and deep path running throughout the planetoid, with almost two halves of a rhomboid acting as the upper and lower hemispheres - Rhomboct MINOR and MAJOR. 
The subsequent civilization has settled in within these hemispheres and have been culturally affected by its shape too.
Rhomboct Major or High Pole (North) is a high-urban society with heavy and affordable militaristic presence. The edges of the rocky rhomboid that have been chipped off due to meteor activities, making corner-like planetary turns, have been developed into lookout posts. The architects of High pole have made high and overlapping bridges out of natural resources, throughout the length of the equator, called the Central ring road.
Rhomboct Minor or Shadow Pole (South) is less advanced and highly opinionated or superstitious. Unlike the High pole, they have miles of barren land serving as chipped off planetary corners, which they think are the EDGE of the land, that they dare not travel or they might fall off.
 Most of the populous are afraid to traverse the delving and beveled depths of equatorial canyons between the central ring road (equator) and the starting points of the rhomboid hemispheres, because dangerous beasts called Rhomboct Nomos roam those parts. Unknown to these nascent civilizations, resulting from wrong conjectures and comprehensions, these beasts get ferocious because they cannot stand the bare solar light on their skin and crave the shadow provided within the curves of the rhombo-spheres. SPI Time Webs estimates that this can lead to a possible future where these beasts get more frustrated overtime and within a few decades start attacking the populous to enter the rhombo-spheres. Within centuries the whole planet could be devoid of higher intelligence altogether, thus bringing about its end even sooner, which is why the Doctor is asked to help. In an ode to classic WHO, the episode could be informative as well as thrilling. The Doctor mentions resolving stuff like this with a certain family member in the past, but he thought his new life would begin with something more large or 'swanky', then hilariously recoils at such choice of words.
P.S: The Doctor is a bit taken off guard by the 'Time Web'. The members high up in the SPI inform him that it is a very recent tool harnessed after the truth and psychic fields of Victoria, Trenzonier half-moon and Hidden belt of Alko have been going haywire and giving out vast emissions, affecting psychic and temporal fields around them, like the old days on fields of Jaacko and Acolyeia used to. Those who unwittingly pass through such fields are glitched out into several versions for a few seconds, within themselves. Each living the systematic progression of their own respective lives, and each equally perplexed at being able to see the others, passing through a similar range of frequency for a short version of time. The matter was resolved by taking away chunks of land with the emission outputs and local authorities declaring it was a naturally-occurring hallucinogenic component in the air. The PSI labs harnessed and replicated the method in such a way that the glitch was comprehensible, converting it into analog predictions of things occurring through time. The Doctor says that such technology of an open-ended window into time itself is wrong and cautions restraint into the transitive path of this venture. He says to take it form a Time Lord, nobody is ever an actual lord of time.
Also, a timely summoning of the Tardis, along with some new features, saves everyone.

The companions are settling to the Tardis way of life, to the best of their abilities. But a sudden urge to experiment the capabilities they have over time goes very haywire. To top it all, the Doctor goes missing.
New companions settling in the Tardis-life. While the Doctor teaches them about the Tardis, they seem more interested in the time travelling capabilities and the butterfly effect (cue killing a butterfly gag). They say what's the point in understanding the Tardis if they cannot see and experience the change of time firsthand. Both of them come up with a plan to experiment on changing specific but minor details in their life by going back or forward in time and plead with the Doctor, who reluctantly agrees and comes with. They learn that the Doctor used to have a Tardis room that used to be close to the Eye of Harmony, called Will and Relevancy Matrix, where he can run a test on how events can unfold without them actually ever happening. It used to be a training guide that interfaces with the drivers psychic makeup and train them to factor in time properly while mapping ways for travel, but the Doctor never completed the training and the Tardis had to archive the room. However, the new Tardis can make close replicas of old archived rooms, with most of their function intact. Layla chooses to change her past while Daniel changes his future. As the change occurs, it seems things have gone very wrong with their lives and the collective lives of others around them. To add icing to this bitter cake, the Doctor has gone missing. However, the new Tardis interactive protocol and assistive mapping is still on and they can still direct the Tardis to go back/forward and fix what has happened. But however hard they try, they cannot reset anything. As per the Doctor's warnings, they could not even indulge in these scenarios or interact with anybody or they could break 'Time'; its like the princess jumping out of the Mario game to warn you that she is going to get kidnapped. Things can turn very wibbly-wobbly. They cannot break the progression of a simulation of their own life when they are connected mentally to the Matrix. Unlike a 'continuity engine' this is all too real. There are no Time Ghosts in here. And jumping into the simulations would turn those lives very real. ALL they could do is observe from a viewing pane within the Tardis time bubble within the room as everything around them goes wrong. In a Groundhog Day styled way, the Tardis enables them to start the chain of events multiple times from the beginning, while they stay in the viewing pane of the time bubble, and see versions of themselves in the outside and the surrounding going all wrong, whatever they choose to do. Episode ending with the companions learning a lesson in the natural progression of time and events. Episode has a lot of scenes where the Tardis interacts back with the Doctor, as if deliberating and co-consulting a plan. Turns out this was a Simulation room test that The Doctor and the Tardis had planned all along, not the Will and Relevancy Matrix room. That very morning, for the first time , the Doctor DID actually start the training within the Matrix, and had foreseen the companions' request to experiment with time. Hence he had to come up with a plan to humble them down. The drawback is that you can only use the Will and Relevancy Matrix ONCE, as a driving training, and turns out the Doctor uses it for the companions. Although he starts the training, he never completed it.

While travelling to 2062, Norway, the Tardis gets stranded in Germany instead. In 1802! And it is the season of horrors, as undead-like men are going berserk on the streets. With the translation circuit not working, out of place, out of time, what would the Doctor do now?
The year is 1802. Germany. While the Doctor promised Layla and Daniel the 31st Intergalactic Taralaxuian and Evolved Weevil buggy race for Survival of 2062 in the International fairgrounds of remote parts of Norway, the Tardis had other plans. Hundreds of years early and out of wits, the trio get into proper clothing for the era and decide to investigate, while the Doctor mostly gets round glasses and a long coat! To make matters more complicated than usual, there is a field of disturbance around the area that destabilizes the capabilities of the Tardis translation circuit. They could understand each other, but in parts. The Doctor gets out of the Tardis talking, but as soon as he steps out of the door, the rest of the sentence in his voice sounds like Old high Gallifreyan, or to the human ears, a succession of synth notes in low frequency being hummed by a male voice, as if in a pattern. Realizing what has happened and seeing his amused companions, he reverts back to using plain English and divulges the fact that sometimes he talks in Gallifreyan, when explaining something in super-speed. Once outside, they try to talk to the townsfolk and find out the translation is coming slow, and in parts, like buffering into existence around the surroundings. They can actually hear themselves speak German. They have to repeat the sentences a few times before it buffers and syncs into an English version. While Daniel is taken aback at his newfound capabilities, or so he thinks, Layla is obviously unhinged because she says she knows German. The Doctor deduces that while they are not physically earthed to the TARDIS FLOOR AND HENCE THE STRONGEST POINTS OF THE TARDIS TRANSLATION CIRCUIT FIELD, their languages are taking slower than usual to buffer into existence. There is an electromagnetic repulsive field out everywhere that is hindering their speech.
 They soon find out from hysteric paperboys that it is the year of terror in Germany, or also called 'Schrecken und Gefahr'; or so the warning labels say, painted over caravans and hut walls. The town roads have been running red with the bloods of the wounded, attacked and slashed open mindlessly by undead like people. They have many names for them - the 'gestorben', 'blutig und untoten', 'wutendor' and plain Teufel. While the Hosenberg Arztegemeinschaft (town medical community) thinks it is a new form of plague, nobody has a clue as to what it actually is and nobody is actually enthusiastic or receptive to three foreigners roaming their land in what they think is plagued times.. While a sinister yet helpful figure, called the 'Hoher Arzt' (High doctor) is using nefarious and extensively complicated research to treat wounds of the battle-casualties, victims of the undead and veterans of war in his manor, it is not doing much good. The Doctor finds that out-of-time amputation methods, skin grafting techniques, fast light stimulated array surgeries and appendages that the medical world had never seen before were a regular part of the lore of the town now and the people prescribe to it like something godsend. While investigating theses rumors in the northern part of the town, two recently treated soldiers go berserk and start attacking the townsfolk, including the trio. However they are saved by a tall, broody and dashing new individual - Abraham Van Helsing. Abraham is a Dutch doctor under the Geallieerde bestelli- well, the Dutch establishment of the 'Allied Order scientific Council', with varied range of interests. He speaks in proper, semi-buffered Dutch and also knowns Old German, Tongue of the early Prussian Households and some French. Coming from the Royal family of Von Steir Helsing, descendants of Count Dalibor and Countess Olivia von Dracula, the migratory rulers of the Gemeinschaft der Furst (princely community) of New Germany, that came into power after the War of the second coalition of 1802 (that very year), he has denounced his royalty and is a science enthusiast who investigates the paranormal. He has been doing so for 14 years. Armed with spring-loaded vambraces and chemical bombs, whenever he hears of tales where the normal peace and curriculum has gone stray, he intervenes. He travelled to these parts when he heard that another famed but sinister doctor is treating wounds like a miracle in his supposed lair but some people are facing side effects of the treatment. He reports to the trio that he and his young niece, Vanessa Helsing, has investigated similar wounds together in the past. One of his archenemies had a similar lair that had pits of steamed water called 'Lazarett wasser', that healed wounds instantly but chipped away parts of the mind and souls in exchange and left you like an undead, without sanity. Over the years, he had fought many creatures that have used water from the pit to heal and rejuvenate, and irrespective of species and kind, they all end up the same way. While in Hohenlinden early this month, amassed for multi-nation treaty signing, he saw the effects on two migaratory 'Teufel des Sumpfes' (or as Layla translates quickly even before buffering, devil of the swamps), that attacked two guards, the descriptions of which closely resembles weevils. He also says that he and his niece have hunted the High blood eaters of something called the 'Saturnyne', regality dating back to the 1600.
While investigating the stately manor of the supposed High doctor, the group and the Doctor runs into two or three entrapments he has seen before, but cannot put into perspective as to where. The electromagnetic activity also seemingly generates from this point of origin, along with a few other layers of energy.
Abraham: Wat is het, dokter? 

Doctor: Hmm? [absent-mindedly]
Layla: ...He says what-
Daniel: Oh, come off it! Even I understood that one. Come to think of it Doctor, how come we are not buffering anymore but everybody else is? You are not even making those weird sounds.
Doctor: The Tardis is finally understanding her reach and how much she needs to up her game to beat the electromagnetic field. We are in full grasp of our translation powers now; others- um, not so much.
Abraham: Dus, wat is het? Id het - some gimmicky you extreme Northerners have come up with for the next war effort!? 

Daniel: Oh, that translation could not have started at a better part of a sentence! Its's like a  party blooper, where the weird bloke shouts out something embarrassing just as the music stops. 
[Layla nudges him away]
Abraham: I do not understand.
Doctor: This particular entrapment is a tubing component found on plastic apertures to spray or squirt off acidic liquid without harming the container. Where have I seen this before? Wampbats? Armageddon crew, Tashili snakemen? Autons!!

A crudely constructed black and white video component plays back parts of video transmissions from before.
Doctor[Over video]: ...ardis is finally understanding her reach and how much she needs to up her game...[static] the electromagnetic field. We are in full grasp of our translation powers now; other[static].
Doctor[Over video]: [Static] Where have I seen this before? [short static] Wampbats? Armageddon crew, Tashili snakemen? Autons!!
Sinister voiceover: Finally.
Recovering a few more traps and manor defenses, the group come face to face with the resident doctor, Hardem Aleshire.
Hardem: Was ist tjis? Wer bist du? 

Abraham:  Tssscchhh...Sich beruhigen. Sagen sie ihren namen. 

Hardem: Hardem Aleshire. Aber..wer bist du? Wie haben Sie das Labor eingegeben!? Niemand tritt ohne die Erlaubnis neiner Meisters ein...

Doctor: Wait. Master? 
Abraham[growls slowly]: Ich sagte ruhig, das war nicht ser ruhig. 

Hardem: Ist das ein nierderlandischer Akzent, dein ich hore? Nein!? Sie- Are not from around here are you? Well, are you? He will not be pleased. Oh, the master will not be pleased.

Doctor: What Master?
Hardem: Eehh, Was?

Hardem: What? WHAT-meinst du mit dem meister. My master. Meister Victor Von Platzhaltus.

Doctor: Oh, that freaky arrogant little son of a Dalek!
Daniel: What's a DAALHEK?
Abraham: What, what happened?
Layla: Doctor! Why is he freakishly half-tongued, more than others? He speaks all of them in one-go.
The Doctor waves his sonic at Hardem. 
Doctor: Yepppp..just as I thought. Little specs of Artron energy all around him, like an aura.
Daniel: What's that?
Doctor: It's an ambient radiation that exists within the time vortex. When you travel through time, you catch it on.
Daniel: What, like a flu?
Doctor: More like a form of background radiation after consecutive trips to a Nuclear facility. Time lords, higher beings, time jumpers and time beasts grow immune to it over time. But lower beings still have it around them like mutt-fleas. It can also linger around like probing nanobodies if you hang around the travel capsule of someone who travels in time frequently, even if you do not do it yourself. Once it sticks around you and you haven't had the pleasure of time travel yourself, and get exposed to some very specific experimental forms of energies, every feature of the time travel capsule would affect you adversely, the second time around, which is what concerns me. The Tardis' translation circuitry is reaching him, but the Tardis cannot specify if he is a frequent visitor or not and how much he needs translated and when.
Abraham: Dus je reist in de tijd?

Everybody looks up.
Abraham: I said do you-
Doctor: Yes Abraham, I do.
Abraham: Heilige God!

Layla: Doctor what is it? What are you not saying?
Doctor: The Master. He is a friend of mine. WELLLL...more of an enemy who used to be a friend. Platzhaltus is a very old and rough translation for Platzhalter. Not your usual Proto-Germanic word. Not of this century at least. Meister-Platzhalter.
Layla: Master- Plastician? Master of Plastician?
Doctor: From his viewpoint, the Master victorious of the world of plastics.
Daniel : What does that mean? How can some one be the master of plastics?
Doctor: Means he is literally has control over the plastics! Autons, they are called. Nestene consciousness that can get inside and move plastics, like life dummies, through various radio frequencies.
Daniel: WHAT!?
Doctor: The Master has used them before. It's one of his less discarded playthings. Even the world has seen them before. Your world. The attack on the streets of London, back in 2005ish I think, where shopping dummies that came to life. Oh..that was a lifetime ago. Brings back memories.
Daniel: I read about those. I thought that was some magnetic disturbance or something.
Layla: You dummy! [flicks his head in a long swap] How does magnetic disturbance move Plastic dummies and give them strength to walk around.
Daniel: I don't know.
Abraham: You mean this wasn't the doctor responsible?
Doctor: No, I am afraid not. For all I know he could be forced to work for the Master.
Abraham: Who ARE you then?
Hardem: EHH?
Abraham: Who are you?
Hardem: Es tit mir leid, ..aber ich verstehe nicht.

Abraham: Oh for the love of-
The Doctor does a quick swap of the sonic mid air, like a wand. And then to his own mouth, like a microphone.
Doctor: Wie ben jij?

Hardem: Warum haben sie sich auf alte Niederlander geandert?

Doctor: Oh, sorry. [Beep] Wer bist du, was machst du?
Hardem: Mein name ist Hardem Aleshire. Anglizierte version des hauses von Alscher. Ich bin ein praktizierender und treuer halfer zum Meister.

Abraham: Helfer. Fur was?

Hardem: Er hilft den verwundeten, arbeitet auf ihnen. Befestigt Gliedmaben zuruck wie ein Gott. Ich Habe gesehen, wie er wunden heilt, wie niemand kann.
Hardem[hesitant and afraid]: Ich weib nicht, was er ist oder was er tut. Aber er brauchen wir jetzt!
Abraham: Lazarett!
Doctor: Hmm hm.
Layla: So the medical handiwork is the Master? Is he really that bad?
Doctor: His handiwork doesn't stop and let you go free. It chips away your sanity. He is testing the waters. He needs them . He must have been badly hurt somehow.
A few limbs fixed along the way is spare change of charity for him, compared to the devastation he plans ahead. Where is he?
Hardem: Was?
Doctor: Wo ist er? Wo ist der Meister?
Hardem: Ich kann dir das nicht sagen..
[Spring-blades from his braces out]
Abraham: Sie werden tun, wie er sagt.

[In a quick montage of a flashback, to the tunes of Beethoven - Symphony No. 3 In E Flat Major (Op. 55) Eroica Mstr]
Turns out the Master had a falling out with a group of Autons. While gravely injured, he stole a Class II Walcambom Nestene replicator factory ship that ganger clones use for themselves on that planet of plastic, and evaded them. He crash landed to 1801, with his left hand severed. He was found on a field by Hardem, who nursed him back to health, while his ship remained camouflaged, with his Tardis in its' cargo bay. He extended the chameleon force mapper of the Tardis to camouflage as part of the abandoned manor he crashed near, along with his big replicator ship. Hardem had helped him recover with the help of a steaming pool of water that he had recently found while treating a farmer nearby. Hardem also helped him wield the plastic-like casing of his new factory-grade prosthetic arm. Mesmerized by the skill and conformity of the prosthetic, Hardem pleaded with the Master to let him work for him and together they could do some good for others. Although negligent at first, the Master saw this as an opportunity to retest the effects of the water and retaliate against the Autons, when fully recovered. The Master tweaked the factory settings of the powerbench to produce automatic arrays of prosthetic parts for the townsfolk. He kept treating and fixing the wounded for almost a whole year. The more grave injuries, he chose to opt for the water. When he saw that the bargain of getting fully into the water was greater than he realized, he wanted to test it further. So sometimes on their way out of the manor, the treated townsfolk would receive the whole 'master'-treatment and feel compelled to cause public chaos and hurt others. Some of the prosthetics even had in-built Autonomic neuro-stimulants that drove the reattached limbs out of control, and shoot out projectiles involuntarily, like Nestene appendages. The Master controlled them with a radio transmission handheld remote that he kept close to him. The treatment and the chaos both went on hand-in-hand, and the routine ensued for almost five more months [monthly montage]. While unaware of most his plan, Hardem did suspect that something was off with the Master. He wanted to try and investigate on his own and find out what he hid inside the manor and what his remote did. But he got caught red-handed by the Master, who lashed out. One sweeping blow from his new left arm send him flying right away. He took his nephew and niece hostage, Hansel Aleshire and Gretel Lebany Aleshire, along with their teenaged friends Jacob and Wilhelm Carl Grimm, to work in his factory until his goal was reached.
With the help of Abraham Van Helsing and the whimpering reluctance of Hardem, the Doctor, Layla and Daniel face of against hordes of the undead in the Masters' manor. A full-on horrific fight breaks out between half-dead men in plastic parts and the group. While the group can hold their own by avoiding the undead, they are no match head-on. They fumble and tumble between doors and pillars, running to cover whenever they can. Meanwhile, Abraham is a calm and collected, mean fighting machine. Who makes quick work of the undead at his end. The Doctor sonics and arms a few traps along the way that subdues parts of the horde. A few Autonomic traps along the way, bizarre and gory plastic armaments attached to a few undead and a few moments of Daniel getting hurt later, they do manage to save the kids and their friends-the brothers Grimm. However, the Master draws out somewhat of a battle and chase with the Doctor, only to slip past him to his Tardis and escape.

Stormageddon - Dark Lord of all returns! But turns out Alphonse Ceril Owens, the son of Craig Owens and Sofie, is in danger. He gets stuck in a storm that sends him five days back, every time. So he asks the Doctor for help. What will the Doctor do? Plus the Doctor receives a dire warning!
[On the Tardis view console]
[Tardis dematerialization-like sound and a parody theme]
Alfie: 'YO, HO ho! Who you gonna call - Myth busters! The charming lead role of Mister Who.- The Web Podcast. Starring me as Mister Who. The Intergalactic hero of mankind and the star employee of Myth busters. The man who stopped the HUUUGGGE Christmas Star, The man who fought battles with robots on your street barehanded. The man who scorned the presence of the Giga-Cyclops. The man who fought of evil Santa on a highway chase and saved the galaxy twice! This is your host @DarkLord_Alfasaurus213 and this week we bring you more adventures of Mister Who. and his blue space travel box. And my friend, your fan favorite- Austin Andrew Jenkes, starring as different aliens. This week, on podcast number #46, learn all about the aliens among us, the Body replicating Chiggons, and how Mister Who. stops them. So stay tuned, and remember, as always - it's not about Mister Who. It's about Mister-Who-saved-the universe! Ciao'
Doctor: What!? WHAT!? WHAAAAT!?
Cue title theme.
Turns out Alphonse Ceril Owens, the son of Craig Owens and Sofie, and just as much a lovable and helpless dork as his father, has been tryin to get the Doctor's attention.
The Podcast came to the Doctor via an emergency sub wave frequency that was given to Craig in case of an emergency, but is instructed to come five days in the past. As it so happens, Alfie, a huge Doctor fan, whose story he has heard from his father, obscured away from the scope of Sofie, is stuck five days in the past. In the end of the five day loop, he is always stuck in a freak time storm that sends him exactly five days back. No matter how he spends the week or whatever he avoids doing, it happens every five days, that started four months ago. And then he has to relive the five exact same days, with maybe a few minor changes on his part. So he started the podcast with his Doctor-knowledge, messing up some of the finer-print. In just a few days the podcast became quite a hit, given the piqued interest everyone has grown over the years over a weirdly dressed man in a blue box.
In an episode resonating to Craig's' first encounter with the Doctor, an alien life form has been trying to pilot his aerial getaway vehicle near Alfie's vicinity, but got stuck in a storm, releasing the time fluid from the time-reversal defensive mechanism function of the bio-organic ship. This mechanism automatically triggers a system that allows the ship to travel and escape through the time vortex into the past, ranging from five hours to five days, depending on the danger the ship faces, and start the series of time spent all over again.
 The fluid got mixed in the storm, which unknown to Alfie, trapped both him and the Alien pilot (who looks all snarly and toothy but is quite gentle). Since then, the storm water that seeped through them never oozed back out completely, and keeps their body in a state of periodic temporal flux, going through a limited-space storm event only they can see and feel, sending them back every five days, no matter how they choose to live.
The episode consists of numerous gags, the Doctors' hurt vanity, a misunderstood alien chase and a thrilling end where the Doctor has to account for the different biologics and dehydrate both Alfie and the alien to the point of no return, with seconds to spare, to save them. 
Mid-episode, while investigating the storm while driving through it, The Doctor gets hit by a sharp sensation of psychic mind invasion, calling out his name, a touch that almost paralyzes him momentarily. The Tardis also gets stuck in the storm and the exo-chrono-plasmic shell gets dented a little. 
The alien thanks him for the rescue and informs him that he is a bounty hunter on the planet of PanBabylonia 2, his squads' interactive protocol AI has a newly acquired 'Time Web' that warned him against taking this path, should he face some weather anomaly; and that he should have listened. Before a half-dazzled Doctor could ask more about the Time Web he mentioned, the alien has wasted no more time and has already left for his bounty.

P.S: While repairing the outer shell of the Tardis, the Doctor is hailed by a Judoon of the Inner Rim guard that was met on Rhomboctaar Sol-5, with heavy encryptions, WITH A TIME STAMP OF THE FUTURE. The message has a psychic transference link that says 'The Doctor only!' As soon as the Doctor accepts it, a psychic package flies in through the open doors, in through the repair bay and hits the Doctor. SHO SLO-Ko 2 Flo Fletchling T25 (Black Rhino) warns with the assimilated translation message - 'Beware Time Lord! This is a psychic message for your sake only. The Time Web that puts you at unrest is of your own heritage. Look to what and where is left for more answers'.

Homecoming - A piece of home, away from home. Gallifrey! Or at least a version of it. The Doctor takes his companions to Gallifrey. Little does he know that his oldest enemies are about to make an appearance, along with some new ones!
The year - 4034.12 Delta of the first quarter of the year 5 Billion. 1100 light years away from New Earth; a good few moments drive through the time-tunnels. Deep, within deep space, floats a mass of land, encased in Pyrodium Glass, the width of a planetary crust, where the Tardis Lands. Like a snow globe in deep space, a little piece of Gallifrey swivels bright around this new alien sun. Still the Shining World of Seven systems, there could be seen burned ruins of the mountains Solace and Solitude, with half a citadel in the background.
Within the valley is a big building, made of darkstar metal. The whole building has similar darkstar shields running parallel on both sides. The Doctor and the companions enter the building, guarded by heavy security in full battle gear, along with a few Judoon escorts (helmeted). On the far corner of the building, the Tardis gets hoisted and parked in a storage bay of its own, surrounded by similar bays full of alien shuttles and crafts.
Daniel: Doctor, what is this place?
Doctor: Welcome to The Glass House! The Biggest collection of alien artefacts in five known universes.
Layla: Wow!
Daniel: Glass house? 
Doctor: Why? What's wrong with 'The Glass House'? It's not like I can name it Winkle's Wonderland! Not yet anyway.
Daniel: Nothing. Its just a bit basic for you. Alien like you, ..I thought it would be something spacey like Spock or Jedi-like.
Doctor: Jedi?
Daniel: So, this is
[To the instrumental tunes of Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair, with a bit of Gallifreyan flare at the end]
Doctor: Yeah, well it used to. Gallifrey! In the mighty Constellation of Kasterborous. The technological marvel of at least 3 known and surrounding universes and a pocket universe, given any day in any alternative time stream. The Shining World of Seven Systems. Where the winds could never run stagnant and there was no such things as complete darkness for miles. The Jewels of the sky. 'Homeworld' and 'Cloneworld' to utilitarian classes of all humanoids and the Great houses, also to moon cats, killer cats, wambats, woprats, yaddle fish, gargantosaurians, little tuskers and colorful flutteroids..and yet the best of the worlds. With its two moons Pazithi and New moon PlitzDonnia, it was a wonder to look at. And on the continent of Wild Endeavour, where the winds would blow gently by you, over watching most of the land, in the Mountains of Solace and Solitude, covered in a dome, stood the mighty Citadel of the Gallifreyan chapter of the originating Time Lords.
Daniel: What happened? World War or something?
Doctor: Oh, hundreds and thousands. And Galactic wars. And the Citadel stood strong through all of it. Until it didn't. The Master happened. He destroyed Gallifrey when he found out an unbearable truth about us.
Layla: What truth?
Doctor: ..That we were not so perfect after all.
Layla: And that warrants this!?
[They have reached and are standing over a second-floor glass deck that looks over both sides onto the burned mountains Solace and Solitude]
Doctor: I have been asking myself the exact same thing....
Daniel: But how come it is sized like an Asteroid, Doctor? Shouldn't it be bigger?
Doctor: Well it used to be. Now this is all left salvageable. All versions and Cloneworlds are gone. At least for me. No matter how many parallel Gallifrey I find out there; No matter what new miracle or drastic changes in time itself restores my world, This- this little world would always be what's left of my true piece of home. I brought back a piece in time, literally from the ends of the universe.
Layla: You seem calm about it? How long has it-
Doctor: Oh not long, compared to me and Time Lord standards. But this isn't the first time I had the sense of a loss of home. I have had practice.
Daniel: Soooo, what happened?
Doctor: I restored this world, well what was left of it anyways. Me and my dead wife started a collective that safeguards all kinds of Alien artefacts.
Doctor[ignoring and overlapping]:..That task wasn't easy, but I had help. A lot of help. There were a few people that felt they were indebted to my help and services over the years. Well I say 'people', I mean-....[stares at the companions]. Any who. World saved, Restoration done. I needed authoritarian force for the safekeeping. So I contacted the disgraced chapter of the Judoon that ran a cold case to capture me over the years. We resolved some stuff. A bit violently of course. A whole lot of running to and away. Then they were contracted to safeguard and transit pieces into the collection, along with a few other security companies and installations.
Layla: Who maintains it, full time?
Doctor: The facility is fully automated. We had the Charlotte Lux Corporation look after the Glass House. Oh they had everything. By now they had automated security as good as most security churches and military installations throughout the galaxy. They had improved battle gear for the contracted Judoon and other species. The Judoon, although space thugs on hire, are very loyal to whatever cause they take up. They have security magna-grabs and compartmental lockers. They have gravity lock bars and full body scanners. They have the best non-lethal stunners. I should know! They have the best security check ring platforms and auto-scan dais. They have aid-nodes and interactive robots from the 51st century with 200000 assimilated forms of languages throughout the Glass House. They have two new libraries inside. And a little corner shop for souvenirs. Oh,.. I LOVEEEE corner shops! They also have a huggeee repurposed Command Node called CAL that looks after everything. 
Layla: CAL?
Doctor: Charlotte Abigail Lux, an old friend. She was humanoid proto-node kept on massive life-support. I enhanced her systems and gave her a new suite here. She can even download her node into new living metal robotic bodies and come out for a stroll. She also looks after a biomechanical terabyte server made form old Gallifreyan tech room that houses a version of my dead wife, River.
Layla: Sorry little bit of ask....Again, WHAT?
[The Doctor smirks at them amusingly].
Doctor: Oh.....River. Now that's quite a tell. You would have liked her. Spoilers!
[Further on, ..Going through a series of artefacts]
Doctor: Ancient Thal weapons. The last original steam converter from the Weapon Forges of Villengard. The Sacred Book of the Order of the New Universe from the Delerium Archives; so basically everything after Amy and Rory got married. Amy....Weapons printer from Thoxarian Battlecruiser, A Cybus Cyberhead. A Mondasian regenerative bodysuit. A few broken Cybermen shells. The Commonwealth Token from 2245 belonging to one Jim 'The Fish'. 3D painting recreation of Gallifreyan Citadel. The only surviving copy of the real picture of Dorian. The holy grenade of the Last Archbishop of - Ohhh, River.
[He stops at a huge 3D picture of River on the wall, from their moments at the Singing Towers]
Layla: Is that her? River? She is gorgeous.
Doctor: You have no idea.
Daniel: Doctor what's that?
Lights come out from the rims of a huge gate, further down a room, in an erratic pattern. They slowly advance towards it.

[They have arrived to what looks like reinforced cargo gates, with new logo and holo-consoles]
Doctor: Nothing out of the ordinary. Although by the looks of it we have new management in the premises.
Turns out the Oustarhagen Systemgesellschaft, a German company from early 2002, also known as the Osterhagen Systems Corporation had become a global conglomerate by end-3051, away from the purview of most. Now it deals in N-bomb guidance systems, convoys, pangalactic security and tactical needs. The Charlotte Lux Corporation subleased areas and assignments to other corporations, galaxy wide. Among those, Osterhagen Systems Corporation have been trying to stage a two-year long hostile takeover with others. While Charlotte's humanoid proto-node along with River, and most collections are safe, there seems to be massive military presence guarding parts of the facility. The Doctor is surprised to hear the name 'Osterhagen' after so many years, and at the fact that it took him so many years to finally sense out where the name comes from. Seeing unloaded specimens of empty N-bomb warheads capable of destroying massive ships at one go, the Doctor realizes that while Martha put her efforts to bench the Osterhagen project, the principle had carried on. In a slow-motion reveal the Doctor finds something that fills with him utter dread. He staggers at his feet and hurries the companions away, when he finds there are Daleks on board.
Doctor: Well of course there are Daleks! What would a trip back home even mean without the Daleks!
Daniel: What's a Dalek, Doctor? Those clumsy salt-shaker robots?
[The Doctor has crept on to a systems and maintenance console by an empty hangar, and hacks it with his sonic. The sonic relays back information to the Tardis research console and databanks, which send massive data back to the Doctor's round glasses.]
Doctor: Those salt shakers are killers known as Daleks. Mutated beings called Kaleds encased in metallic casings. All their emotions removed. All of it.... nothing but rage and hate. They are the ones that caused this! Time War! The end. The beginning of the end on Gallifrey! They have destroyed galaxies just to enforce their will. Ended wars that would take years to even contemplate or even get at. They are sheer raw power. A force of destruction. They are as bad as it gets. You think the Master is bad. [Both of them nod]. Well the Dalek is the one species even the Master ran from.
Daniel: How come we have never seen one before?
Layla: I have. We all have! Back home. I even have those designs in my journal. Well not those exact ones.
Daniel: You have a journal?
Layla: Yes I do. SHUT UP!
Daniel: No we didn't. [Mimics]Shut up!
[While working the console]
Doctor: Yes you have. Now both of you shut up! Honestly how do you people keep forgetting!? Blimey! Have I rebooted worlds that many times? Although.. Layla is right. This is not the original Dalek design or pilot. This is a cheap drone copy of a Dalek Scout called the Travel Machine, that the humans tried to make a long time ago. Well not that long from your point of view, I guess. Apart from the massive branding and logo, Osterhagen has upgraded the Mark IV Travel Machines out of of a composite of Darkstar metal and industry-grade Dalekanium to have massive force-shields, a barrier frequency modulator with field generators, new sensor globes, concealed missile array, drone autocannons, laser discs and trip-lasers. It also has a carbon-aluminum composite winch and sustainable thrusters. So basically a death trap but without the pilot.
Daniel: So no danger?
Doctor: Don't be so sure..!
[They have been found by A Heavy-weaponry variant with two Osterhagen Dalek scouts, OST-D221 AND OST-D223. Layla tries to run back left, but the famous ray demolishes a crate near her, as a warning shot].
OST-D223: Open voice-box array. [In proper Dalek voiceover]
Doctor[sarcastically]: Oh the nostalgia!
Daniel: And if we don't?

Deep within the panopticon, they enter a heavily reinforced holding bay. Gagged and bound by manacles they hear Daleks communicating with each other as they pass by-
Osterhagen Dalek[OC]: Open voice-box array.
They pass a few more doors and into the lab.
..Where they meet the Doctor Zeuss (played by neat-freak and spoiled version of Sacha Dhawan, sporting rich glasses and a coat)
Dr. Zeuss: Hello!
Doctor: WHAT!?
Dr. Zeuss: Ah! Doctor, Welcome! We have been expecting your timely intrusion. This way please [to the Daleks and the guards]
Doctor[efforts]: HOW CAN YOU-? WHY THAT FACE? ..But I always thought he got it from..No, but that can't-
Dr. Zeuss: From Agent O of International delegations and compartmentalized researches, MI6? No? We do our homework Doctor. Maybe, at last. But subconsciously from me. It wasn't the then-Masters' first trip to Osterhagen Systems Corporation. He even tried a few jab at us with his Tissue Compression Eliminator when we backstabbed him in a deal. He probably doesn't remember it. His regeneration was short lived when he was shot with a 20mm Dalekanium blunt-force bullet. Well, let bygones be bygones. We have been waiting for you.
Doctor[efforts in manacles]: Really? Cause I was not sure I'd come myself. And who would you be? How do you know who I am? How do you know so much? People do not usually know me....and what do you mean timely intrusion?
Dr. Zeuss: Everybody here has been taught something or something else about the infamous 'Doctor' through the Time Webs. Almost all your adventures. Come now, Doctor. You must have heard of me and my team.
Daniel: Infamous you say! Usually we have to introduce him as our weird space uncle from the ship Galactica.
Heavy-weapons Dalek drone: The.prisoners.except.the.Doctor.will.not.engage.!
Doctor: Lively. No..not even a clue. Who are you?
Dr. Zeuss: Well that is disappointing. Anyhow. That's trivial now. I am Doctor Zass Zugguler Zeuss. I know! Mouthful for even a protoBabylonian prison colonist. Chief scientific advisor of Project Genesis at Osterhagen Systems Corporation, and the most senior board member.
Doctor: What is it with you people- with Daleks and 'Genesis'? Its a proto-Indo-European word. Its not a gift from Copyright genie for something sinister you know.
Dr. Zeuss: So you recognize them?
Doctor: I should. I have put a lot of work into facing and tormenting them. So have they trying to burn me down.
Dr. Zeuss: Oh, but they couldn't. They couldn't ever.
Doctor: What do you mean couldn't. It's Daleks. Despite whatever vile and rubbish you choose to call them - travel machines! You put a mutated designated driver and the first thing it does is kill you, then Me!
Dr. Zeuss: Oh, but they can't Doctor. They can't. They have had thousands of years of wars. They have shot you down. They have come face to face- even Davros has. But the death-blow never DID land, did it? You'll see soon.
Doctor: What?
Dr. Zeuss: How hid you like the modern touch? and the voice?
Doctor: Uncanny. Original voice matrix?
Dr. Zeuss: Yes, of course. Little bit of pet-project.
Doctor: What did you do with the Master?
Dr. Zeuss: Oh, we transported him back to your precious Earth in a replicated shuttle. We relocated him near this person you refer to as O, a face he wouldn't even subconsciously forget any soon.
Doctor: Why?
Dr. Zeuss: Because we were instructed to. By someone who knows the Master and his tactics very well. His retaliatory tendencies were bound to kick in, and he found his agenda in O's face, that he could use to torment you. Two birds with one stone, I guess. Plus we were instructed to stick to the established chain of events. A part of him remembered that he had been to some version of Gallifrey recently. So he went searching at the ends of the universe, or so we've heard. We can all see the effects of that.
Doctor: Instructed by who? More to the point- What is Osterhagen even doing here. Last I checked you were com-
Dr. Zeuss: Commencing a planetary self-destruct system with N-warheads, nuclear, I guess you used to called them. But General Sanchez and his team were shot down during the then Dalek Invasion. Yes.. I know the history. Surely you did not consider that the end? And WHO? Ooooh, dangerous territory. You should know better.
Daniel: Mate, up until minutes ago we weren't even expecting you here!
[Gets zapped]
Heavy-weapons Dalek drone: Cease.communications.!
Dr. Zeuss: Like a broken record. I know. There are some revolutionary instincts you cannot ignore when fitting a biomechanical prokaryotic template with a stolen voice matrix.
Doctor: Is that what you do? Steal and outrun?
Dr. Zeuss: No, Doctor. What we do is systematically conquer.
Doctor: Not if I have something to say about it!
Dr. Zeuss[waves hand sassily]: Because you are the Doctor. You are from Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous! I know, quite the fanfare! How foolish of us to go after the guy with a high sense of morality and savior-complex when the Master returned empty-handed from us, shot two times and a partial loss of memory!
[Nods at the Daleks and both companions get short-zapped]
Doctor: Stop it! What do you want?
Dr. Zeuss: Nothing for now. It's about what you want. To know about us am I right? [Smiles crookedly]
Dr. Zeuss: You are wondering what are they doing out here, a bunch of New Humans with other races, that even the Judoons aren't touching. How did a takeover get so ugly? In one corner of the Glass house that the nobody knows about. Or was it about CAL all along? Maybe professor Song and her knowledge? [Eyes the Doctor]. Don't worry Doctor. They are of next to no consequence to us. Not even your name.
Doctor: What do you want from Me?
Dr. Zeuss: [With holo-slideshow] To teach Doctor. You see, the Osterhagen project of Earth wasn't our origins. It wasn't even our proper middle ages. Oustarhagen was a German village that nobody knew much about in those days. Dive deep into the 22nd century Earth intranet and even they would give you wrong info about when it was found. You know how it is. If it doesn't concern you, if doesn't exist to you. Well.. actually YOU wouldn't. Everything bothers you. 
The Earth had been visited by the Sontarans many times, who have been willing to build an outpost on Sol-3 in like - forever, considering how feeble and weak earthlings are to them. But they have been thwarted or interrupted every time by our glorified guest here. The Doctor. Prominent of those times were Linx of the Jingo Clan of the Fifth Army Space Fleet. And then commanders of his brethren clan, many years forward, that set up Temporal Commands to set up shop during the Flux. Commanders Riskaw and Skaak, killed off by human intervention. There have been other Sontaran clan batches that tried to face and defeat the Doctor, specially during the Great Alliance. The 212th New Clan, I suppose. They even learnt pulsar and sonic technologies to defeat the Doctor. And changed their armour. The Doctor even took a pet from one of their disgraced clone batches. But they failed as well. When the spaceship of Linx crashed in the 13th century, it wasn't the first time a dumb and brute Sontaran had made bad calculations about re-entry and stabilizer sustenance speeds in an alien atmosphere. About a century back, another Sontaran of unknown origins, Commander Lionis and his Battle trainee Maddox had made the trip and the same mistake, out on an inquisitive hunch into our 13th colony of the Outer Rims of Space. Back then a part of the Commandent transmission protocol, an universal translating-crystal from the Sontaran scouts, broke apart from the pod. The trajectory led it to the outskirts of the village Taravouldt that came to be known as Oustarhagen, where a little skirmish was going on. The whole village caught on to a radiation-poisoning from the crystal. The Sontarans of the Mutter's Spiral had made it in such a way that the translation crystal works for all, but only they could use it without bodily harm. Maybe it was a measure for the Rutan host. For 23 days the village suffered from the poisonings, while their skin melted off in small lumps each day. While their internal organs would boil and the livers would give away in a splash implosion after a day or so. They thought it was some curse. Most of the village was dead by then, before he came. The Retterand. Savior. Stories would have it he was celestial. Nevertheless, he saved the remaining population by absorbing the excess radiation with a gimmicky in his hand. Turns out he wasn't godly, only just really powerful. But he came from the stars. He imparted whatever he knew to the village elder, Oustarhagen Allson Weingartenloch, who along with the rest would go on to become his humble servants; even model their own little village around a church for him. For a period of seventeen years on and off he would teach them everything in slow succession. Oh, everything! From planets, to friction to buoyancy. To forces to light. To practical flight to reaches of space, life elsewhere, space travel, sustained flight mechanisms, faster-than-light principles. To basic survival guides through everything. Knowledge nobody should have had that early. Not just mere biology or birds-and-bees. But alien biology- what it could mean to have life elsewhere and what it would be like. What their own life meant. Devil in the details. And then somebody comes and tells them that all of it is actually out there, and nobody would stake you for believing it. The Retterand was more than any god they ever knew. They would soon become the village of Oustarhagen, under the elder's guidance, who was one the first human during his time to live for a period of 103 years. 
These practices continued for generations. They were stronger than the Templar Security Churches and the Anglicized Labor Camps and outposts. Modern bodies like Torchwood, Unified Intergalactic Task Force, Church of Kormal Kardinal Mainframe and the SJAF Archives had nothing on them, considering how much they knew and their maxi. They robbed a total of 87 caravans, Church convoys and foreign Sultans. That too with 20th century phase guns and shifter-grapnels provided by the Retterand. Would you believe that? 87! The pure machoism! By the years end they had a treasure trove in a suppossed cave near the ancestral hills of Weingartenloch, to feed the village for years, plus surplus. An then some! But they kept a low profile and even lower numbers. The population never actually rose more than 500, and about a third of them would always be followers of the Retterand.
[While reaching and working a computer]
Dr. Zeuss: By early 2000, they had everything a body that would interact with YOU should have. Deep-tissue replicator and scanners, Matter-printer, temporal engines, phase-shifters, weaponries from other species, protection against invasive and armed hostilities. Even stolen human weapons that they started perfecting. Gravity bombs, cluster bombs, laser-guided weapons and microwave technologies. And outposts at all major cities. Soon, with the Retterand's help, they began travels in time and space. Their numbers grew, with orphaned and abandoned species of aliens from every corner of the universe. Not all the early operations were a success. Many died too. But with significant output. [Slides towards him]Did you know that the seventh scout detachment team went back to the Second Dalek War? To the planet Auros? You, were there[poke]. Imagine that.. from Weevil hunters and out of time travellers to the Dalek war itself, in the 26th century. The local population thought they were there to save them but they were there only for the loot. When almost enough Dalekanium and other techs had been salvaged, they quickly burned the whole place down, with some of the older and weaker recruits still on the ground. 'No spoils for others' they used to say, was the motto; or the Famous Osterhagen principle of the old. The greatest degree of sacrifice to become stronger; considering the circumstances they met the Retterand in, which only made them stronger. Plus, it ain't a crime if you weren't even there. Too much machoism! [Keeps poking] And you and the sky troops thought that it was a self-sacrifice of the planet to stop it from falling into the Dalek's hands. You really were gullible. From that point forward, the 'Osterhagen principle' evolved. We were ready to nuke the Earth to avoid anybody discovering about us. So we built the Osterhagen project and the Osterhagen Key. The greatest degree of sacrifice and all. The Osterhagen name stuck around cause it was an anagram, for 'Earths' Gone'. So it fit the bill. While the village of Osterhagen had only about 700 souls back then, the Osterhagen Systems Corporation and followers of the Retterand had totally shifted paradigms to outer space. We settled anywhere and everywhere. You name it- Galaxy91, The Bad Wolf Observatory, Casablanca, Barcelona, to Raang Aa'Khat asteroid in the Kodion belt. The only problem was cryogenically storing the human physiology and keeping it viable and active in deep space. We learned about Lux Corporations' efforts to store and sustain a proto node, indefinitely. The one you called CAL. We helped with the funds to see where it goes. We also funded the manufacture of Sardicktown with ship parts from the decimated Star Ship Damascus SS 5020 and Colony ships from the past. But we found out that they just used permanent fog bank inside special chambers for cryo-freezing, nothing the world hasn't thought of a thousand times more. We also took an additional interest in Sweetville, but they failed us too. But the Retterand came in time to save us all. He had already acquired time fluid to add to the cryo-liquid. He also provided us with suits to thaw us out from the inside, that helped us survive. He told us that we shouldn't have wasted resources on these projects anyways. They all tried to preserve life and avoid illness in some way, but they were already flawed to begin with.
Doctor: What do you mean?
Dr. Zeuss: Don't you see Doctor. They were caused due to YOU!. Your presence! They were flawed because they weren't singular events. The were what the Reterrand calls Time Variations. They were all space-time irregularities caused by the unsupervised travel of a Time Lord and his capsule - YOU. Timey-whimey you call them, I think. The Retterand says that you say stuff like that a lot. Space and time folding on itself to have similarity in events around a single parameter in time - You. All three instances had a variable- a girl or woman named Abigail. And all three instances where preserving some form of life involved, with you saving the day. And you think that's a coincidence?
Doctor: But that's not possible.
Dr. Zeuss: It's more possible than you think Doctor. These aren't paradoxes. These are real events. And you in the center of it all. Only because you never knew Time itself was alive and Time Variations can happen.
Doctor: What do you mean time is alive?
Dr. Zeuss: It means exactly as it sounds. The Retterand says so. You'll find out soon enough when you meet him. Oh you and your police box has caused more Time Variations than you'd ever know.
Doctor: Who is he?
[A Dalek beeps]
Dr. Zeuss: He is the one pulling the strings and you dangling by it. He has been a lord to civilizations. He has been a godsend to those lost in space and time. He has been our leader. He has been the benevolent benefactor of the New Shadow Proclamation Agency itself, guiding them through possibilities in time. It's a wonder it took you so long to ask. We've always known him as the Retterand. You on the other hand know him as-
[ZZzzznnnngg! Death-ray from behind!]
Doctor: Nooo! What did you do?
Doctor: What? What does that mean? What is protocol 1?
Doctor: At last, your usual true self! Extermination at all costs.
Doctor: How?
Doctor: Why did you have to kill him?
Daniel: And you only noticed that he talks NOW!?
Layla: Seriously! Shut up!
Causing a distraction during their conversation, the Doctor takes a shot at his manacles, freeing his wrists. He sonics and overloads spare batteries to cause a localized explosion and escapes along with the others.
The smoke from the explosion is vented out automatically, in bulk, which gets noticed by the Judoon outside. They charge in to find what has happened. They initially think the Doctor has caused some ruckus, but understands the situation better once the Daleks come out firing.
DALEKS: Exterminate.them! Exterminate.them!
While the rest stay hidden, an all-out war commences. The new Daleks have a peculiar style of fighting, winching their way forward and gliding with small thrusts in turns. But they are a force to be reckoned with. More deadlier and flexible than ever, they overpower the Judoons easily. A few Judoons even drop and land near the Doctor and his group. With a concussive Dalekanium grenade and a few trip-lasers, most Judoons fall. With only a few Juddons left, all hope seems lost. When suddenly they hear a high-frequency whistle. Reinforcements have arrived! A Judooneese Talwak drop-ship lands with a whole platoon of marching armored Judoons. With a drawn-out battle that lasts a little longer than expected, the Judoons take the Daleks 10-to-1. Some Daleks however flee the scene.
Architect: Doctor. As expected, you are always in the middle of trouble.
Doctor: Not that I am complaining, but the Time Web?
Architect: Yes. Agency policy. SPI has added filters to monitor time possibilities in past or future where even our name gets mentioned. As ashamed I am even to mention this, we have been reviewing what everybody says about us, in order to build a better and likeable version this time around. This person called Zeuss triggered an alarm that came from Timescale somewhere near 4034Delta of year 5 Billion. We saw the whole conversation.
Doctor: Saved by public-pandering and PR moves. Now that's a new one even for me! Usually I get saved by a platoon of Judoon, on the Moon, near the..[stares] lagoon.
Architect: Whaaaat?
Doctor: Nothing. Well got to go. A lot to digest. Lives to save. Time to explore. I would thank for the help but its partially your mess too. You need some help with the outcaste Judoon? They were under my protection. I owe it to them and their Judoonese clan anyways.
Architect: It is alright. We owed it to them to not let go in the first place. Doctor. What are you going to do?
Doctor: About what?
Architect: The Time Web? We are going to close down our chapter of the Time Web. SPI will operate independently, with what knowledge it already has. But from the looks of it, something like Osterhagen Systems Corporation would not just have a single installment. We already have reports of time field fluctuations everywhere.
Doctor: I came back here because I was warned that the I might have answers about the Time Web because it descends from my own heritage. From what is left of it at least. Now I have half a mind not to.I don't know if I could take on the burden of more secrets today.
Architect: For what it's worth we are sorry for your losses Doctor, time and over. And for the little part we played in it today.
Doctor: I'm sorry too, for your losses today.
Architect: You know, before you go you could try the CAL's new wing. The River Song Room of Archaeology and Planetary installments.
Doctor: Archaeology!?
Architect: It has the replicated Tardis Data Core and the Diary of Spoils, kept only for your viewing. It might just have some records.

Later, as the Doctor gazes blankly through the observation deck, he is rejoined by his companions, who discuss the reminiscent surprises and struggles of the day. He tells them why he really came here and that he found nothing in the replicated Tardis Data Core or the remains of the Gallifreyan hard drives throughout the city on Time Webs. By definition he understands what it is and how it has been operating, but not who made it and why. They ask him if their worries are over for now; he thinks it's just getting started....

 An episode with very less presence of the companions. Recovering from the assault and all that has happened, the Doctor decides to go to Korlan, the second moon of Karn, for answers. But will the Web of truth around him sting more than he can possibly bear this time?
The Doctor ponders over the truth about the Time Web in this episode. He reruns the Judoon's message in his mind, [Look to what and WHERE is left for more answers] and decides to go to Karn. He infiltrates an isolated sanctum on Korlan, the second moon of Karn, avoiding detection. After much struggle the sanctum AI recognizes his Time Lord physiology and opens up its secrets in her own voice, through strong and laboring forms of psychic communication:
The planet of Gallifrey has housed many species and sub-species over the years. The Time Lords of Gallifrey, called so because of their relation and exposure to the Time Vortex and its subsequent usage. The Outsiders, also called the Shobogans, dwelling outside the limits of the Citadel, sharing similar ancestral origins as the now Time Lords. The Dimensioneers. And the Sisterhood, a remnant of the Pythias who once ruled Gallifrey before being expelled by the High Triumvirate. They shared a specific and similar origin, under Gallifrey. But they were not equal. Not in species, nor in mindsets.
Karn was originally a colony of the old Gallifreyan Empire in the days before Rassilon. The Sisterhood was relocated to Karn, at the saying of the last Pythia, who Rassilon viewed as oppositional forces. Gradually, over the years, each house of the Sisterhood was rejected the wonders of regeneration. The Sisterhood in the formative years, were as well advanced as the Gallifreyans. Their sense and use of technology was singular minded, aimed only at the betterment of the chances of survival, but that did not stop them from creating marvels. From healing pollen for augmented and cyber-converts, to the healing blue fire in the likeness of flame of Karn from the years to come. From torch tubes that could burn through most metals to Lentoxan barks that could withstand anything. From birthing and healing pods made of natural tree shells for the female Terraberserker of the Kodion belt, to long range hunt whistles for Lucanian sub-species and Luparis, they made every such technology. But they were bested over when the Gallifreyan Time Lords started linking pulsar energy core devices like the Eye of Harmony, to their travelling capsules. This enabled the pompous minds of Gallifrey to truly take on the mantle of a lord of time. They could retrieve and harness technology from both past and the future, although they could travel for only short spans of time. They understood and studied needs or demands and thus engineered the supply. Soon, a time came where Time Lords were fulfilling needs on Gallifrey and the outside better than the Sisterhood ever could.
There existed an unspoken rivalry between the Sisterhood and the Gallifreyan Time Lords, that would endure for ages to come. While a faction was sent to Karn by the last Pythia, after the Great Schism, a faction remained behind for a while longer, planning means of reconnaissance. When the plot to destroy Rassilons' foundry by the House of Jade Dreamers had failed, the rest of the Sisterhood barring the gone but not forgotten Lady Cassandra and her immediate followers, entered into the Pact of Rassilon for protection under Gallifrey. Under the stipulated protection, the Sisterhood produced the Elixir of life, under production license and supervision. Soon guarding the flame became the life chosen for the Sisterhood. But they were beat down, not demolished.
The Sisterhood of Karn had many active measures to counter the 'Time Lord' way-of-life of the Gallifreyans. One of them was the High Sanctum of Korlan itself. Unlike Gallifrey, sisters on Karn did not solely rely on the modulation and assimilation of discovered technologies. They were one with their nature, which was the biggest technology in their arsenal. The High Sanctum held many secrets over the years, the biggest and oldest of which was the 'Engines'. The Sacred Flame, from which came the famed Elixir of Life, was no ordinal specimen that just one day happened to grow out of nowhere. While many stories have many of their own versions, in truth, the Flame, came from a fissure that was conjoined to the High Tree of life, at the base of the Engines. But the Sisterhood had to put on a show of deceit for years for the Time Lords, pretending to be susceptible to basic superstitions about the Flame, not knowing where it came from.
 Over a series of progressive memory montages (from both classic and New WHO), the Doctor learns that nothing was ever random with the Time Lord life they led.
- The Sisterhood of Karn had 'Change' engines that secretly documented every face a Time Lord ever saw and fed them to the data membranes of Korlan (video montages). While the earliest Time Wars saw the deployment of Battle Tardises on the field after the start of the New Doom Coalition, their experiences and memories of fallen Tardis pilots were uploaded to the Matrix. Those that did not feel relevant to the cause and provision of gathering proper intelligence in war-time scenarios, were sent to be archived from the Matrix. Unknown to most, the sisters stole the working Codex of the Matrix during the transfers into the archives and applied them on Korlan. While this began as an active measure of reconnaissance, it was soon discovered by the elders of Gallifrey, but never reported back to Rassilon. The Sisterhood then agreed to share dead strands of the data membranes with the Gallifreyans within the Citadel as a penalty, who extracted a biochemical mimic of response and triggered behaviorism, which allowed Time Lords to change into faces they had seen before more frequently and accurately, once this 'mimic' was grafted within them. This in part elevated their status quo of scientific acumen in the eyes of Rassilon and the High Scientific community. Even today, there still remains some impure generations of Time Lords who can change into anything they like, consciously. Soon, the data membranes of Korlan, powered by the principles of the working Codex of the Matrix, became powerful enough to hold more substantial information than most known sentient beings.
(Video montages of Romana regenerating, 5th and 10th meeting in time crash, War Doctor meeting the 10th and 11th and subconsciously remembering them, 9th kissing Rose to cure her and mind-melding with her, consequently seeing flashes of 10th who she met a few days ago[The End of Time], 12th remembering why he chose his face).
- The Change engine was preceded by another Engine on its' hind, unnoticeable to the naked eye. Between them, stood the base of the High Tree of life, again, hidden from view.
- The second engine was the Time Engine; an ancient travesty where sisters of the order would use their own mind as a thinking mechanism (an ode to The Long Game), often in a fatal way, to compute possibilities in time. They deviated from their own natural ways to rely on implants from the Granular and Slithering High Council of the Holy Hadrojassic community. The process was then upgraded to be less painful as time progressed. Instead of lying in circles with implants taking the load of work, the sisters shared their possibilities, that opened up miniscule instances of moments in time that were a part of more than one possibility chain, and could result in multiple possibilities. Throughout the years, a clandestine group of sisters would work on such webs of possibilities, thus dubbed 'Time Webs'. 
It wasn't illegal to build a Quantum Resonator, that allowed to glimpse into possibilities of time 'that might have been'. While a continuity bomb has the effects to break a quantum resonation and bring you very near to it, like a phasing 'time ghost', the oldest of the Time Lords had mandated that the Quantum Resonator was a lower and much harmless class of equipment. However, the Sisterhood has decided to use the raw natural power of a planetoid to carry out millions of projections of quantum resonations and compare it with relative real-time, once it happened. This was gravely illegal and dangerous. So much that it had to be hidden. Even from some of their own. Specially from Gallifrey.
Away from everyone's view, the clandestine group would try to bring about change as they saw fit. Not all their predictions were good and had long lasting results, but they could engineer events as they unfolded. Over time , they knew which places to avoid with certainty to escape the wrath of the Last Great Time War. They knew which places would provide them advantages over other entities. They knew which of the Time Lords they needed to convince, reinforce or even strengthen in order to ensure their own long lasting survival. While they had the cover of innocent superstition and simplistic urge of survival on their side, they could put on a façade good enough to fool Rassilon himself, who was too busy to consolidate his own rule. They even had basins and natural holes of change engines that were repurposed to cause a regeneration however they saw fit, physically and emotionally (video montage of 8th being persuaded to choose to be a Warrior).
The Doctor learns that while the whole world, and as later he himself thought, the Sisterhood had not provided him just a potion of lemonade and dry ice and hid it from him to instigate the thought of a controlled and much needed regeneration. Instead, the regenerative process was all too real. When his earlier version had crashed on Karn, he did not die. The Sisterhood recovered his body and used multiple potions along with the Elixir, to treat the severity of his injuries, but keep his self-healing and tissue regeneration process at a suspended state. While Cass was given a whole-hearted funeral with deserved respect, his injuries were never allowed to fully heal. While he thought he could choose a warrior with the Sisterhoods' help, his next incarnation was preprogrammed all along. When his next version chose to stay with the Sisterhood to recover from his wounds, being guided through the wreckage of the Time War by Sister Lithea, it was never his choice at all. It was a preprogrammed and psychically induced response, which allowed the Sisters to keep an eye on this new 'Warrior'.
While on the trip to steal the heart of Karn, When Cardinal Rasmus and Commander Sanmars' visit ended with Sister Lithea being killed, it so happened that a few within the Clandestine group of the Sisterhood , along with Ohila, knew that this was a possibility but never intervened, switching off the Time Web, because they wanted to test the Warriors' response.
As the Doctor is being told and shown holo-records of these, there is a sub-directory that is marked prime order. He reaches for the hard-light directory and with some effort, opens it up. Most of it is Coded alien gibberish for viewers, with redacted parts. However, the lower parts show that the usage and advancement of naturally occurring technologies, electrical synapses and biochemical marvels in the High Sanctum of Korlan were actually suggested by a whole other entity, that the Sisterhood complied to or accepted. As he is about to reach for a very familiar but yet unknown seal at the end, he his hit by a sharp pain of psychic touch that strains him out even more, the same he felt before. He wiggles and recoils in pain, before doubling over and passing out on the stone floor.
Through the corner of his eyes, in a mist of cloud and delusional uncertainty, he sees a sister rushing towards him and tending to him.
Ohima II: You should not have come here, Doctor!

Reeling from the after-effects of the truth, the Tardis gets a sudden and despicable visitor. And then a second! Who tells them they all must work together for the survival of a race.
The Doctor is in an empty room, with a misty vibe. He is seated on a podium at ground level, connected to wires. There are Tardis-like walls visible on each side, at the far end, visible through the mist. He is playing reruns of what he had found and what followed next, in his mind.
Ohima II: You should not come here, Doctor. Never!
The Doctor settles up in his his open rocky bunk, half-dazed. The cavern is poorly lit. They are still somewhere in Korlan, but the room is big and empty except for them. Two doors at the far opposite end are visible, with reinforced rims running around the wooden frames.
Ohima II: If you are wondering, I have not revealed your presence to the others. This is a storage chamber behind my labs. Like it or not Doctor, I AM on your side.
Doctor: I WAS  just watching a holo-movie like that! Where I had sisters on my side. It was horrible. In that movie I ha...well a handsome version of me had to let go of his promise and become a hardened warrior. Let's face it, this face has seen better days! So has my stories.
Ohima II: Stop it Doctor! For once stop playing the fool when you nearly well know even that isn't what you want right now. And we have no time for that-
Doctor: Time is all I have, Ohima! You sisters saw to it.
Ohima II: I am Ohima the 2nd.
Doctor: ...What?
Ohima II: I am Ohima the 2nd, daughter of the high house of Ohimous tellers of Korlan.
Doctor: You look very different from your mother.
Ohima II: No time to mock me Doctor. You are not the only one who faces the truth of the engines and their power. I, like all my other teller sisters, face it everyday. We wake up to dread our own reflections, seeing as how this is the image the house of each teller, each sister and someday, just...someday each daughter would hold, to look exactly like her mother, like a modified clone, just so we could keep up the pretense of living long lives.
Doctor: What did YOUR house do to receive this penalty.
Ohima II: We were the first house of tellers to foresee the time war. Your earliest versions of time lord spies sent mesmerized and turned or gagged enemies to poison the regeneration well of the tellers, so we cannot live long enough to predict the future of the war and keep saving our own skin, better than the Gallifreyans. Daleks you used to call them, I think. We called them mutated Kaleds seeing as what they truly are within. One such gagged and captured Kaled was reprogrammed from the Matrix chambers to be sent here, with poison lined in its casing, bound in deadlocked dwarf star binds riveted to its body case. It burst into the millions of pieces as soon as we entered the well. We were the first well to be hit and were denied the chance at regeneration, forever. While all our other sisters at Karn could live longer lives. The elders, who were already maintaining the change engine, thought it would be better if the kind of tellers could be put to good use in some new kind of engine. If the time engine could be changed to operate through the teller sisters and our capabilities. But to keep up appearances, each newborn child to the house of tellers were engineered to look like the previous form, within the change engine. That is the price we pay even now.
Doctor: I always heard the tellers were oracles, not the vestibules of modern warfare. Old warfare, by the looks of it actually. Seeing has how some of you have been witnessing and reengineering time from so long ago. I made a promise once, a long time ago. Not just to somebody who was dying in my arms but to myself as well. The sisters made me break my promise. It was my choice to go to war, but I will never forget the parts the sister played in it. But that does not make me sad. Or even angry. No. What fills me wth anger is their choice to change time itself. Gallifrey is no different, which is why I truly never take up my mantle of a 'Time Lord'. But despite what they did or why and how I choose to remember them, there have been places and times where they respected the reach of time itself. There have been wars where they have even fought and died to save time itself. The Guardians of Space and Time, the lower guardians of time field vortex, of forever fields of the upper cessas of time, even guardians of Warfare and peace had seen us fit to carry their errands to keep time and space intact. It does not bother me that 400 years of my life could have,...just might have been different without all the sisterly intrusion that probably prolonged a warfare. It BOTHERS me that nothing good came out of it for anybody. Not me. Not you.
The Doctor keeps his glass of water and gradually gets up on his feet.
Doctor: I have seen many wars in my big life as it is. I have seen holy wars and global wars for planets. I have seen wars to end or make life and creation. I have fought battles to save time itself. I even had to fight good'ol versions of me here, sometimes. From Raang'Alook to Skaro, to Trenzalore, to Mars, to Earth, to Hathoria, to Akhat, Skull moon to Odinland, to right here in Karn. I have fought battles unthought of. I have had to carry the weight of battles and guilt even when I actually saved lives. I had to face the torment of death everyday even when I had nothing to do with it and only wanted to rescue everybody elsewhere. I had been called the destroyer, the storm, the harbinger of evil, the predator. But never a pariah, who gets to see the demolition caused by his own labor of hand. Never a pariah, who is bound to see his own seed he sowed taking forms that he never envisaged. Never one to start to participate in a war so foolishly, at the control of the helm of others, a war that he so desperately wanted to end. Never, EVER thought of breaking bonds of trust. A battle of basic informative necessitates. A right to live your own life, in your own time, without some institutional intrusion introducing a 'division' to the progress of life itself. These past few years, I have been incorporating the extent of damage of such intrusive measures that have bound me to unexpected fates. 
Ohima II: What are you going to do?
The Doctor steadies up and smiles a little.
Doctor: My job. I am the Doctor and unlike the sisters I remember my oath I took so very long ago. Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up. Never give in. Preserve the essence of living whenever and wherever you can;...and maybe have a little bit fun along the way. Seems to me you sisters are not very good at your job. All those years ago, you foresaw a chance to manipulate me to be someone else - a Warrior. But in doing so you created the truest Doctor ever! In a way I AM THE DOCTOR. Have been all my life, even before I chose my name to be so. My oath to do good, my will to help others who cannot help themselves-...all of it has been hypocritic.  Under your blessing I have had to cut through the wounds of war with a blade in my hand. But no more. It is time that I do my job better than you all did yours. Somebody wounds time, the Doctor treats up the wound. I am the Doctor of War and now I choose to be the Doctor of peace. and I do all the saving around this little universe, and there is nothing you or anyone can do about it. Its as if I-
The thought is saved and the message reads logged. The wires have disconnected themselves from the Doctor.

While the Doctor is reeling from his revelations and rescue on Korlan, he isolates himself in the Tardis meditation room, near the new Zero room. Meanwhile, Layla and Daniel, baffled by this mood swing, pace around helplessly around the console room. Layla keeps herself rested on the rails of the console platform, while Daniel paces around with scuffled and bent brows over the state of his designated driver. Both of them are voicing their concerns to each other, while the Tardis replies to them in an untranslated and rather robot-like beeping, which they take hilariously enough take for some digital musings or mechanical process.
Suddenly a rapid alarm sounds out and everything comes to a halt after a thud!
Doctor: What did you touch?
Both: Nothing!
Doctor: I leave you two alone for five minutes and it's the end of the world already. Well...the end of flight stabilizers at least. NO, no, no, no, no! Oh, here goes something. The time fluid conduit seems good, brakes good. Stabillizers gone, Rotor scanners malfunctioning. Helmic regulator stopped. Emergency booster switches stopped. Interior door switches stopped! What IS happening to you today!
[Tardis beeping]
Doctor: Time fluids and temporal engines are active. But it's the interior that has gone bad. The radiation and inner atmosphere gauges are reading a second set of data. It keeps fluctuating between the two sets-
Daniel: Oi! proper English Doctor!
Doctor: I don't have the-
Layla: What do you mean by TWO sets!? It can flicker between readings.
Doctor: I KNOOOWWWWW!'s not as if there's a second set of atmosphere around here-
A cutout of a portal flickers into existence into one corner of the Tardis, while a metal hand desperately reaches out to come out. Soon the portal gets bigger and somebody sweeps in, making everybody else stagger back.
Master: Well, that's a surprise!
Doctor: You!?
Master: Yes, me.[Crooked smile].
Master: How did you do this?
Doctor: Whaaat? [with a frown]
Master: So, you have redecorated. I like it. It suits you better. Brings out the dissocial renegade in you. The adamant conviction and seasonal Time Lord Victorious frill you indulge in. Definitely an improvement over the last few ones. Artron energy bars on the ceiling, Gallifreyan Home-Decors-R-Us! Missy did it better.
Doctor: Stop it! What are you doing here? What happened to the Auto-
Master: So, did you burn a hole through the temporal engine or buy temporal time displacements parts from a Akhiri black market of Mars? How did you bring me here?
Doctor: I did not.
Master: Oh, Doctor! What have you got yourself into this time? Did your poor little pets touch something?
Daniel: We WHAT?
Doctor: I DOOON'T KNOWW! [still with a 10th-ish frown]
Layla[nudges him hard]: Why did you have to response to pets for, Dumbo?
Daniel: How do we know it wasn't you? You don't exactly act like the poster boy of 'do no harm'. You are a mass murderer.
Master: Trust me, if I did do you some harm, I would let you know it was me, even in the afterlife. I take my resume very seriously. The synopsis of all my evil.
Daniel: No offense, mate, but we do not exactly trust you.
Master: The feeling is mutual, you oafish man-child.
The Doctor eases his gaze.
Doctor: It's alright. It wasn't him. He is a lot of things but not a lia-...WELLLL, who am I kidding! He obviously lies. But he advertises too. If this was his, he would boast about it and show me the decency of giving a chance to solve it at the last minute.
Master has helped himself to console and is working the problem. He doesn't gaze up but replies.
Master: Over thousand years, a few hundred in limbo and quite a few spent in confession, and now you are learning. Cross my heart and call me a devil!

A little later, as they agree to unwillingly work the problem together, they source the origin of the anomaly that created the portal between the two Tardis.
Doctor: No, but see! It's not your regular holo-shape.
Master: The trace leads to here no matter what interests your child-like enthusiasm. Bad enough you have a man-child on board who keeps staring.
Daniel: Oi!
Master: Such a buffoon! Like a Hoarox Boar!
Daniel: Yeah? You! Evil, Sithlord!
Doctor: But look at it. It's-
Master: Yes I can see that reading. But which shape. Run the diagnosis again.
Doctor: I don't need to. It's a mobius with concentric pentagons. Level 3 or 4 atleast. The three corner points of the outermost and innermost pentagons triangulate averagely to these coordinates. It's an uncomprehelderon.
Master: NO! But that can't be...
Layla: What did we miss? What's an uncomprehedr-
Doctor: Uncomprehelderon. 13 levels of uncomprehended compound shapes in time and space curve diagnostics; well at least for mere beings. Begining from the mobius strip in level 1.
Layla: Uh, Doctor! Isn't it INComprehensible?
Doctor: Yes, I know. But the species that named them had the word uncomprehensible instead. Uncomprehelderon used to be the building block shapes they used to learn in the schools. Even we learned a few in the Time Academy at Gallifrey.
Daniel: What species?
[Staring blankly at the bar on the Console stem, hand and head rested on it]
Master: Logopolitans! But they were all gone!
Layla: What's a Logopolitan?
Doctor: They were a human-like species that dealt in block transfer computation and multi-dimensional architectures, devoid of the usage of any technologies. At some point during the early 20th century, they discovered that universe had reached its point of collapse due to advance of entropy. They dedicated there lives to the transference of entropical anomalies from N-Space universe to a smaller pocket one, until they could find a more permanent solution. But they were- Anyways! They are all gone.
Roarkuxs: Not all of them.
A white robed entity with bright fluorescence all around has appeared out of thin air within the Tardis.
[With a punch-raised stance]
Daniel: WHOAHHHH! Doctor! What the hell is that?
Layla: Alien without boundaries!?
Doctor[mutters with a fixed and heightened gaze]: I don't know...
Master: Does everybody just waltz in the Tardis just like that? And you call me the villain!?...At least I have my manners and foreplay-!
Roarkuxs: Do not be alarmed Time Lords. And fellow humans. This effervescence is nothing but the animate workings and vivacity of a temporal fix flight-suit. Underneath, we too are very much humanoid. Flesh and bones. Without the capability of natural flight or defensive measures.
Daniel: Then..why ARE you flying?
Master: Temporal fix flight-suit. Oh, do keep up you oafy simpleton! They have to fly in through the Time Vortex.
Layla: We have a box-ship. They have a suit.
Daniel: Oh.
Doctor: You know us?
Roarkuxs: The one who aided us and the one who destroyed us.
Master: You mean-
Roarkuxs: I do mean.
To the Masters' surprise, it turns out Logopolis had been destroyed, but not all Logopolitans. Like each species and sub-species have their own predator or prey species amongst each other, the Roarkuxs were in a sense rivals to Logopolitans. While Logopolitans of the mainland dealt in block transfer computations to cause transferences of entropical anomalies into pocket dimensions, or even whole new smaller universes sometimes; the Roarkuxs were not inhabitants of the mainland, hence they survived. They were a group of few thousands, who lived in pockets of their own within Logopolis and unknown to the elders of the mainland, they welcomed a few outside technologies. They aimed at the betterment of Logopolis itself and considered the mainland their intellectual rivals; preys even. Mainland specimens who lost tasks and chores were mind-wiped and converted to Roarkuxses. When they felt the core and transference mechanism imploding inside out, they had no time to come back outside their pocket dimensions and escape the planet. Luckily, they had a Class IV tribophysical waveform extrapolation race shuttle from the racing planet of Aurebillus, with small hyperdrive blocks. They shot out of the pocket dimension in the opposing way of the crumbling wave of implosion and rode the aftershock. But such an effort displaced them not only in space, but also in time. They only arrived in the current time and state of the universe a few decades ago, and have been rebuilding since. It took a little longer to find the Doctor, given they had to shield against the flux.
The Roarkuxs says it is here on the behest of the Time Sage.
Doctor [with a frown]: The WHO now?
Roarkuxs: The Time sage. We the Roarkuxses have been doing his collective bidding since he helped restart and sustain our people and saved our life from the flux. He has taken an authoritative and supervisory stance on us.
Doctor: But that's not possible. No single entity can outrun the flux and save a whole another race.
Master: Well except you, of course!
Doctor: I MEAN they wouldn't know where to start! The flux was not exactly subtle enough to pop up on your GPS, now was it.
Roarkuxs: He knew where to find us. The Time Sage knew where to find you too. He gave us this to bring you two together.
Master: Doctor, that's a Gallifreyan extravehicular temporal phase ball. Do you think that the Time Sage-?
Doctor: YEAH!
Layla: Phase ball? The thing that joined your Tardis?
Master: I like this one. She understands faster than your average pets. Definitely better than that one!
Doctor: It's a long-term dimensional and temporal shift and phasing apparatus. It can make matter conjoin, attach, phase and re-phase through one another, or even share a common membrane, opening a wall in between. Unlike a phase-bomb, which just deletes matter in between layers and weakens the hold of reality.
Daniel: Blimey! No wonder YOU Time Lords have created the Masters, All your toys sound like something out of a heist movie!
[Gets piercing eyes from both Time Lords present]
Master: 'Masters' isn't a race. It's a name I chose for myself; like he chose the Doctor.
Daniel: Oh.
Daniel[to the Doctor]: Wait...hold on, when we first met you told us the 'Doctor' WAS your name!
Layla: Hold on. So this sage guy is another Time Lord!?
Doctor[again, mutters with a 10ish fixed gaze]: Seems so, yeah.
Master: But only few beings exist that can know and sense exactly where another Time lord is. 
Doctor: Yeah. In my experience, the both aspects of the Guardians or somebody's own phased out or astral projection, trying to reconnect back with them. Lord knows I have had by share of those both. Made me go all wobbly.
Roarkuxs: He has not been sensing you. He has been tracking you, Doctor. At all times. And he only recently got wind of the Master.
Doctor: WHAT? But how?
Roarkuxs: That, I do not know of. All I know for sure is that he sent me for you both, and he wants you two to work together. He NEEDS you to work together.
Master: Towards WHAT!? Peace and reforestation in burning Gallifrey!?
[Piercing eyes shot at]
Turns out he wants them to save the Gamma forests. The Neutral plains of the Gamma are collapsing on each other. The Time web broadcasts of plains of Acolyeia and Kornal from the past, before it was all shut down [we know better now that it was not] predicted it psychically out for a few thousand light years, that the forest will crumble. But nobody paid any attention, because everybody was engulfed in a much bigger time war, and it never came to pass. And the Time Sage is one of the only few beings capable enough to decipher such a long psychic transmission, or even get them at all. He was there, one of the Time Lords that did not participate in the time war. The Time Sage has instructed out that 'whatever it is that ails the Doctor's thoughts, could also be of help to him now. It's a part of him and his travels. It always has been.' 
At the urging and gesture of the Roarkuxs, the group in the Tardis is hurdled through the time vortex towards a predestined Gamma forest, without any warning. While the two time lords on board manage to barely steer the bumpy ride through the time vortex, the Master enquires as to what the Time Sage meant. Hesitant to answer at first, while trying to barely steer themselves, the Doctor bursts out emotionally, trapping the companions in a stasis bubble with a gesture like a pause button, stating the ordeals he had faced the past few days. In a very long banter, he says he knows what ails him and how it is a part of him, but not how any of it can help him, or them to save the Gamma. The MASTER counters by saying what makes him think he would help and that the Doctor should have told him about everything sooner. The time web concerns his fate too. Both have shifted their focus on to the talking matter at hand, and-
CRASH! Into the Gamma forest.

Return to Gamma Forests. The True Neutral Zone. But the Gamma isn't what it once used to be. The Doctor must work closely with one of his greatest adversaries to overcome the odds, and get out alive.
Woken by  a dream of a frizzly man in a coat and a bowtie (seen only from behind) urging a group of people and little girl named Lornamel Terrescosia Gamma, whose hand he is holding, to run for their lives, while an enormous shadowy mass of something dangerously closes in on them, the Doctor suddenly sits up on the floor of the Tardis, all disorderly and disheveled, and bent out of shape.
[The Master, sitting in a corner of the floer, away from the console, very John Simm styled, with one leg folded and another stretched out.]
Master: Would it kill you to get proper chairs and seating in here someday!?
Cue title theme.
Gamma Forests. A true Neutral zone. So much so, that it does not even need truth or psychic fields alongside anymore. The electromagnetic cluster winds also disable most weaponries and gadgets, of any origin and species. Once a lush, green, safe haven for all the Gammas; now a collapsing bind of endless green, warping into each other from both or practically any side. Anybody or anything that gets stuck in between the warping layers of the planetary crust and thick blankets of trees have no chance of coming out alive. Even the thickest Tuskers, horned jumpers, reptiloids and the fastest birds have no chance of escaping the warping subspace curvatures, even by an inch of their life. The only place safe, for now, is the high hills of the North, where the group has crash landed, The hills are so enormously high that they even reach the zenith level of the Hanging Sky Gardens; hence warping from ground level takes time. Days at least. The group learns that the core of the planet is dying. 17 truth and time fields have foreseeably opened up in that galaxy alone, coherent to something called the Time Web. This has made the core of the planet very unstable, which is one of the purest cores.
To top it all, things are as wobbly and wonky as they can ever be. Actions are louder and openly basher and come from the purest of instincts. Thoughts have very little barriers. Nobody can lie. Everybody's' true nature comes forth, that they cannot hide however hard they try. Most technologies do not work. Except the Tardis and Sonics. The Master tries to use his enhanced tissue and multi-matter matter compressor made with Autonomic technology, to shrink the masses of greeneries and crash debris around him, but it does not work. The Tardis psychic fields are working but a few switches do not respond. The companions display how truly amazed and terrified they are of their surroundings at the same time, with their fright outweighing a little more and that it is the presence of the Doctor that gives them hope to even set foot in an unknown world like this. The child-like Doctor keeps caressing and shushing parts of the Tardis and overexplaining and exclaiming out a bunch of stuffs. The Master could not care for much. But between the angst and disgust in his face, he keeps eyeing the Doctor, as if only his presence and safety still matters a little degree to him whatsoever, be it just for selfish gains even. Every noise made, every little whisper, every gesture comes from the basest and purest strands of thought and feels at least 10-times more amplified.
While the companions are tending to each others' wound and the Doctor helping them, the two rival Time Lords, the Master and the Doctor, find it difficult to openly interact with all the truthfulness and no psychic inhibitions between them. Their basest instincts and child-like emotions come forth, amusing the companions for a short while, but hindering any chance of survival in the long run. 
The banter between them bring forth many memories and circumstantial evidences of their deeper states of mind. The Doctor blames the Master openly, for being deceitful and unhelpful as the least possible sum of the worst exponents he is made of. He says that his tomfoolery into thinking they are arch nemesis, rivals on an intellectual plain who need to prove something to one another, while the world around them burns for it - is the exact mentality of sanctimonious and selfish gesture of a typical self-proclaimed race of Lords which the Sisters have used to their advantage for years, trapping them in gladiatorial stances for years. He blames the Master for abandoning him whenever he needed his old friend the most.
 The Master, silent and testing the digestibility of the Doctors' blames at first, bursts out saying he is still his friend and he never abandoned him! Maybe he engaged in combat with him, wanted to probably kill him even, on many events. Abandoned him to the ends of the universe but in hopes that the Doctor has the wits to find his way back someday. Concocted plans with worst of his enemies, backstabbing him; but never abandon him on days he truly considered him his friend. He goes on saying that He, or Missy, that is, had a part inside that always could connect back to the little boy back in Gallifrey - Theta Sigma; a self-righteous little boy who wanted to pave his way through the all the stars above, but in a way that left behind a memorable footprint, a likeable one, one that heals, helps, nurtures and grows along. A boy he made a pact with to explore every star in the universe. A boy he played with on the fields, near Mount Perdition along with the Shobogans. A little boy who had many names and dreams for himself - Head Scientific interventionist, Star-lord Victorious and the Peacemaker. Things and qualities that the vast and complex psychosis of no incarnation of the Master ever felt even remotely and conceptually close with. That thrive to be a good man, or woman, depending on the season, that the Doctor had even when waging war against most of the species of half of the universe; the will to bring peace even standing on the twilight of episodic destruction, the courage to face evil and still not be one...That is what Missy responded to.
Master: She did not abandon you Doctor., which cost her own life at the hands of the only corporeal existence she should have trusted most, other than herself. She told me,..well, Saxon that she..WE, should side with the Doctor. Missy was the best of me, enjoying her little strides of ruthlessness and pain. The wavering choices between utter rivalry and frenemy, the choice to respond in the stupid and fragile languages of your companions, the choice to rise up again in the face of unimaginable and unrevivable defeat, turning up without explanation, the fun she had around fooling you, the energy to carry on anyhow - a few typical 'Master' behavior; I KNOW! I am an archetype of evil. But some of it she got from you - wellll, that Scottish one, with the brows. She could have killed you at any instant if she wanted to, but she did not want to. She put up with you, played along her 'Missy' games for the same reason you put up a new façade every regeneration - for the sake of someone else. You are a being as old as this, or any other planet, yet you put up lively little faces, all gnarly teeth and curls and sideburns and bowties, just for the sake of other pitiful little souls that you save. You play dress up and act the madman when you have had the chance to be Time Lord Victorious, amongst other things, the least of which you should have taken up. Missy did the same. She got it from you and DID it for you!
Master: But Never, EVER  consider and rejoice in the notion that Missy became good, Doctor! Charming and goofy as she was, she was still me- Evil! She was willing to put up with your charades and savior complex and daddy issues and your companions, to stay and act good, to be locked up in a box even, just for her old friend. Her part in this was a choice of primal behaviorism of fight or flight - little wins over complete loss. She chose friendship over loneliness of the life and stature of a Time Lord. She DID not choose Good over Evil!
And neither should she have-! We put up with you Doctor, all versions of us, even though you are the polar opposite of what we stand for, even on mundane days. But you have never put up with us. Like it or not this is the whole package, Me! Evil! Master!- of deceit and torture and lies and plans to conquer all. If you cannot accept that now as it is, you might as well get onboard and ride along anyways, because THAT is not changing. If you were ever a friend, deep down you know that this is who I am and this is who I have always been, from the beginning.
The Doctor retorts back by saying if he really ever was a friend, why did he hide a locator node inside Susan's toy? Why did he kidnap CIA Agent Maris in his desperation? What were his intentions back then? Why does he remember glances of him and Jamie being caught by a truant officer who tried to mind-meld with him? Was it his own self-interest? Was it for the office of the Head Truant? Or maybe a sense of foolish rivalry that he thought existed or even for Gallifrey?
Amidst their banter, the group finds remnants of a Gamma town - Dentrotos tou Solarus, and help a family stuck high up in the hills to survive from the warping forst and monstrous winds. The family consists of the Town Mother Sel Gamma, her oldest son High Son Oftasev Gamma and other siblings, along with a few uncles/aunts and neighboring families. The Town Father and Chief has been killed by a boulder. They learn that it is the duty of the oldest progeny - the High son or daughter Gamma, to step into initiation with a selfless act to become the next town chief, even if it takes their life. Without a chief, the town elders would not even consider being rescued and would gladly give up their life. Coincidentally, two boulders have crisscrossed into an X and jammed their way of escape. Come nightfall, it would be too dark to cross the boulder underneath the X, through a cascade of the thin, diverted waterfall. Oftasev Gamma, who is barely 10 Gamma years, is a puny little boy and afraid to take the chance at initiation. Naturally he is hesitant while everybody else except for his mother urge him to cross the boulder and clear the way from the other side. He is the only one small enough yet capable enough among the group to do so; plus he is the biggest of the siblings and the High Son. While the trio strongly protest against Oftasev going, the Master pays no attention. Yet the solitude and helplessness in the boys' eyes gets to him. With a corner glance, he could see the desperation in the face of the boy, who would glade run out on all he knew and cared for, turn his back on society or even jump off a cliff given the chance, to avoid the harshness and the crude norms of societal living. To avoid the burden of 'duty'. The image of his childhood flashed before his eyes, unwilling to participate and yet taken from his home at eight years of age, trained in the Academy and made to the stand before the Untempered Schism. Others would just see eternity, but he could hear it. He could see- EVERYTHING. The progression of flashes before his eyes, of times gone and yet to come, meant nothing compared to the sound of it. That endless bothering sound, Four beats, as if it came from within. But it was outside too. He look desperately at the other kids to understand why! It was calling at him! Like a war cry. That's when it all started.
When the time comes, and Oftasev attempts to make the walk, he goes more than halfway before losing balance. The Doctor 'calls' his Tardis [new feature; literally just calls it around him or anywhere he wants to be, given he is nearby and has a proper psychic link], first near him, then rematerializing towards Oftasev. But the boulder to walk on is too thin for the Tardis capsule to land on. So the Doctor calls it up above the highest ledge of the cascading waterfalls with a winched line suspending him down to Oftasev. Sooner, the Doctors' attempt fails and he hangs on to the thread of the winch, with juggling Oftasev, cuddled in his chest. To everyone's utter surprise, the Master impulsively shoves past in an uncharacteristic manner at the very last moment, blasts and pushes through the X, thorns pricking at his sides from the boulder and bleeding out his right arm, most of his suit worn out, to catch hold of the boy from the remaining stem, with his prosthetic hand. With the Doctor aiding him, everyone gets temporarily saved but cannot make through. However, the Master operates little switches near his prosthetic elbow parts, to call the Tardis around him, shaped like a small vertical drop pod, fitting through the gap. It is a black-and-grey Tardis, a classic Type 45, but reshaped. The interior is more like the Fugitive Doctor's. But the color scheme is in white and grey. Little fluorescent tinges of blue can be seen from the console, rims and panels.
Doctor: WAIT-....What. How did-?
Master: You are not the only renegade Time Lord sporting a wearable sonic tech, Doctor. This,..Missy got this from you too.
While the Tardises get everybody situated up above safely on the ledge, in turns, it seems to late to save the planet. The warping has nearly reached the ledge.
Master: All this running and saving. So much for nothing! Is this how it feels like Doctor? - Blank and disappointing?
Suddenly, Roarkuxs appears out of thin air, dodging the warping in smooth little drifts mid-air.
Roarkuxs[shouting with a fulfilling and big celestial echo]: Quickly! Doctor! Master! Join Hands.
Doctor: You want us to do whaaaat!?
Master[pointing his prosthetic-arm ready]: That's enough out of you, you endangered flying hobo!
Roarkuxs: Interlock your hands and call your vehicles together. The Time Sage demands it! For your own safety.
Master: It's time-travelling capsu - Oh, whatever! [grabs the Doctor's hand in a quick claw] I've already done worse today; I've been good!
Doctor: Get off! Not so tight.
Turns out not only the truest wills of beings get amplified here, but so does the will and reach of sentient bio-mechanical beings. The Tardises get recalled around them. The Tardises rearrange themselves with the Doctor's Tardis on the forefront, facing out the open of the destroying planet. With an inch left to touch the warping destruction, the co-joined Tardises suddenly take a premeditated dive through the layers, into the core of the planet. The Time Lords could feel literal burning around their wrists, ripping off their cuffs piece by piece, turning into ashes. They shout in a long deep breath of anguish as they fall down the length of the planet. Suddenly they see a glow through their Tardises, originating from the Doctor's side. A glow that spreads all over the core. With a single burst of bright white light, everything goes boom. And then Whiteout.
Roarkuxs: You can let go now.
The Roarkuxs goes on to explain that a strand of the Change Engine lies within each Artron energy conversion bar, near the space-time elemental Heart of the Tardis. The strands, in rare conditions and emergencies, can impart the essence of life itself, the same way it imparts the power of systematic regeneration in beings. But the will of the sentient biomechanical vessel or jump ship, or at least the time beast that acts as a carriage for such strands has to be largely amplified, which the Timae Sage knew the Panet would do. Years ago, the Change engine strand were put there just in case-
Doctor: Just in case what-? I might end up saving a planet. Come to think out of it who did the putting!? Who is this Time Sage?
Roarkuxs: Patience, Doctor. Like I have said Doctor, I do not know this Time Sage, only his work.
Master: OHHhhhh, he is getting on my nerves, can I be done with him? I have been good today! And it happens I have a tissue compressor handy.
Roarkuxs: That would not do much damage to me Time Lord. I feel your anxiety Doctor. Our kind would not lie to you. You were revered as the symbol of hope and all things good even in our corner of the pocket in Logopolis. We have seen you work and we do respect you. But imagine a whole part of a planet, on the run from a calamity that destroys their home, only to find themselves in a foreign time. We were humanoids living on scrapes, picked off by other species one by one. Circumstances our great minds alone could not get us out of. And then we get approached by the Time Sage, who knew about Logopolitan engineering more than us ourselves. He gave us enhanced liquid-metal flight suits. He gave us miniaturized Block Math copy pulsar devices, like Your Eye of Harmony, to power our shelters indefinitely. He sourced our safe habitation better than we could have ever done it ourselves.
Doctor: And then what?
Roarkuxs: After we designated a bare moon for ourselves, we got to rebuilding our society with the few hundreds we had left in the prolonged time we were offered. Our part of the system was empty for about 7 planetoids, without no one to intervene. We called ourselves proto-Roarums, and kept the liquid metal suits on just in case anybody came asking. With the disguise on, we were barely distinguishable from any other modern-age science enthusiast humanoid form. We did not want to stir up events after the Flux. The reintroduction of Logopolitans would be tough, given the current circumstances. Soon, the Time Sage offered us more help in exchange for a few physical errands. He knew the specs to the psycho-telemetric circuitry and dimensions of your Tardises.
Doctor: But-that's impossible! It's a new model! Like Me! It's redesigned on how to make a docile Battle Tardis.
Rorkuxs: He knew how to disable your internal force field generators by sabotaging dimensional warp regulators on both your Tardises so I can phase through in my flight suit and co-join them.
Doctor: The strand. Is it how HE tracks me?
Roarkuxs: I do not know Doctor. But If I had to venture an educated guess, I would say he has a psychic link to you somehow. I have seen him meditate in one of our empty tents.
Doctor: The mind touches!
Master: The what?
Doctor: I have been getting them- these shrill little psychic touch, wherever I am.
Master: But how did he know how to find me? After the Autons, I have been keeping a low profile.
Roarkuxs: The Time Sage says finding you would not have been tough in any scenario. You are too predictable in more ways than you realize.
Doctor: Blimey! He steals my peace, he steals my lines.
Master: And what of these technologies, where does he get them?
Roarkuxs: He builds most of them with our help. With parts he gets from Osterhagen Systems Corporation.
Master: Osterhagen. Where have I heard that before?
Doctor: You would not believe me if I start telling you.
Master: And what about him?
Roarkuxs: We have a limited span left. We are thankful that we Logopolitans got any at all. Our debt with the Time Sage is thus paid. We will spent our days away from all, building and learning, as always. But should you ever need any help Doctor, we would be happy to oblige.

Later on, up above they see that parts of the planet have been restored, full of life. The Tardis on the other hand has used up the power of its strands. The Artron energy bars glow bright blue, recharging for hours. While the planet has been saved, the answers haven't been resolved yet. Much to their dismay the companions learn that the Master has agreed to stay on a little longer while they reach the end of this mystery.
In an unknown isolation room in the Tardis, the Doctor and Master spend a considerable amount of time mind-melding about what and how much the Doctor knows.
Master: So I have had a proper regeneration after Missy? A whole life after the Lumiat that I cannot even retrace back. I always thought I got that face after that. And I was shot? Me! The Master!
Doctor: It might come to you someday. We both might have had regenerations in between we would like to remember. We are becoming ancient relics of a time gone by.
Master: No I am still in top-shape. I am just too memorable to forget[smirks]. But these deviations from truths. These past few months have been quite an ordeal, hasn't it Doctor?
Doctor: I know. I have been a Doctor. A warrior. A thinker. An educator. A helper. A brash renegade. A brilliant woman even. Few times maybe. But I have never gotten this lost. I have no idea how to come to terms with where I come from and what I have done for them. To trap somebody in his own confession a billion years because you are too afraid to go to war again, wars the likes of which you yourselves have indulged in with your pitiful and appalling tendencies of sanctimony. The capacity to maintain belief in an institution higher than your own, gone! Broken by their own actions. To lie and cheat your way into survival. To be willing to destroy everybody else around to get to the top. To sacrifice even your own, to go to edges of extremism. To break the sanctity of time itself. It's no wonder I ran. But now even that isn't clear why. A past life. Regenerations gone. An origin unknown. What else is there that made me run!? How much did I know?  What else don't I know? And then I learn all I have been doing for over thousands of years haven't even made a dent into the bad around me.
Master[fiddling with the console]: What are you going to do Doctor? Time Webs. A Savior probably as evil as me. A Time Sage. Lies from the Sisters. Where does it all lead to? And where to now?
[Jokingly] I usually make pit stops where there are most Cybermen and Autons or where I could find you next.....
Doctor: Honestly, for once in my life. I have no idea.

With a new recruit in tow, the group answer a distress call. But a freak accident sends time in reverse. With the Doctor out of commission, and Layla out-cold, Daniel must save the day and engineer his path back to the future!
The scene starts with the Master, in all his glory. Battling through the groups of Autons. Pushing, shoving and physically reacting and repelling the enemy. With cruel intent in his eyes, he goes about firing and demolishing his enemies, with a crude sonic device. Sparks fly everywhere, helter and skelter. Cargo and doors are on fire. The command node is burning, shut behind a sealed door, melting down Auton productions. Beams hanging overhead. There is battle damage evident from all corners, as the Master stands over the disassembled and destroyed bodies of several Autonomic beings. We see more of his scenes in succession. Destroying a village of elf-like creatures, in full force. Painfully choking an Ood and probing the secondary brain with one hand. Working something on his prosthetic arm, in his lab. And then we shift into the Tardis-
A grave pair of eyes. Narrowing down on its' enemy. There is conviction and rage in those bloodthirsty eyes. Nobody knows what comes next. A hand raises, along with a sonic in it. And the Master raises his new sonic device and the counter goes Binngg!
Tardis automated-voice[OC]: Geiger-counter slab-repair done!
[To the quick tunes of Mozart: Overture - 'Le Nozze Di Figaro]
A fast-paced series of scenes showing how life is progressing, travelling with the Master in tow.
His Type 45 Tardis is parked within the Doctors, shaped as an escape pod from outside. The Artron Energy bars are still glowing and self-repairing on the Doctors Tardis.
Scenes of the Doctor helping the Master concentrate in the Isolation chamber and Zero room to regain his memories.
Followed by them solving problems together. While the trio hide behind doors to make an approach, they find out the Master has already made his approach and tied up the alien and is about to use Tissue Compression. The Doctor rushes in and nods him not too. [cue eyeroll from the Master].
A few scenes of the Master breaking bones and raising hell on enemies, with sparks flying around the battlefield. The Master raises his hands, in a stance about to vaporize the defeated Sontaran (New Who), who faces the shame of his defeat and closes his eyes. Finally stopped by a timely intervention of the Doctor. While the companions stand sheepishly, far-away near the tents of the battlefield.
As the weeks pass the tone gets lighter. The Doctor compares a before-and-after image on his scanner, showing the Masters' neural activity. There has been significant changes, but the memory cortex is a bit wobbly and red.
Next Daniel is about to go into the bathroom, where he is startled by an Ood tied up inside and the Master about to do something to him, with some gadget in his hand.
Another chase. Another group of Aliens. But incapacitated by the Masters raggedly-driven Tardis, bashing them from side to side (Like 10s post regenerative driving in The Christmas Invasion). And the Master standing over them, out of his Tardis, about to use Tissue Compression. The Doctor rushes to him and snatches it.
[A box has been made out of thick glass near the Tardis console that says 'Do not touch'. Housing the Tissue Compression Eliminator of course].
The Master hanging up a big edited poster of different versions of him standing over the Earth. And the another of Missy. Like deadly propaganda. Over Daniel's bunk bed. And a few traps and shock-pads set in his room. Later at an undisclosed time the Doctor taking them down in a more dimmer environment. He sonics the traps and detaches the poster. On second thought, he rolls up the Missy poster.
A few more montages of them concentrating in the isolation chamber, and other scenes.
Over the course of quite a few days, The Master seems to show progression to memory recall techniques [as shown by the Tardis diagnostics]. But on the other hand, he shows out-of-characteristic traits. He has gone light-hearted and humorous. He mixes up events from long ago and sometimes his mind goes blank. This concerns the Doctor. But overall everything seems to be okay.

A few weeks the unknown past.
Near Thorbius Trifecta Section of the Medula Eliptica, a medical station is swiveling round and round, out of balance.
Larson[over sounds of alarms]: This is Medical Officer Bronx Alpha Larson from the Medical Center at Thorbius Minor. We are stuck at the Gas clouds of the Thorbius Trifecta Section. The station is out of control. Please send help. Can anybody hear me? Hell[wavering static]- Hello!? This is Medical Officer Bronx Alpha La-
[The Tardis sound]
Larson: What in the blazes of Holy Rookamool-
The Tardis doors open up with cinematic suspense....And out peeps the Master!
Master: Hello, I am the Master. Master Who is gonna save you. And I am here to sa- [looks into the Tardis again] Doctor! Can I do this again? I am getting a serious case of Deja Vu here!
[Cue Title Theme]

In the near past-
Layla [at console]: Which one is it again?
Doctor: Thorbius Trifecta. T-H-O-R-B-I-U-S. Section 21A4. The Tardis has been redirected towards an alarm she sensed coming from that area. A level 2 gas cloud is nearing a medical station. You two are gonna monitor everything from here. I have diverted powers from some rooms into the communications array. Shouldn't be a problem once within the Gas Cloud. On that note, do not go into the pool. It's freezing right now.
Layla: We are going IN the gas clouds?
Doctor: No. Probably. Well I don't know yet.
Daniel[pointing]: And what is HE going to do?
[The Master makes an angry face]
Doctor: HE is coming with me. I am not making the same mistake twice. We will solve this one together.
Master: Oh, joy!

[Present time]
Doctor: This is not a joke!
Master: Sure it is. It is to me.
Doctor: Well it isn't.
Master: Well it's to me. We have our lives turned upside down. A Sage and some savior on our heels and we are out saving again! Third time in two days. And this fellow-
[Larson looks at them sheepishly]
Master: Looks perfectly normal and yet creeps me out. Are you cross or something? Are you going to shoot a hole in our chest if other people come running out of that door[Tardis]. We have two samples- Girly Exposition and Male humdrum Comic Relief. I am getting serious Deja Vu vibes in here....
Doctor: Shut it.
Larson: Who are you?
Doctor: Sorry,.. Hi. I am the Doctor. We heard your distress call and have come here to help.
Larson: So..the Medical cruiser sent YOU!?
Doctor: Yes. I suppose they did.
Master: So. What is the problem? Other than the Gas clouds and the broken weather and gunnery array? Hordes of Cybermen coming up the lift-? WHAT is happening to all these bundle of memories and words just flooding in[whooshes a gesture with his hand]?
Larson: WHAT Men-? No. The arrays. They are broken. Like you said. The right corner also took hull damage and the gyroscopic sensor is damaged. It's a Mark 1 Thobiaan Gyroscopic sensor. Rest Mark 1s are uncharged and I have only one Mark 2.
Doctor: What then?
Larson: It's untested.
Doctor: And?
Larson: Well, t-
Master: There's a superstition. Among the Thobiaan black market dealers, a light year from here. After the Zaatakul battlecruiser incident. They do not use untested Mark 2s.
Doctor: How do you know that?
Master: Well, I-! I, don't remember exactly. Must be streamlining. Saving actual minutes here.
Doctor: What did you say?
Master[Clutches and knocks at his temple]: Nothing to you. Oof! That's quite a shrill one.
Larson: The Mark 1s are going to take longer to charge than we have right now. I have already lost few friends to the Mark 2s. They say there is a sentient virus within the Mark 2. I am not going to risk my life and my crew like that!
Soon they realize the Level 2 Gas Clouds is not just a typically mundane one. It's a Time Storm. Like the other time fluctuation fields opening up at places due to the sudden increase in the reaches and vastness of the Time Webs, one such fluctuation field has opened up here, in the middle of a planetary storm. The planet was eaten away. All that's left is the atmosphere burning away in round revolving turns within the storm, causing some of the gas clouds created to dissipate away. With each turn, the Storm is getting exponentially bigger. Realizing the imminent danger they are in, the Doctor and the Master hurry up and help Larson to get all the crew into the Tardis. While the Doctor does the labor, the Master helps raise the shield at the mainframe, internally willing to leave everybody behind and get out of this predicament soon as he can. However, things get complicated when the middle of a hall pathway is struck by a random lightning-fast discharge of ion clusters, from the Time Storm. Things start to go peculiarly odd for everybody on the ship but outside the Tardis. Everybody starts seeing atleast another version of themselves. Other members of the crew who are not Time Lords, see even more versions. The Master realizes that they have not had Time Variation trainings: Cosmic Survivalist Training 101. Some of the crew seem unable to cope with the after effects of this; they experience gradual convulsive feats and faint. Although hesitant and ignorant, the Master vibes what the Doctor wants him to do and helps the crew onboard the Tardis. But with each passing second, things get more dizzy and more confusing, even for the Time Lords. They soon realize another fact; their other selves are not just some random Time Mirages they see moving about or future selves on that day. The 'Other' selves are acting in exact reverse. They find out that the Mark 2s do not have a sentient virus. They have a live, artificial intelligence, running a subprogram to turn and warp back physical conditions when in imminent forms of physical danger, installed by the market merchant. The subprogram has spread to the most nearby counter-node it could find, which turns out to be ambience and temporal-stability controls of the halls and lodgings.
With both Time Lords exhausted and almost soon-to-be-incapacitated, the companions face their most extreme challenge yet - guide them through their own timestream of the day, but in reverse. With hands in the telepathic circuitry gel pads, they (mostly Layla) link up the optical and navigational guide arrays to their own eyes. They see how the Tardis sees the Time Lords. They map them in reverse and gradually build up a daily timestream for the Doctor and Master to follow. The strain proves too much for Layla, who all but passes out. It is up to Daniel to keep her awake long as he can, and guide the others to safety. Out of his depths at first, Daniel doesn't surrender and continues the task.
As if things were not complicated enough, The Master starts glitching out randomly, due to being within a Time Storm. The memory loss has adverse effects on him. He oozes out a form of Hybrid Regeneration energy (multi-color), and with each such glitch he acts a little bit differently, playing to the tunes of all his past selves. To stand the Master even on a normal day was bad enough for Daniel, but now, with every different version of the Master chiding and berating his intellect, he just goes mental. So it naturally falls up to the Doctor to tackle him.
When things get really out of hand while controlling and manipulating the Master, the Doctor forcefully mind-melds with him once more, and shows him all their worst experiences, their battles, their squabbles and wars. Stopping each other's agendas and plans. Duels(with the 3rd), to chases, to lack of trusts(The Five Doctors), to bloodlust(Saxon). To friendship(Missy). A mind-melded vision of Missy's near-death experience breaks the Doctor's hold and stops the connection. But luckily enough, the Master has regained most of his marbles. The last of the Hybrid Regeneration energy leaves his body. Spent and exhausted, the Master asks why the Doctor chose all those moments too, the worst moments between them to kickstart his memories. He says that he is taking his advice. If the Master is truly his friend, he should consider all of him, the good and bad, equally. A whole package. Plus you do not arrive at 'Missy' unless you have being the Masters.
Daniel does a near-perfect job at guiding them back to safety, even though the beginning of the reversed-video footage is barely visible. Everybody makes it to the Tardis, except for the two Time Lords. Turns out the visibility issue is because by now the storm has caught up to them. The Doctor urges them to leave in the Tardis but Daniel refuses. He stays adamant about leaving the Doctor behind. The Doctor says they don't have time to argue. The Tardis can still make the flight with the power diversion within-
Master: Oh, just stop it you two!
[Presses a hidden button in his prosthetic elbow. And the Doctor's Tardis starts to dematerialize]
Daniel: What!? No! No, no, no, no, no! Don't you worry Doctor, We'll come back for you. Both of you! Just when I was starting to like that wretched gu- [Dematerializes]
Doctor: When?
Master: After Gamma. Old habits I guess. Gives a sense of purpose and regularity to do something not entirely good once in a while. Staying within the old bounds of conformity of being the 'Master'. Installed a subroutine to your Tardis recall function and linked it to me [shows him, and instantly gets zapped by the pointed sonic].
Master: Ooaawwww!
Doctor: Next time, DON'T. We still have a crash to overcome.
After a quick brainstorming session, they refit deflator panels from the safety decks of the wrecked station with the minimally charged Mark 1s, for gyroscopic stability which provide them with robust safety of a Rescue Pod of the early 2000 Earth Space Programs. They hold on tight while the remains of the station revolve inside to the innermost part of the Time Storm, chipping away like sawdust. Soon, once they reach the Centre, they are violently thrown into an unknown part of the Time Vortex. More dark and denser. Travelling through the vortex zooms in and drives them to upper atmosphere of an unknown planetoid, where they manage to crash land.
[After recovering]
Doctor[efforts while panting]: Told you we'd make it!
Master[stretching down to his knees]: I didn't doubt you Doctor. Only the outright fanatismo and confidence you have towards your plans! [Stands up] So,..Where have you taken us now?
A very monochromatic and humid planet, with green-filtered atmosphere.
Doctor: I don't know [Beep]. That's odd. Apparently neither does the Sonic. No spatio-temporal coordination , or disturbances! We are nowhere!
Master: We are definitely somewhere. That is odd. Can you not call your Tardis here? Mine isn't responding.
Doctor: I cannot even sense my Tardis. I can call it anywhere now. No clicking and talking and gesturing and faltering. Just think straight and it responds back. But I cannot even feel her presence here. It's like she has gone out of this universe.
Stranger: No, Doctor. You have!
Both: AAaaaarggghhhh!
[They collapse down with a shrill mind-touch]
Master: He is here Doctor!
Doctor: Aaarrggh! Wh-Who iss? Aaaar
Master[on his knees]: The one who started everything. I remember what happened to me. What. What he did. Why I was shot and who I was shot for.
[We get introduced to very familiar eyes]
Stranger[OC]: BWwaahahahahahahahahaha!

The Valley of Submissions - And an old foe resurfaces. The Doctor learns the truth about all that has been happening to him in the last few months.
Heat and humidity. Scorching levels of air patterns free-flowing down the horizon. The land steaming into view. A green, deserted planet without any sign of life or structure. Well the only ONE. A circular wall, about eighteen feet high, and running for the diameter of a few miles. In the middle is a crypt big enough to range for at least a mile. Inside the crypt is teeming with all kinds of life - Wild necromancer mutts, Vuenodaxian Slasher Bulls, Terraberserkers in battle armor and fluid clamps piercing their heads, New Genesis Daleks of the Retterand, Humanoid-Dalek drivers inside classic Dalekanium half-shells, with mutated chained Magnedons from Skaro. Organic Daleks. troops of Cybus Cybermen in four corners, with a version of a Cyber Leader in each. Ravagers; brown-grey humanoids with a bony, terraformed epidermal layer on everything but where their eyes should be. A few besides every corner of the Cyber-troops. And behind them - smaller troops of Cyber Masters!
Deep within the vault of the crypt lies the Doctor, heavily sweating, and bleeding at a side of his forehead. He is bound to what looks like an upgraded Cybermaster or Cybercontroller Chair, made of darkstar metals. His manacles on the arms and legs are riveted to the chair with Dwarf Star hexbolts. There is also a binding panel covering just his torso, also of darkstar metal. The Doctor regains his consciousness and sees that he is surrounded by four New Genesis Retterand Daleks.
We zoom deep into the eyes, full of pain and surprise and desperation and unhinged fury, all together. We zoom out to the face again, but this time in Gallifreyan regalia, up to the torso, like a battle vest. Instead of the usual red, the whole regalia is in dark blue and black, with no insignia of Rassilon or any other House patches. The headgear, with a blue inner skull plate and black straps on top, is very compact and form-fitting. There are combat pauldron on the shoulders. This eye, unlike the previous own, is bloodthirsty and shrewd. He straightens up and crosses his legs on his Dwarf Star throne, with chimes of sapphire crystals around, and tightens his grips on the hand rest, as he looks on to his empire of creatures throughout the crypt.
Valeyard: BWwaahahahahahahahahaha! BWwaahahahaha..Hahahaha!
[A faint but familiar psychic touch reaches the Doctor painfully, which he recognizes]
Doctor: Oh, boy!
Daleks:!! Exterminated!....[In overlapping echoes]Exterminated!Exterminated!
Doctor: Here we go again.
[Cue Title Theme]
The Doctor looks on to a manacled Master to his left, unconscious, hands raised above his head in a Gravity bar and Laser-trip rims on his forefront, making escape impossible. His head is caged and his new arm insulated in airtight Pyroxine wax. Beside him on a table is the Sonic Screwdriver and the glasses.
[He hears ominous footsteps and then the crypt door opens. The Daleks make way]
Valeyard: Hello Doctor. He won't be getting up any soon.
[A long stare]
Valeyard: What, no comebacks and timey-whimey jokes. Should I have barged in with a Geronimo!?
Doctor: Why?
Valeyard: Ask what you want to ask.
Doctor: Why do all this? For all these months. To all of us. The Time Webs. The psychic attacks.
Valeyard[roars]: Because I can!
[The four Daleks stagger back]
Valeyard: This is who I am, Doctor! The one who can make Daleks tremble. Can you say the same, Oncoming Storm?
Doctor: What happened to you? ..Us?
Valeyard: Us? There was never an 'us'. We are not the same Doctor. Unlike you, I am not bound by moral obligations to not be cruel. To not kill. To preserve all. Those are your filth Doctor, not mine.
Doctor: So it really is you-?
Valeyard: You know who I am. Say it.
Valeyard: SAY IT!
Doctor: The Valeyard.
Valeyard: Yes.
Doctor: What are you!? Are you me from a past or future that I have failed? Do I run the chance of becoming you?
Valeyard: I am the amalgamation of all the evil within you. Every version of you! Every alternative possibility of you. In all universes. Once I was you. But where you saw the power in hope and prosperity, I saw despair and pain, even from the lives of other versions of me. Even from my greatest victories. That did not suit my longer goals. And then it happened.
Doctor: What happened?
Valeyard: Like you, I had learned about the Time Webs and had chosen to act on it, stealing a Battle Tardis. The one trait that all of us, all versions of us, good or bad, have in common. But the Battle Tardis had a trap for me. Sprung by a very old or unknown Master. An idea he had got from me, of feeding on emotions. Mind-locked to my psychic precipitancy and emotional signatures from over the years. I had taken the Tardis to destroy the Time Engine at the High Sanctum of Korlan. But something happened.. something I did not plan for. And the loss sent my emotions to the levels of extremity I would not have dreamt of. And the Psychic precipitancy Sensors picked it up. The trap, once switched on, was to create a temporal fixation of bringing all versions of me to that very place, in their worst moments. Creating a paradoxical chain reaction so big, that no version of me could have solved in those emotional states. But attacking the Time Engine had sent the Change Engine on high alert. As you know by now, the Change Engine contains the essence of life itself. It can prolong, and mostly 'amplify' life to preserve life. Even its own. Like you did on Gamma with a few strands within your Tardis. And this was a whole Engine! It saved me, all versions of me, from the build-up of the massive paradoxical singularity. Glitching within one another, temporally phasing in and out. The immense pain. Like tearing us apart limb from limb. Peeling us layer by layer, and setting each little corner of each little tissue on fire! And all coming from at the worst moments of their lives. The Change Engine amplified whatever it could. The hate, disgust, rage, and the burning desire for vengeance once it was all over. And then it created a physiological amalgam of all the other versions within my current form. Me. The Valeyard! I wasn't the Doctor of war and peace anymore. I was Time Lord reborn. The high exemplar, the epitome of instigating submission and exacting revenge.
Doctor: So you are the Valeyard. And I am assuming you are also the Retterand?
Valeyard: Over the course of 2200 years, I have had many names. Oncoming Storm, Perfect Storm, Ender of Times, Butcher of Skull Moon, The King of Furiosa, The Harbinger, The Retterand, The Savior, The Emperor of Daleks, The Beyonder, The Master of the Roarkuxs,....The Time Sage.
Doctor: What?
Valeyard: Oh, yes. That too. 
Doctor: But why? Why be - well, YOU and tell us to save the Gamma Forests?
Valeyard: Because I can, Doctor. Because I can. And I have plans too inferior to the scope of your understanding. I also manipulated an unknown Judoon to tip you off about the Time Webs. 
Doctor: And what else CAN you do? Manipulate time and people, kill, destroy, lie, cheat, Oh I'm sorry did I miss any?
Valeyard[sternly]: I can do anything I want. Mock all you want Doctor. Playing the fool won't get you out of this one.
Doctor: We will see about that. Lord knows I have faced a lot. But this! This right here is all my nightmares come true. To save the universe from myself. A version and manifestation of all my evils so bent and retro of everything I stand for that I have had redoubtable episodes of fright sweeping in as to when you would show, ever since I reached my 10th regeneration. At least the one that I new to be so. I have had so much harbored doubt that whenever I remembered meeting another version of myself, I wouldn't truly ever be able to trust them at first. You, you did that to me. Not Rassilon or Omega. Not the Rani. Not the Master. He is as corrupt as they come. But this is one of the biggest factors that could tip the balances of the universe. For both of us. A version of me so evil that Master would actually find it amusing and rendible; and I would find it painful. So, no. No you won't succeed in anything you choose to do. Not if I have anything to say about it.
Valeyard: Who said anything about the universe Doctor? Do you know where you are? Can you even begin to comprehend as to why you couldn't call your Tardis? You are outside the bubble of your universe. All versions of your universe. This. This little bubble. It's mine. I was called the Beyonder because I created this universe beyond everything, out of other broken planets. This new bubble universe is called the 'Beyond' Universe; The REAL Beyond. Plus there is a psychic field covering the whole planet. Anything other than me, that does not share my physical and mental traits, my psychic lock links, are bound to submit to my will within the psychic fields. A total valley of submission. like you said - 'Not if I have anything to say about it'. And I have all the say I want.
[The Doctor's fingers twitches a little]
Doctor: Why?
Valeyard: Because it simply is , Doctor. Do you know how many parallel forms of Universe are out there? And how many alternates does each one have, stacked up through the void? Just today you might have created four or five more because one of the pets you keep onboard chose to wear a blue shirt instead of a red alternative. Do you? Because I DO. I have been to many of them. One where the Master isn't bad. One where he isn't but you are. One where The Dark took over Torchwood. One where Rose was never born. One where your sonic overloaded and backfired yesterday. One where Donna Noble never met you cause you died. And then she died. One where the Master rules over the Daleks. One where Leela was killed thrice. One where she is yo- OUR mother! One where even somebody like you can be Time Lord Victorious. I saw it all, and then I build one Beyond all of it, all sorts of primary and pocket universes. And within that is this place. The VALE of Vails. Valley of Submission. Where there are no creators. No builders. No destroyers. No guardians. No saviors and masters or lords. There is just me. And everything lies below me.
Doctor[sniffs in hard and efforts]: Ginger!
Valeyard: Whaaat?
Doctor: Was I ever a ginger in any of those?
Valeyard: You still play the fool and stall. I would admire how persistent you are even had I not seen it over a hundred times already.
[Comes closer to his torso bind and operates the liquid metal on it, which responds to his touch]
Doctor: What are you doing? What-
[A long zap!]
Doctor: AArgh........AAaaaarrgggghhhhhhhh!
The containment platform along with the manacles straighten up, with a helpless Doctor.
Valeyard[bends over and whispers]: Like I said Doctor. Me. Then all of existence down below
He slowly stabs and immerses the fingers of his gauntlet in his gut, waking him up with a short zap from the tubes at the end of his fingers.
Valeyard: Oh! And just so you know, there were other versions of you who were ginger. But I killed them the same way like the others. Easily.

The Valeyard walks out to the more open parts of the cavern. The Doctor's containment platform has been wheeled in a vertical gurney behind him, by organic Daleks, while the regular ones follow. The Master has been wheeled in too, but now in a long cryogenic tube.
Valeyard: Are you awake Doctor? Wakey-wakey! Or are you even weaker than the rest?
The Doctor barely manages to keep his eyes open.
Doctor: Rest?
Valeyard: Time Lord Kill-list. With versions of you and others. Remember the hit-list at the trials? Well, this one has been more multiversal.
Doctor: How many?
Valeyard: It would not help you to know. The Master has destroyed Atlantis, Logopolis, Earth, a few times. Gallifrey even. He had surpassed his inhibitions about killing even before that, when he was supposed to be helping in the Last Great Time War. He has perversed the sanctity of Death itself and converted them to Cybers. Many times. He has cannibalized species and turned them on each other. How much ideas do you think you could come up with if you turned evil?
Doctor: I wouldn't.
Valeyard: Oh, but you have.
Doctor: You never did answer me. What happened to you?
Valeyard: What?
Doctor: Last I saw you this driven was at the trial. I send a feedback through a ray phase shift that should have stopped your exploits and your reach into the Matrix. Then it all exploded, I believe. I did feel a shadow of you over the years, sometimes far off, sometimes staring right at me. Where were you then? And why do you want to kill me so badly?
Valeyard: Wouldn't you like to know? And I do not want to kill you Doctor. Having said that, I do not deem you that worthy of living either. I have been trying to end you since within the Matrix for the rest of your regenerative abilities.
Doctor: Why?
Valeyard: Because it is for the taking. Unlike so many other versions of the universe, you are one of the few Timeless Child who has a surplus of them. River gave you all hers, didn't she? And then the Time Lords, sanctimonious and arrogant fools that they are, gave even a few more to the Timeless Child himself! That too for a question. The first question of all. Doctor Who? Doc-tor Who?
Doctor: Dangerous territory. Do not keep repeating it. Something bad might happen to you, you know.....
Valeyard: You still joke. But do you even know where it came from, the oldest question in the universe?
Doctor: I would suppose the oldest beings in the universe. Or else somebody might have been very dramatic and fond of the extremity of superlatives.
Valeyard: It came from River.
Doctor: What? How? How could it come from River?
Valeyard: Because she loved you Doctor. Loved us. A love so undeserving and a notion so unswervingly deniable that the universe rejected it.
[Over memory-
River: I've been sending out a message. A distress call. Outside the bubble of our time, the universe is still running, and I've sent a message everywhere. To the future and the past, the beginning and the end of everything.]
Valeyard: She sent out a distress call to everywhere; to all bubbles of universes. Even as far as me. To all time possible. As far back and stretched into the forefront of existence our minds can take us. 'Help the Doctor. Save the Doctor'. And everybody heard. Not just the Gallifrey at the end of the universe, in the protective bubble of its own. But all cultures and all of history too. Even the oldest versions of Gallifrey. Where nobody knew who you were. When even you hadn't decided on the values you put into the paradigm of your existence. When only nomadic Shobogans roamed wild, travelling wherever they can. And nobody knew where to answer to. River sent her prayers from somewhere all of Time was happening at once. So all versions of Gallifrey, Skaro, Guardian Space of Al'Khatat, Atropos, all the visible 321 Solar Planetary Orbital Systems, and all those who can answered. Doctor Who? Doctor Who? And the Gallifrey at the end of the universe, ever so enthusiastic when it comes to saving their own skin in the fight, picked up on that resonating thought. Doctor Who? Knowing your history, which is mostly similar, in parts, throughout all the universes, they used it as a way to bring Gallifrey back into the prime state of your universe, psychically projecting a multitude of that question. Into the scarred fields of Trenzalore. And then began the Kovarian chapter trying to reach parts of your timeline in order to ensure that Silence would fall, and that you would never answer. They even created River for that. For something she herself started. Who was she to ever fall in love with but you? The race of idiots that created her to prolong a paradoxical anonymity, however resolvable. Or the man who saved universes, dazzled her off he feet and changed how she viewed the world?
Doctor:..Trenzalore. We all end up there someday.
Valeyard: I do not.
Doctor: You were called a Doctor once. What changed you? What caused all of this?
Valeyard: You really want to know don't you? You do know there is nothing to redeem in me. But you still persist. So is it your usual disposition to help and resolve or something with the equivalence to pure hate? Maybe I did stir up something in you after all. Go on then, hate me. Make us proud. Maybe you might make a decent Valeyard.
Doctor[coughs]: Tell me anyways. Go on, indulge me. I am bound and beaten. How afraid can you really be to boast about your victories?
Valeyard: Listen at your own peril Doctor. You know best, we are in the habit of giving really long speeches. As you say, I once wore the title of the Doctor. Proudly even. And then I didn't. Like you, I have almost had similar adventures. Like you, I have had my share of losses and defeats to begin with. There have been other Valeyards throughout this multiverse. That come from you. One that was experimentally drawn out from you. One that was created as an effort to strengthen the Gallifreyan Black Operations and Stealth Incursions during the Dalek Wars. Each have their own story. But I was different. I was the one that you created. During the Last great Time War.
Doctor: No! That couldn't be..I possibly couldn't.
Valeyard: The version of you in my universe did, having used a Transmat while a Genetic Modifier was still in your possession. I was a manifestation that was drawn out of my own timeline and ended up within the Time War itself. I resembled a version drawn out directly from after your trials because that is the version the Time Lords knew of, while my real form and timeline was absolved of any trace of me. But I did not look the part, young and angry and temperamental, as I once did during the trials. The Time differential of drawing out this version had aged me considerably. Turns out the whole thing had been engineered by the Gallifreyan High Council, who saw me more suitable as an errand for war, while also putting physical limitations on me and keeping me in check. After failing with the War-Master and other versions of the Valeyard on trials, I was chosen. Because I had your qualities, but did not hesitate to take drastic steps. Free of the burden of your morality, I was the ultimate soldier for the Time War. I had the gut to get the job done, at whatever the cost. I masacared Spiderbot drones of the Dalek convoy, squashing them like ants under a boot. I overloaded the Kaled Mutations in their chambers and destroyed all Daleks in a splat on the Chrysilis sister-warship, in their sleep. While the Dalek Emperor was too busy with you and the other Gallifreyan forces. Things you would never consider doing, unfairly. I was sent and instructed to recover a Dalek weapon on a planet that could potentially wipe out the whole race of Time Lords, yet retain their knowledge and memories in the universe, at the mercy of the Daleks. Our Data Cores and the Matrix, open for plunder once we were gone. I was under strict instructions to use the weapon on the Daleks instead. So that they were wiped out, while we still held their records and data. But a localized blast made the weapon malfunction, while some of the Daleks fled through a rift, along with the Dalek Time Strategist. The whole population of the planet was wiped out. The High Council created a frame of Time Loop over the whole planet, in a Time-Lock in order to hide their involvement and to imprison me. For about two hundred years, I was stuck in the same loop, trying to use the weapon at the start of the battle, and getting stuck at the end, with the weapon itself providing me a memory of those who were involved in the battle to be stuck with me, all still alive. The 'War' Valeyard is what you called me, I suppose, before becoming a warrior yourself, who perished in battle a few regenerations later. The weapon that stuck me in a loop had an effect on my memory. With your clothes, and carrying the burdens of your conscience, I was the Doctor! I was reluctant at first. In mind and soul, I considered myself the Doctor. For two hundred years I had been haunted by the reflex of wiping out a race, as I considered myself the Doctor. Self-righteous and simplistic. While the version before your Warrior persona came and broke the loop, I decided to still stay within the Time-Lock. I foolishly feared becoming the Valeyard again once I got out. There was too much death and destruction around me. I even restarted the Time-loop with his help because at least an echo of the planet had survived, within that loop. Coming from that particular regeneration, I had descended with all your base emotions. I did not want to be part of the war anymore. But soon, there was no more war. No Daleks, no more Gallifrey. No more. A word that reverberated and echoed through all the universe. Everybody was tired of the war. And so was I. I was stuck in a time loop again, this time out of my own choice, until something, or someone worked it out and released me. I did not pay much attention to the who and what back then.
Doctor: Then what happened?
Valeyard: I chose to live as the Doctor did. The Warrior had passed on a few more regenerations. But after a few years, he was shot mid-regeneration by his version of Torchwood. My regenerations were a bit different than yours A few familiar faces. A few different ones. I did not have much companions to begin with. But some of them came along soon enough. Mel. Gabby. Martha. Donna. Amy, Rory. River. Clara. Bill. And Nardole. The universe was a big place to work alone, with all the emotions running through and the basic sentimentality of yours weighing on me. It was my 11th, No! 12th Regenerative cycle, I suppose. Old, Scottish- stern and stoic. But always on the verge of asking myself if I was good enough. Probably like you, even I had the chance to meet my previous selves. The Voord had heard about the return of the Time Lords of Gallifrey, through the cracks of reality and they were afraid. Too afraid to go back to how it was during the Time Wars and very unlike the Silents to be bold enough and attack me head on. Perturbed at the idea to loose their newfound way of life to the Time Lords of old, they repurposed a Dalek Time Continuity Engine and build their own pocket dimension, and stuck to it, taking themselves out of the equation of reality itself. Removing themselves from the universe also had the advantage of erasing all memories of their species. Little did I know then that an alternate version of me had agreed to become the leader of their group mind and orchestrated everything. Then they exploded a Dalek Continuity bomb to divide us. It altered the progressive continuity of our timelines by changing minute details in our life,.... depending on whatever the bomb's programmer chooses it to be. As I stood there with my partners, as a Time Ghost, I saw all versions of me. Their losses, their squandered prerogatives, their loneliness and the life we were bound to follow. I saw a version that chose to stay with his love and still couldn't find peace because the universe around him still needed saving. I saw a version that chose pride and vanity over peace and claimed himself victorious above all. But even he did not find what he was looking for. And then I saw me- bound to alone forever. Wondering if I was good enough. If I was, why was I betrayed? I must admit, a little, very small version of me wished that if I could have all of those scenarios again, I would gladly choose them, and maybe, just maybe I would do a better job than all they did. I could be Time Lord Victorious, be wih River and be feared and respected throughout the universe. But it never happened. And then I was trapped in my confession dial. In a more conventional sense, I am around 2200 years old. But in the dial, I spent the psychic torment equivalent to near a Quadrillion years!
And then soon enough I was the woman who fell to earth. After a year or so, I learned what the Master had done, and why he had done it. I learned that I was a Timeless Child, a secret so great that it powered a whole culture of Time Lords. But what did it do for me? Nothing! Curse of two hearts I suppose. While one of my hearts was beating fast with the anticipation of surprise and the newfound revelation of being a near-immortal, the other was even faster, pounding at my chest. Because I understood that this was my legacy. A whole universe took from me all it could, while I wasn't mortal enough to be worthy of company, of love, of respect. All I could do was walk alone. Forever. And it tipped me off the edge. But I controlled my rage best I could. Then I got to where you are. And then in the regeneration where I looked like you, I learned that I had been manipulated into fighting their wars even more. I learned about the Time Webs and the extensive damage it had done over the years. That! That set me off. I stole a decommissioned Battle Tardis, or what remained of it. I travelled to Korlan and destroyed the High Sanctum. But my fury and rage had killed Ohima II and her little sister Ohincko when a Time torpedo malfunctioned. My first proper kill. It disgusted me. There was blood on my hand that was unwarranted and uncalled for. Filled me with utter shame and rage at what I had done. It disgusted me even more that I did not have the power to revive them; to stop them from stepping into the realm of death like that. And just like that, in a flash it came to me! Through all the wipe of blood from their dead corpses and through all the boiling tears down my eyes- I knew now what I had to do. I could not pretend to be the fixer and savior anymore. I could not afford to be the madman in a box. Your sentiments were soft and near-sighted, which were pulling me down. I could not go searching for power in knowledge and peace. The universe was too cruel for that. I had to search for power in Power! I had to build a universe of my own.
Doctor: What did you do?
Valeyard: What any power-hungry being does. Remove power to become power.
Doctor: Who?
[Over a descriptive montage of recollection videos]
Valeyard: The Master. While he thought he was escaping through a burning Gallifrey after the explosion, with his legion of Cyber-Masters, I confronted him. With a packet of Victorium raw-grenade with a similar death-particle stuck inside it, that I stole from another Universe. I deactivated the Cyber part of his new creations with an electromagnetic pulse from a broken Type-60 Tardis. I shoved the grenade in his mouth and bound him in deadlocked bars. Stuck him in an automated force-bubble within the Type-60 and sent him flying. As you would have probably guessed by now, The Victorium grenade dissolved as soon as he would have started salivating to a certain degree. I build arc-powered pulsar containment units to power the Cyber Masters. They were already corpses kept suspended at the brink of death, stopping them from regenerating. From thereon, whenever their bodily synapses were threatened or attacked, instead of a late and bizarre regeneration, the regenerative energy would go through the arc-powered unit. It would power up the Cyber-armors and a secondary brain that would keep them powered in a suspended state. Each arc-powered unit has enough energy to sustain at least 3-4 regeneration cycles. Just think! Cybermen who can regenerate at least three times. Then came the Cybercontrollers who were a bigger unit. Then Cyber-droids and Cybermats. All killing machines. I began my conquests with them. Everything I conquered, everything I killed, I uploaded to the Cyberspace databases within a Gallifreyan Hard drive, like Missy used to. Soon , I had fields covered with Gallifreyan Hard drive spheres. From Silents to Ravagers, to Logopolitans to primitive Cybermen and their converts. Everything they had, I had. Everything they knew, now I knew. And then I killed everybody else. Galactic outposts, Observation Clusters, The Shadow Proclamation, even my version of precious Earth. In a similar way, I uploaded them to the spheres, some of whom became warring tribes of Roto-disc Proto-humans. I christened them Toclafane. You get the irony in that, don't you. The 49th Great Sontaran Revolt was lost. The Silurian Uprising ended in a bloodbath. And then came the Daleks. For what is a War without a Dalek? I did what Rose had to do. All those years ago. Never said you cannot learn from weaklings, however pathetic they seem to you now. An array of Cyber-Masters, feeding in small ounces of energy from the Time Vortex itself, from within Emergency Tardises. Two groups of four such Cyber-Masters, and the Daleks did not stand a chance. I made Organic Daleks from the body of Pan Babylonians and New Humans from other universes. And then we come to full circle.
Doctor: Oh mighty Rassilon, you can talk! And nothing good. No wonder people do not hang by the console anymore. And all the death and destruction you caused felt justifiable to you? Make you whole inside? Made you feel like you are in power!? You were already pretty near to being an immortal. You are the timeless child! Like me. But why would you have to disrupt the life of others?
Valeyard: It is more than justified. Do you see any more death around here. Do you see helpless Timeless children being DNA-spliced and turned to soldiers? Dou you see extermination that I did not order? Do you see Dead Adrics and dead Jamie and dead Amys in here. Can you see an Angel taking her away anymore? Do you have to live frightened in here? Do you see Tegan running away? Do you see Rose crying or Clara leaving? No! I control life and death in here.
Doctor: And who controls you? Where does it all stop? Where does it lead? To what end?
Valeyard: It leads wherever I want it to. But today, it leads here-[gestures].
They have arrived at a natural intersection in the cavern. A huge cargo-forklift from Osterhagen Systems Corporation take them down to a parallel level of the panopticon. In the middle, through a hollow Perspex tubing, can be seen a version of a Tardis, through another. The contraption goes down atleast a few more floors. While the contraption exists like it is, nobody seems to notice it or interact with it. Not one of the beings even pass along it in proper regularity. Some are stepping and moving around in ultra slow-motion, while others are superfast and blurring by. Others even pass by, but a bit slower, like a drifting Time Ghost. At a single point and placement, time seems to be going in a hundred different ways for everybody.
Doctor: What have you done-? You cannibalized it! You of all! This isn't a transfer of power. This is just a pure meal! Your are draining all you can from the Time Vortex from within the Tardises! One is acting as an organ of passage, while the other is a mouth, eating and spitting it out! And feeding them to the amplifier.
Valeyard: With none the wiser. Everybody knows and hopes this is how the Time Vortex has always been, when in actuality, it can be so much more. It can power so much more. But no one would ever know. You do not see a man complaining I stole from his pile of two buckets, when he himself goes on to belief there has always been one bucket with him.
Valeyard: It's my old Tardis in prototype mode. Running through it is a modulation of a Type XX Tardis Variant- TT Capsule XX220. An Emergency Tardis from a forsaken version of Gallifrey. Both of them together power my Time Distribution Antenna. I have travelled to all kinds of universes through that Rift. Even alternative ones and a few parallel ones, without weakening the state of reality. I can do everything, see everything. Go anywhere. Hop through the whole of void if i want to. I do not need a Time Web, Doctor. This is my 'Spear of Genesis'. Tip of Change. Right now Time is as alive as it can be. Time is my stallion and this is what I stab at its underbelly to make it run as I want.
Doctor[tries to straighten up]: This is sheer madness! Nobody should have this much power, not this kind. Not even you. Stop it now or it will be too late.
[While checking pads and handing it back over to his humanoid correspondents]
Valeyard: I can and I have over the years. I understood the mere truth that nobody in the universe holds the power, could hold the power to save you, but You. I went back in time. With a single burst from the Spear of Genesis, I freed my other self from after the Time Wars, breaking his loop. 
Doctor: But why go to all this trouble? What could you possibly hope to achieve!? Stealing my life I understand. Extracting the baser instincts of a species I understand. Sabotaging my Tardis I get. Corrupting the whole Matrix, however low, I can begin to understand. By why this?
Valeyard: Power, Doctor. What else could possibly interest me? Power and invincibility.
[Over gradual pieces of video montages and 3D sketches] Over the years, many species had wondered about the true nature and origin of time. Since the dawn of Time itself. They were afraid of it. Of what is it they were existing within and how abruptly it can discard them. Of the relative existence within, and apparently after Time. Was death and demolition the end of Time, or was it independent of such triviality? The path time follows and what it means for us. The adverse effects. The presence of sentient Travel capsules that could draw power from time itself. The corresponding symbiotic nature that Time jumper and Time beasts have with Time . A conclusion was drawn that maybe, just MAYBE- Time is alive. But this wasn't such a conclusive and publicly intransitive factoid. The secret was well guarded, and stayed only with the order of Guardian Priests of Time. The first of the Guardians, who had massive inhibitory restrictions on the full extents of their power. When they opened the lock on their temporal forms, they could appear to us mere beings in a more comprehensible form of figure; in what they called the NOW Present, or the THEN Past. Or even in a TO BE Future. In these forms they were not the Guardians anymore. Then called the order of Mouri, they operated out of the Temple of Atropos on the planet of Time. The first chunk of planetoid that came into gradual but subsequent and responsory existence, born out of the massive singularity that created everything! No Big Bang. Just existence. No drawn out period or variability. The start of anything. And everything. When the Flux hit the planet of Time, the Temple of Atropos suffered extensive damage, with the Mouri bearing the load of such destruction. Remember how you felt back then? Each unsubstantial yet unorthodoxly existing inch of the Flux, devouring every law known. Eating up all in sight in a vast swarm. The trembling of the crust. Each piece of rock turning out and imploding from the inside. The pain and anguish of each sub atom, quark, gluon and I-particles being grained out to extinction! The Mouri of the Temple of Atropos feel the same way. They could feel it all. Except they feel it for every alternate version of existence. They are Time. The reside in Time. The singularity that began it all. So they are free of the bounds. They can feel it all in the Past and the Future point of anything. To them their is no direction. You can sense direction when you are a man crossing a road and look for the train to your left or right. You however do not need directional inputs when the train is a mere toy in your hand, and you look down upon your make-believe tracks. One which you can flip with ease of effort. The train passes at their choice and distinction. Similarly, all of time passes through the Mouri. All of time has to pass through the Mouri. Not in a regulatory or tyrannical sense though. They just hold and facilitate time. From the planet of Time. The first Planet ever. Where all spatio-temporal reading and all space-time coordinates are nullified. Something that has always existed and something that always will.
When the Flux finally hit, and for mere moments, the Temporal forms of the Mouri that exist in the Now Present were threatened by Swarm and Azure, I saw my window of opportunity. I fired the Spear of Genesis for the first time ever. And it did not pass through the Mouri. It existed totally out of the recorded span of time, in my own form of universe! Only I knew about it. Something that never was and cannot be traced. Something that can never be known. Never be put in a Time-lock or seal of any kind. Like you, I had erased myself from Time before. But to not have anything to erase at all is infinite freedom. The pure allure of it can make you go mad. Each time I use it, the Spear of Genesis, no one will ever know. Except me. And probably you. Right here, right now. There are no recorded perceptions, no signatures, no energy outputs, no point of reference. Not even a minuscule strain of thought about it that exists in all of time. And I never stopped.
Valeyard: I have been busy Doctor. Over the years I have done a lot of stuff in a lot of different universes. My erratic rage cooled down as I understood what I had to do. In my own time I went back and let Wilfred Mott die in the Naismith Mansion. I put the memory of it in a time-lock and made my other self forget about it, to stick to the chain of events; so that when the time came I knew what had to be done. I was Time Lord Victorious rebound and had control over as many universes as i liked. In one of them I facilitated the improper use of Anti-Genesis Codes to make The Master the creator of the Daleks. As a test run, I tested my eukaryotic templates there, in the more-stable Dalek future, with the help of Dalek-Sec. My Human-Dalek Engineers build Void ships along with the Cult of Skaro that you had faced. Once, I killed Torchwood and instructed Assassin monks of the Delirium Archive Guards to experiment on Captain Jack, killing him in as many ways as they can to discover the full extent of his immortality. That is, until they cut his head and it fell into a supply bucket of the Elixir of Life that they were sprinkling. In one universe, I advised the notorious Meddling Monk to swap out versions of yourselves. Then I went back to torment or know about versions of you in different universes. That's when I met most of you. During the trials and before that. Some were successful attempts. Others- not so much. Hundreds of years. Time had mellowed me out a bit. They even forced a few of my regenerations too early. I was a whole different being back then. Playing you for the fool, so desperately trying to win. Have the last laugh. I even met the Master from your universe a few times. And then I reverted back to this face again. Old and reliable. In a few universes I started the Order of the Retterand, or as you come to know it as-
Doctor: Osterhagen Systems Corporation[coughs].
Valeyard: Yes. I also rebuild the MASER tactical payload in an universe. For two years, I contracted the male drones of the Dominator Insects of the Mind from an Earth and send them off to spy on different universes. I learned that the Time Webs were a prevailing factor in many of them. So  I used the Spear of Genesis to stir things up in those universes, like I did in yours. So that one day, you may learn about the Time Webs.
Doctor: What good is that gonna do?
Valeyard: To make more of me of course! I have tormented and killed Doctors before. Ones with the weak resolves and moral high grounds. All kinds of them. The chins and sideburns and righteous big noses, the brows, the curls, the angry one, the writer, the God-complex one, the thinker, the old one, the nutty one, even all the females.
The Warriors and what you call the 6th regenerative versions. That is before you knew how old we actually are. Those two have vexed and nettled by interests the most. They had the potent qualities to be ruthless. To end all wars if they wanted to. Instead, even they succumbed and cowered behind rules and principles. That is why I usually went back to points in their timestream the most. Like I said, I have killed a whole lot of them. But I have never made one! One who was tipped off the edge, as much as I was. One who had blood on their hands. One who did not act like their usual all-knowing imbecile selves. One who understood the fright and horrors of this multiverse. And one who was willing to change it.
Doctor: And that is why you let us know about the Time Webs. To see if it pushes us to the point of becoming you?
Valeyard: Yes
Doctor: I thought you said you were irredeemable. That you did not need anything else but power. That everything was beneath you. Nothing was secure and reliable enough for you. Now you need others like you? Beside you!?
Valeyard: Do not test me Doctor! I used to be you. You have just recently learnt what I learned all those years ago, what made me into who I am. In essence you still represent a part of me. You are not some half-wit, blundering second-rate adversary I have to dispose of. Act the part you were meant to!
Doctor: Oh, there have been times! A rollercoaster of times. Times where I thought I would have the upper hand on Time, because time is not the boss of me. [Mutters] Have I said times too many times here!? There were times were loss humbled me. And then there were those that made me as erratic as you are. Made me a hybrid, feared by my own kind. Mentioned even by the Daleks. Drove me to the ends of the universe. Like you, I had seen all versions of me too, as a Time Ghost. Before reverting back, the Voods had touched a nerve! But I had company. Even, in death and loss, I had friends who stuck by me. Made me understand that this is not who I was, That is not what I was meant to do. Anybody can be a warrior and a hero. But I- I am the Doctor! Save lives, poke your sanity and press your buttons! What I was meant to do was this-
[He moves his fingers, as if virtually pressing something. Meanwhile, settings get automatically pressed on the sonic, carried by an Organic-Dalek.]
Valeyard: No! What is that? What did you do?
Doctor: Receptive ventrical nanobots in my palm. Virtual Touch Sensors! Operates my sonic from a distance. Got it after Trenzalore. And then this-!
[Form the past-
Master[OC]: After Gamma. Old habits I guess-....Installed a subroutine to your Tardis recall function.
Doctor: Next time, don't!
His Sonic quickly makes a copy of the Recall function subroutine while zapping his arm. The Bars of the download gradually fill up.
Over Memory-
Master[OC]: ....The one who started everything. I remember what happened to me-
The Doctor had the recall function activated throughout his journey through the Time Vortex. The Master's Tardis had followed them, latched on to their flight pattern and silently settled on the planet. He blinks a light from his sonic, through his pain. A light blinks four times, in the rhythm of the Materialization Brakes and signals back from a distance, miles away, like a code. We see that the Master's Tardis has gone into Active-Camo mode and looks almost see through from up above]
Valeyard: No! What is that? What did you do?
Doctor: Receptive ventrical nanobots in my palm. Virtual Touch Sensors! Operates my sonic from a distance. Got it after Trenzalore. And then this-!
The trusty old Tardis sound. Except its the Master's Tardis. Still shaped like a pod. And it settles behind him.
Valeyard: No! Stop him, shoot him down.
The Human-Daleks react before the other kinds. They turn around and start shooting singe-bursts. The Doctor closes an eye in recoil. The Tardis takes the first few shots. Fingers still moving, he makes the Tardis screech along to the Daleks, soon as they were about to take a shot. The Dalek on the right gets moved and makes a disoriented shot, shooting down the Human-Dalek shells and another Dalek. A few Anti-gravity sensor globes explode, knocking the Valeyard a few steps back. The thick base-fender along with the thrust dais slides near the Doctor. The Doctor again virtually moves the Tardis mid-air and knocks down a shooting Dalek head up to ground level. The eye-stalk and shoulder gun align almost to the level of the Doctor's feet. After a few tries, his leg-manacles get shot free.
[The Valeyard looks up at him]
Doctor: You have Spear of Genesis, I have Lady Luck and a tiny electromagnet in my hand!
[He makes a gesture and a plug-hole appears in his wrist. With a glow, the Sonic jumps back to his hand. He quickly signals the thrust dais which attaches along his gurney. Swiveling him away with each shot taken at him.]
Once free, he raises his Sonic like a mace and hard-presses a switch. The Doors of the Tardis open up with a slide.
Doctor: Oi! Yeah, You! The Vile of the Vale of the Vails. Meet the Energy of the Vortex of the Time!
[A single continuous shot of Time Vortex energy fires through the Tardis to modulation tubing, to the XX Tardis. It lights up the whole area like a solar storm]
Valeyard[covers his face]: You are sending out a distress beacon, made from the power of the Spear of Genesis. Strong enough to cross over a few universes! Clever. But you and the Master are alone here, in my universe! What do you possibly hope to achieve?
Doctor: Oh, I don't know. World peace, less Global warming. Magna-lava and Dilito Choco chip ice cream. A new fez, maybe. And this!
The whole cavern shakes! The Valeyard looks up. A Ship thrusts in through the ceiling [ode to SS Titanic] and settles down in the rubble  with a thud! Its bulbous bow reads - SS Rose Tyler.
Valeyard: Whaat? Whaat? WHAAAAT!? AAaaaaaagghhhhhhhhhhh! Doctooorrrrr!

With almost all hope lost, and a massive force of destruction on the horizon, the Doctor engages in a battle of both body and mind for the fate of the multiverse.
Disoriented and dizzy, the Valeyard staggers to his feet. With ringing in his years and blaster fires [focused-out] in all directions, he tries to determine what went wrong.
[After a very speedy montage of the whole Vale of Vails episode]
Architect[OC]: ....You know, before you go you could try the CAL's new wing. The River Song Room of Archaeology and Planetary installments.
Doctor[turns around]: Archaeology!?
Architect: It has the replicated Tardis Data Core and the Diary of Spoils, kept only for your viewing. It might just have some records.
He starts to walk off again but stops.
Doctor: Have you considered going after the Osterhagen Systems people? Whoever is responsible for it..
Architect: We have already dispatched whole platoons after that. To every known corner of the known universe. Plus to all the new time fluctuation fields. To hell with being nice and proper and stuff of legends. For once, it is time to be properly decisive.
Doctor: Whohoo, feisty. Careful. You are starting to sound like us folks.
Architect[smiles]: You know they will come after you with full force right? You have the resolve but thay have the resources in magnitude. You may be a Time Lord whose stories spread far and wide. But even you cannot survive that.
Doctor: What if I told you I had a plan for that?

13 Days an unknown Space Station
[To the tunes of Puccini: Turandot / Act 2 - Ai Tuoi Piedi Ci Prostriam (La Folla) ]
[0.2 Light Years away from the Trifecta Section of the Medula Eliptica and Zoohrnium Hyperlane]
Automated doors slide open.
Doctor: Welcome to Observation Outpost Rose 9!
(A Deep Space Nine meets Shadow Proclamation HQ kind of setting, in all black and blue. Multiple radio scan cubicles. Two small and two large infirmaries. A command center and a Tactical Recovery Center)
Architect: 9!?
Doctor: Well I had a Tardis. And some spare time. And a whole burning planet full of salvagable tech after the Master burned it all down. Meet the first Hybrid Observation Outpost! Made out of the best Gallifreyan and proto-human technology ever seen. Also Rhino compatible fixtures. If you were wondering. 
Judoon Guard Flo -Ko Shamomo 21: Hmmmmm [growls]
Architect: And what would you use it for?
Doctor: I wouldn't. You would. I build 6 of these across the universe, perfectly positioned along Hyperspace and multi-stellar communication lay lines in space. And 3 where the Flux was first seen and triangulated from. Those three you will be needing soon. These work on Stage 7 Temporal Engines. Big ones. And Repurposed Time Continuity Engines from leftover Gallifrey. So you can monitor all of possible ranges of Time; as long as you keep the powers on. Catch Genghis Khan, then catch the Master in the future Dalek Wars mucking about. Have brunch in the year 3.1 Billion, then come back to the 25th century. You get the picture. And all you can do phasing out of one spot. Right here. You can permanently establish these stations in present time; or now in the past, if you want to.
Architect: So this is,.....for US!?
Doctor: Sure it is. You had a filter to scope out whenever somebody uses or mentions your name in specific points in time. Well, Charlotte Lux Corporation - what's left of it diverted operating costs of The Glass House to refit these 6 stations with Multi-stellar antenna and Deep Space Radar. And then practically went bankrupt. Now you can search for anything you want, in any time you want.
Architect: But what of The Glass House. It's your most prized and beloved.
Doctor: Oh, it will survive. But for now, Time Webs! We have Assimilated Languages Matrix for the Judoonesse Troops. A very brief copy of essentials from the replicated Tardis Core from CAL. A training range....Ooooohhhh. This one I didn't think through. And another multi-species infirmary with a tissue-replicator and Zeta Ray Blue healer.
Architect: Why Rose, Doctor?
Doctor: She was a friend. More than a friend.... But she was lost to me. Stuck in a parallel universe due to the Dalek-Cyberman War at Canary Wharf. And then Davros tried to steal the Earth, along with the other planets which weakened the walls of reality. To cross over to her universe would have been catastrophic; and to keep her here, where her atoms were synced out of their regular frequency would have gradually killed her. So she was out of my reaches of Space and Time. And yet she still remained with me. Within me. Helped me through all of my next chapters and experiences. I carried on with her memory even when I thought that my regenerative cycle was over. Even though she was out of the bubble of my universe, she helped me survive. All the Observation Outpost Rose can now do the same.

[Near Present Time]
Valeyard: Plus there is a psychic field covering the whole planet. Anything other than me, that does not share my physical and mental traits, my psychic lock links, are bound to submit to my will within the psychic fields. A total valley of submission.
The Doctor's fingers move a little, and the Sonic glows a bit dim, unknown to all around.
Valeyard: And then I killed everybody else. Galactic outposts, Observation Clusters, The Shadow Proclamation, even my version of precious Earth.
The Doctor twitches his fingers, and a tiny plug-hole appears on his wrist. The Sonic switches on soundlessly. [MESSAGE RECORDED] 
Doctor: Oi! Yeah, You! The Vile of the Vale of the Vails. Meet the Energy of the Vortex of the Time!
And then the shot through the both the Tardises. Up into Deep Space.
Valeyard[OC]: Plus there is a psychic field covering the whole planet. Anything other than me, that does not share my physical and mental traits, my psychic lock links, are bound to submit to my will within the psychic fields. A total valley of submission. [Long pause] And then I killed everybody else. Galactic outposts, Observation Clusters, The Shadow Proclamation, even my version of precious Earth. And then I killed everybody else. Galactic outposts[static like disturbance]. The Shadow Proclamation....And then I killed everybody else. Galactic outposts [pause].....The Shadow Proclamation.
And the message is carried on to deep space, even further.

The Tardis had made its escape with all the crew, as the Doctor had instructed. The storm had collapsed in on itself and transported the rest of the station, with just a few debris left. No sooner than they had started off on their journey, than the Tardis gets a call from the New Shadow Proclamation Agency. The companions are brought to Observation Outpost Rose 4, where they are briefed on everything. Two hyperdrive capable Judoon Space frigates and SS Rose Tyler, are sent out to their last known position.

[Present time]
[To the background tunes of the Doctor Who theme, in the likes of the 13th Doctor; a battle version, with accompanying thumping and tempo; a different battle music after the chorus]
Automated bows of the SS Rose Tyler have opened up to give way to multiple platoons of Judoons, who reign upon the opposition, while the Valeyard tries to get up on his feet and staggers away from view. A fierce battle has broken out between the forces of the Valeyard and the Judoons. While a lot of the Judoons are easily overpowered, they have had the element of surprise and caused some considerable damage of their own, specially to the Daleks. The forces of the Valeyard are stronger than anticipated. The Cyber-Masters go through one or two regenerative arc cycles. When shot with a heavy blast, they rest their head, slanted on backwards as if in standby. And within a minute, the functions of the arc-device kicks in, with golden energy all around them. They commence back to life, with a very gradual jerk, with not much change to show for except the carbon-scoring from the last hit. While normal Cybermen fell in battle, Cybercontroller chairs had the endurance of a steel bull. They shot out barges of concussive rockets that did extensive damage around them. Even the cavern itself reached to a point of collapse. While a few Silents got the upper-hand due to their forgettable presence and sneak-tactics, helmeted and armoured Judoons, who were connected to the Outpost Rose, had records from The replicated Tardis Core flowing in their Hud. With an afterimage of the Silent on their hud and an in-build shock collar system, they subdue the forces of the Silents. The overall battle, however, seems to be dragging onwards to a particularly bad result, with Judoons dropping faster every second. Even more forces rush out from the depths of the crypt, in forces of 50-100; including more Cybermen and the new 'Toclafane'.
But suddenly, there is a great and big horn of war sounding out. One of the bigger Roto-disc Proto-humans, Toclafane, turn around to see what is happening when it gets shout out, along with the rest of the. A barge of bullets and vehicular energy-blasts hail down on the different sizes and forms of enemies.
WW Falconer 21: Danny Boy to Doctor. Repeat, Danny boy to the Doctor, do you hear me? [A group of four World-war era planes do a dive-by]
Doctor: Whaat?
52nd century Bearcat fighter [with the insignia RAF LIZ10]: Also, Danny boy to Doctor, can you hear me?
[A few more planes whoosh by].
Doctor: How is this possible? How are you doing this?
Layla: Doctor! It's us!
Doctor: Heh he! Layla! Daniel!
Daniel: Told you we would come back for you. You owe me a month vacation in a verrryyyy big and nice planet [over sounds of blasts]
They have arrived with the Tardis in the background, and the full force of SPI.
Architect: Wait for it Doctor. More is to come..
The deck and underside of the bulbous bow of SS Rose Tyler, open up like a military cargo-hold. Instead of cargo, there are big repurposed Time-vortex Gates. And forces keep pouring in! From a bunch planes with callsign Danny boy from almost every unknown century. To a bunch of Silurians with big battle-staff and pincers, to two small platoons of 15-20 Sontarans. We also see a hooded woman clad in light bionics and an owl mask. The tip of her hood has a pointy, golden brooch stitched along. The gold linings go behind her back, in a pattern, throughout the hood and the dress. And submerge in to a gold pattern at the back that says LIZ20. Along with the Silurians, comes out somebody looking like Vastra [helmet slides in to both external corners]. She gestures courteously to her left, and out comes-
Abraham[translated]: Hello, Doctor! Did you miss my presence? I have brought along some friends, if you please.
An older version of Abraham, clad in a long-coat with similar fabric to Vastra. He raises his cossbows, as if in a gesture of war cry. Behind him are a group 10-15 hunters, 2 Wolfmen (similar to the one in Tooth and Claw, but shorter), and a man covered fully in bandages.
Doctor: How are you doing this? Have you been putting up recruitment videos at the outposts!?
Architect: No, Doctor. We have been putting up hope, after the Flux. Then we found some of our own.
Doctor: What do you m-
Holo Moment-Rose: Hello Doctor!
Doctor: Rose! Roosssseee!? How is she here? Whaat? ....Which version is she? OHhhhhhhh, Hard-light hologram.
Turns out among the ruins of burned-down Gallifrey, the piece of which the Doctor turned into an asteroid, the Shadow Proclamation found a hidden floor-access after the confrontation with Dr. Zeuss and his Dalek creations. It could only be opened by Gallifreyan tech, which luckily the Doctor had stored in abundance within the Glass House. Deep inside an underground vault, the search team and a group of utility-armored Judoons find a semi-sealed box, housing the Moment. [No Big Red button this time]. The deadlock seal aperture is almost ripped out of place. Over a series of progressive scenes, it is shown that the Moment is brought and compiled into the Outpost Rose 1. Although with dangerous feedbacks at first, almost electrocuting testers in the lab, later on, the sentient Moment merges with the records of Rose Tyler from the replicated Tardis Data Core and Extranet records, and mimics a holo-form similar to her at the command node. From there the Moment has been used to open windows in time, faster and bigger than anybody could. The Moment has helped with evacuation during the Flux even.
Doctor: A Rose with any other name, huh? Gone so far, and still helping me.
Soon the odds of battle keep turning. The Valeyard stares at the progress of the battle from atop a small cliff within the cavern. He holds on to his left arm, which has been injured. Blasts go on before his very eyes, like a series of fireworks. He even sees the Master has regained consciousness and joined in, limping towards his forces the best way he could, with the help of Daniel.
Valeyard[mocks]: Hmn. So this is how it is [takes in a hard puff of breath]. Old faces I knew and my new army face each other. Ravage each other to point of non-existence or death. And then wither away. I make a few immortal toys, like the Cyber-Mas- Uhh! But then I am left alone, again, on top of others.
Doctor[from behind]: Well, you could always have climbed down.
Valeyard: Doctor. Still pretending to play the fool, I gather.
Doctor: It's good to be a fool sometimes, Valeyard. Fools have things left to know, places to be. Stories to be part of and learn. Those that don't are not know-it-alls. They are deep within the abyss of nothing- like you. There is nothing left to learn, nothing left to loose. Nothing to gain, which bends your psyche and your central force of thought to start and conquering things you never needed. The lines between need and want, good and bad are blurred [coughs]. And then, like always. You are left alone. Not on top. Not at the bottom. But in a limboid of your own creation. It is not too late to stop.
Valeyard: Like I said Doctor. Your standards of filth does not particularly pertain to me. I am the Valeyard! While you were travelling in time singing lullaby, making quad cycles and Christmas trees, I was conquering universes where the laws of physics is not as we know it to be. While you were travelling with your partners and pets and androids, I had to live with the sense of lonesome solitude for centuries, having lost everything.
Doctor: And where has that gotten you?
Valeyard: And you think you have won? With this one victory, over a fraction of my forces? With lizards and hunters and rhinos!? The amassed hordes of Genghis Khan could not touch me. The intergalactic alliance of the Fallen could not trap me within a bigger Pandorica. The Daleks bowed down to me. Your ninth and eighth versions were killed in a freak time-accident, when I fired upon their ship. Even the Dalek Time Squad along with them were reduced to pieces. Multiple incarnations of your sixth self never even saw me coming - no matter what I did. And then there was you. What could you possibly do?
Doctor: Press buttons like a madman. And, oh! Call my Tardis.
They get trapped in a time bubble, slowing everything down outside. And the Tardis materializes and takes shape along honeycomb layouts of the time bubble, with glowing roundels between them. A struggle ensues, with the Valeyard most overpowering him. Seeing a quick opening, the Doctor rolls back and seeps out, pausing the bubble for about a microsecond. The Valeyard tries to reach out with his power gauntlet, but gets a steady line of shock. 
Doctor[wiping the blood of his forehead]: You do not learn, do you? That's a steady feedback loop, full of magnus positron energy. A pull of almost 0.2G. And you thought what, you would just take a stab!?
A charge builds up within the gauntlet. The Doctor notices and un-pauses the bubble. It partially comes down like a shell. He tries to dislodge the gauntlet arm but it won't come out. He begs and urges the Valeyard but he would not cooperate. The charge build-up causes a big white zap within the partial bubble, collapsing in on itself. Sparks come out in every direction, even damaging the Tardis walls. Carrying the Valeyard to an uncertain fate. When the smoke clears, all that is left is charred Tardis floor and smokes, where once the Valeyard stood.
The Battle is won. Most Daleks dead. The Humanoid species are taken into captivity by the Judoons. The Cyber-Masters have fled into thin air, with no trace. The Master suggests a method to track them, but even that does not help. Everybody recoups back from the onslaught of war, while the injured are being tended to. 
Everybody is happy with how it has all turned out. Even the Master is happier than his usual self.

[To a long tune of Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair showing the restoration around and the sense of peace and everything normal]
After all of it is over a few days later, everything goes back to normal. Almost. Daniel is interacting with the Tardis. The Tardis is giving him holo-lessons on type of space freighters. The Master keeps working on his arm in the console room. While Daniel looks on. Without even looking up, he assures him that he would be out of his hair soon enough, with minimal damage to property and morals. Scout's honor!
Layla goes through her holo-journal and sketches designs of all the Daleks she saw and faced. She makes a journal entry describing how her journeys went from facing monkeys to travelling the depths of space and time, and how it wouldn't transpire and reciprocate well among others. But she is okay with that. Because she knows they do important work and save lives. And overall, the time spent with the Doctor is awe-inspiring, to say in the least of terms. So, she is happy.
The Doctor is repairing parts of his Tardis, from the outside. He has a new barn, similar to the old one. And an open-ended workshop where the Tardis is hoisted. He parks the Tardis abruptly, and the Master gives a shout from the inside. Looking over the barn, to the extreme right is The Glass house, now shielded wholly in darkstar metal, except the front glass panels. Gleaming in the glowing twilight sun. 
Later on, the Doctor has cleaned up and is visiting River's photo. There are a few more 3D pictures of River, but very small compared to this one. There are several other smaller pictures with captions, in a section with a header called 'Smiths and Jones', starting with one of the group together,  a selfie with Layla and Daniel.
The others [with captions] - Picture of Yaz, Dan, Graham and Ryan - My newest family through space and time. 
Bill Potts, the girl as happy and fluid as life itself. A mighty Sentient Oil who proves that love has no bounds and shape.
Nardole Velasca Maldovar,  N.A.Rdole of the Velasca lineage of the 'Brotherhood of Maldovar' of crime ring of Mendorax Dellora, the most loyal and funniest Moldhovahrian friend, when not blue. 
Clara Oswald, The 'Impossible' girl. Shadows of Oswin Oswald and Winnie Clarence. Carer and savior of the Doctor. Fit to be a Doctor herself.
Amy 'Amelia' Jessica Pond, the girl who crossed universes and waited through time to preserve love and friendship; Mother-in-law. 
Rory Brian Williams, The Last Centurion and the Constant Warrior/Guardsman of the Pandorica, the guy who waited through time for the one he loved. He had the best soul even when he didn't; Father -in-law. 
Madame Vastra, Siluria Al Va'stra and Jennifer 'Jenny' Flint - The Great, Veiled detective and wife of the Paternoster Gang of Old Victorian London of Sol-3. Legends born out of time!. 
Strax or Strax S32002120- Retired Commander and High Medical Officer of the 212th New Batch Sontaran Empire. He was the true glory of more than one galactic empire, and a loyal friend. 
Donna Noble, the unsung hero of the multiverse; a true companion. Also DoctorDonna, Human-Time Lord Variant from a Meta-crisis. Friend of the Oodkind.
Martha Jones, the most-brilliant, sweetest and bravest woman to walk the Earth. 
Jack Harkness, formerly Javic Piotr Thane. Leader of Torchwood 3 and 4 from Sol-3; and Torchwood Archives. Leader of the Overlord Cell of Guardians in the 61st Century Silver Devastation. One of the most loyal and undying friends; pun-intended. 
Mickey Smith, the one who could brave the terrors of Time and Space for love and companionship. The purest quality of all.
Adam Mitchell. Fallen hero. Turned to the dark. Found his light by dying to save the universe. A companion true.
Sarah Jane Smith, the most fantastic adventurer and a true beacon. Pioneer of the Sarah Jane Alien Files Archive and Libraries, and High House of the Xylok databases. 
River Song/Melody Pond Williams, Professor, Intergalactic Bounty Hunter, Intellectual Assets retriever, Daughter of the Tardis, beloved Wife, Love of life. 
Rose Tyler, Dame Rose of the Powell Estate, a best friend in all of time and space with any other name.
And room for more, including a photo of Susan and Adric.
[Cue End credits]
Disturbed by a BWwaahahahahahahahahaha!

Post-credits Scene

The Doctor feels something eerie around. Like somebody watching. He takes half a turn, in a casual stroll. He passes by items on display but nothing seems out of the ordinary. Opposing the pictures, he chooses to go right, out of the hall, seeing one item at a time.
Stranger: ....BWwaahahahahahahahahaha!

The Doctor feels a chill!
Doctor: What was that? Bloody bloods of the moons of Osphorgus, it went cold in here!
He again comes back slowly towards the pictures hanging on the left side of the hall. Something makes him automatically turn right again. He sees a full-body mirror.
Doctor: The Damned Mirror of Erlisle. I haven't seen that in a-Wait! That wasn't there.
He goes to a shiny card, stuck down on one corner of the mirror frame. He retrieves it.
Doctor[reads]: Magical Mesmerizer Summoning cards. From the enchanted fairs of 'Winkle's Wonderland'. Loved those!
He flaps the glittering card in slow-motion a few times. Its 3-dimensional. The final flap reveals something hidden. A shadowy child crouching with hands on his face. As it gets up he sees its an Angel! Bound in sapphire-colored chains and bracelets in its hands.
Doctor: No! No, No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no-
[And Zap]
Doctor:- no!
He is in the unknown nowhere, send back in time.
Valeyard: ....BWwaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


Carrying on from last season, The Doctor is stuck in limbo, with his ultimate foe. And surrounding him is the creatures of the dark. The Lonely Assassins. But things aren't as they seem. A greater danger is looming, that could be the end of all. As the group desperately tries to find the Doctor, he must face the burden of more revelations to come.
Doctor[OC]: (starting of in a far-off echo) Limbo. But Black. Nothingness prevails. That feeling that makes you trust your existence. Tells you you are alive. Even in the deepest trances of your sleep. The little light at the corner of your eyes, through the walls of mist in your eyes and haziness and everything uncertain, breaking through the walls of your dream. Telling you. Assuring you that there's a world out there and it's all safe. It's safe to wake up. That light at the end of everything, even in blackest of pitches - Gone! The sound of your voice even to your own ears that makes you put an effort. That makes you want to distill out other screeches and noises. Tells you there is something out there. The sounds you have learned to live with your whole life. The gradual thumps of the heart. The flow of fluid and synapses through any direction. The churning of chemicals within you. The crackling of bones and the momentum you produce, sounding off against everything you touch. The humming at the back of your brain. Things you hear when you close your ears to the outside and listen keenly. Very keenly. Sounds you have learnt to live with everyday and still not notice - also Gone! No wind. No heat. Nothing that creates a rustle on the ends of your skin. All empty. No clicking of clocks and turning of gears. You do not know how fast or slow time is passing you by. You do not if it is day or night. You do not know if it has been weeks or days. There has been nothing to estimate! No sun, no moon. There is a strain in your eyes. Like a sharp sensation when you haven't slept in days. Except it's not a mist of cloudiness covering your eyes. You are tired. But you are also awake. You want to be. No matter how strong you think you are. Strength does not matter when you cannot even tell if you are alone or not. It is pure horror! You think you just caught something move! Except you forget you cannot even see! You start imagining what 'light' itself is like; how it would feel. But you are afraid after this long, it would dazzle you so much that it may blind you. After a few days or so, you forget that your eyes are open or closed. What is the point anyways. There is no light. Nothing to see even if they were. 
Doctor: [Much closer now]..Nothing in sight. Not a sound. Nothing to tell even if you are alive. Nothing to t- Wait! Hold on. Scratch that. Nothing to see. But something to hear. A faint little sound. Far, far off. Getting closer. Closer, and closer, and closer. The sound I was talking about. The sound of an internal system you have learned to live with everyday[thumping grows louder]. A sound that makes you who you are. Tells you that you are alive. A sound you cannot hear unless you hold on to or press or lean against something. Unless of course, you are me![Thumping stops] The beat of two hearts!
Doctor[opens eyes]: So now that we know I am alive and your limbo is not having any effect on me, what in the name of Rassilon are we even doing here!?
The Doctor is tied up in a cross, in what looks like an X resembling a Cyber-conversion machine, but very modernistic.
Valeyard: Patience, Doctor. It's a brave new world. And we are just getting started!
Valeyard[OC]:..BWwaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha[Zoom out].
[Cue Title Theme]

Meanwhile, it has been quite a few days outside the Limbo. Over a speedy progression of scenes, we are shown how the investigation has progressed. While the New Shadow Proclamation has set up shop, two Judoon guard try to approach the site, but get zapped out of time, stuck in a temporal distortion bubble. They keep getting zapped in and out every few seconds. Later, the Master and the companions have entered the hot zone, wearing eye-gears that look like modified and metallic holo-simulation headsets. All they are seeing is thermal images, not actual sights. The Master sonics the Juddon back into existence. The temporal distortion has drained a whole lot from them and they are wheeled out in gurneys. Portable light posts and air-scanners have been set up. The Architect is seen amidst serious conversations with her troops. Later, sporting the same eye-gear, the Master has picked up the Winkle's Wonderland Magic Mesmerizer Card.
Master: It's an Angel.
Layla: What's an Angel?
Master: The thing that took him. Looks like the statue of an Angel.
Daniel: But how would a statue take him?
Master: With finesse and precision, of course. They are not really statues. Quantum locked beings who can move only when you are not seeing them. As soon as you see them, even for a nanosecond, their visage along with their whole metabolism and form gets stuck. In any subsequent pose. And not the playful pretense of being a statue stuck. Actual stuck. If you blink while seeing them, they take all the while needed during a blink, the time shorter than even two heartbeats, to suck temporal energy out of you and send you back in time. They feed of what you people would call time energy.
Layla: Is that where he is? Is the Doctor stuck in past?
Master: Yes, but I do not know how far back. I have recalibrated these headsets to trace live thermal energy of things moving and alive in our own spatio-temporal plane. And as soon as the AI senses the contours of an Angelic periphery, it lights up where its' eyes should fall with bright UV spectrum. But I can tell this is no normal Angel. It is bound in something that looks like sapphire time crystals. The Valeyard upgraded it So I do not know how far or where he has gone to. Leave him alone for one minute or take away his purposes of defeating and foiling dear-old-me and he starts to muck up the order of the universe!
Layla: Why are you telling us this? All of this.
Master. Because, Miss Robbins, unlike that oaf there, you would actually understand.
Daniel: OI! I warn you-
Layla: Ssshhhh.
Master: And because, as painful as it is to admit to myself that I have to associate myself with the likes of you jolly primates, I do need your help. We are the only ones that can save the Doctor!

Doctor: Is this a 41st Century Cyber-conversion unit? What, do you want more of Cyber-Doctors now?
Valeyard: I already have all of you I would ever need. In here! And a few in the Cyber Leaders I keep. My little pets.
Doctor: What!?
Valeyard: Oh, yes! Those are, or were Doctors as well. Doctors who turned to Valeyards from parallel universes.
Doctor: If you have achieved your dream already, then why am I here?
Valeyard: Who said anything about my dreams right yet? And who said I even liked those versions!? Tssshkkkk..Doctor. You should know better by now.
Doctor: So who are they?
Valeyards: In yours, our universe. I am the amalgamation of all your evil from your supposed 12th to last version. In other universes, there have been earlier offshoots of the Valeyard. A series a like to call the Nexus event. There was a like-minded Valeyard like me, that exploded a multi-plane continuity bomb on various universes, starting the Valeyards early. I killed him anyways; too ambitious for his own good. But the nexus event did not fade away. 
[Sits in a platform rising from the depths of the Limbo]
Valeyard: There have been other versions of me. One where I did touch the wires and killed all Daleks. The one where the trials took a toll on me, and Mel's murder by a Zygon sent me off edge. The one where I never saved Wilfred and was not assassinated. The one where Jenny had an incomplete Haploid recombinant production. She died without a regeneration. And then Donna was killed by the Vastha Nerada. His Nexus event was losing Donna and River on the same night, and not being able to save CAL and all the 4022 people in her memory banks. One where after Leela's death, The Lord President Romana went tyrannical and I had to kill her. Dynamic versions of me. But all too weak. The only thing that turned down my own Nexus ironically was me. After facing the Voord, all versions of us pondered over the thought why the 9th version was not called on to be a Time ghost like the rest of us, when his regeneration was after the start of the Last great Time War too. A version killed his friend. A version chose to stay with River and let go off saving the universe. My own version went berserk after Clara left. We all had faults. But upon seeing him in a café with Rose Tyler, we understood that there were no versions of him that were any less than fantastic, even on an average day. That self-righteous do-gooder prick. But truth be told, deep down I knew we were bound to be doomed someday. Even a version as good as the 9th, DID turn to the rest of us. All can be lost. Everything can be corrupted. And that is the one constant thought I lived with. Made my resolve even stronger day after day, until the day I became what I had to be, as it was meant to be.
Doctor: So you decided to give them a wardrobe change? Cause what's better than suiting up faulty versions the likes of you affected within a Nexus!? You lived in a bubble outside the universe. Apparently outside the record of time itself. 'Time' would have a paradoxical effect on you. So it would neither serve to be prudent nor detrimental to touch other versions of yourselves now. No paradoxical anomalies caused. Why did you have to shut them off in an armor for?
Valeyard: Because they had my faces but the stench of failure. They lacked resolve and had a lot of guilt, unlike me. But their apparent thinking capacity and tactical vision should not have been wasted. So I used the basic principle of the Cyber-Masters, with a limitation of two regenerations. They have all the usual features, of course. Dart-tube in their dorsal tubing. The whole mouth can be refitted as a gun. Neural pathway and info stamps to communicate with each other. And the whole severed head had Cyber-pollen fragments, for the next Doctor I could kill.
Doctor: There is something intensely wrong with you. 
[Something whooshes past by behind the Doctor]
Doctor: What was that? You have guests?
Valeyard: Creatures of the Dark, Doctor.
The Doctor is surprised at the sheer amount of Angels around him. The Valeyard throws a gravi-globe above and a little corner of the Limbo lights up. Up above the Doctor can see a hundred more Angels.., Sticking and crawling out of corners, like slabs of shadows. What is it they are crawling out of is anybody's guess. The Doctor is even more surprised that he can look straight at the Angels without serious timey-whimey repercussions.
The Valeyard tells them, that this new bubble is a common ground, stuck between the nesting grounds of the Angels and his own Universe. Which he is sustaining brilliantly of course. The Doctor asks how did he even find the grounds of Angels, a creature as old as time itself. He dismisses the Doctor saying that the Angels were not as old as time. In a sense they were Time.
He immerses the tubes at the end of his gauntlet into the Doctor's forehead, very painfully. And initiates a first-person viewpoint mind-meld.
[Flashback video montage]
They were what was called the 'Sirens'. From the Order of the Guardian Priests of Time in the Temple of Atropos. Mouri who were too weak to carry on. They were then downgraded to become Sirens. While Time did not pass through them, they were still connected to the Time Vortex. They were Sirens who would warn you of dangers they could sense through the Time Vortex. With a voice so shrill and piercing, and yet multi-dimensional that you could hear a blanket of notes. Like a melody. One side of the blanket is a rhythm that carries on like a choir, sweet as music. Draws you near to listen. On the other hand is a succession of rapid waves that create a shrill, resonating tidal that could travel through universes to warn each other of danger. Together the sound created was so unique and undecipherable that you could recognize the sound of a Siren wherever you are. The second time around, when Swarm was out plotting his massive revenge and unleashing the Flux, he attacked the Mouri in the primary versions of the Temple of Atropos, in many universes. When a Mouri was damaged beyond repair, the toll of letting Time run though for Eons, burned them inside-out. Only a Time Mirage remained in a frame where they once stood, with all their memories. Like naturally occurring Matrix Memorials. The Sentient AI Nodes on the Planet of Time searched desperately for means of repair but to no avail. Swarm saw this burnt form of the priests in many versions, and it fascinated his twisted mind, out for blood. The Triangle of priests, the Mouri that remained, he tried to destroy with his swarm-touch, corrupting their constituent matter and sequencings inside-out. Some just degraded into thin air. Withered away into bits and ashes, yet still stood in place of the mirage. But the Sirens, who had lesser power, solidified in place instead, while still shouting for danger, tears rolling down their eyes. Even their last moments they spent in warning others of the peril. 
When the danger was averted, the temporal forms of the Mouri in the past, dating eons back, who were left anyways, decided to bury the solidified remains of the sisters, dubbing them  beings of Angelic proportions, who chose to safeguard until their very last moments. The oldest of the surviving Mouri however, were skeptical of them. They were of the opinion that the Sirens, however Angelic, were a sham to what they stood for. Time did not pass through them. Only the notions of danger in time did. They were much weaker and hence should be disassociated and disavowed. As per their instructions, the Sirens were buried within a quantum lock frame and bound by Pilithium demond ferro chains, that barred them from becoming Time Mirages. So that the future knew they died different than the class of Mouri.
The Valeyard goes on to explain when he chose to fire up the Spear of Genesis, he discovered what it meant to be out of the record and reach of Time. So he set up such similar Spears at a few more places. Firing them up over a period of 566 years however, disturbed the fabric of reality itself. It helped him connect and automatically free creatures that were kept similarly locked-up, buried, beyond the scope and record of time itself. It opened up gateways to creatures of the past, the Sirens. Out of time, tied up in spatio-temporal dampening chains, made of Pilithium demond ferro alloys. And turned to stone. The Valeyard was afraid to have found the Angels after all this years. To see where they actually came from. Gave a real sense of their powers. Their form instigated pure fright in him, even after all these years. He had faced the might of empires. But this, this he dared not face, Not until he knew more.
He build a bubble that stayed phasing in between his own chosen ground and the nesting of the Angels, once called the Sirens. Extremely cautious, and with immense measures and safeguards in place, the Valeyard had captured about a hundred Angels. He already knew the means to decapacitate them with their own images, which he did within a mirror-bubble. He then used Time bursts from sapphire time crystals, sticking them on to their own chains, to immobilize them with temporal overload and stop untimely activation.
The Doctor recovers from his pain and the load of the information.
Doctor[efforts]: Over thousand of proper years of travel, and the universe is still full of surprises I did not know. Of peace and pain unimaginable, out of reach. Makes me understand my role of being a Doctor of war and peace. [Pauses] But why? Why do this? Why need the Angels at all? Even a version as demented and deranged as you would have some part of my brain. So why would you risk it all aligning with them?
Valeyard: Because I have had time and space on my side Doctor. With the Spear of Genesis, I have had the foreknowledge of things you could not perhaps even begin guessing by now. These Angels, the Lonely Assassins. [Over video flashbacks] The perfect hunters. Sirens of nature that can animate any other form of stone into the likes of an Angel, with their silent whispers that have gone more than ultrasonic over the years. And you do not even know the best thing about them. 
Doctor: What do you mean? Know what?
Valeyard: Quantum-locked throughout eternity, immobilized to the viewpoint of the universe. Creatures as rock-hard as stone. Until you turn your backs on them. Seen by only those they hunt and steal energy from. Artronic and variable radiation, direct Time Vortex energy and even the quantum resonation from the years of your life that could have been, misplaced through time. Do you know why they steal that energy?
Doctor: Tell me why?
Valeyard: Because they are trying to save time.

[At the Master's Tardis]
Layla: What is this. What does it do?
[There is a giant machine, shaped like a gear but with fewer cogs and ends. Spans the whole of the Tardis floor, beside the console.]
Master: This, Miss Robbins, is a Time-event replicator.
Daniel: Replicating time. How does that get us to the Doctor?
Master[growls]: Ohh!..You! That's not what- The projectory tenon at the end of the cog-like beams, that form a joint enforces a swiveling motion, like cogs in a gear. But here they have been lined with the Heart of the Tardis with wires. I doubt you would understand it.
Layla: You are feeding Time Vortex energy into the swiveling motion, which at a certain speed, creates a time-event irregularity. A portal! A portal to the Doctor?
Master: Yes. Precisely. Except I have had to work a little bit more to get a correct read. Now. Get me the readings of the card.
[Layla stares sternly]
Master: Pretty please?
The card has been kept on an open-ended panel, textured like the gel pads. A bright UV spectrum is focused on the Angel image. 
Layla: What do I do?
Master: The Tardis is reading the closest possible spatio-dispersal readings since we do not know where the Doctor was taken. It is said that getting touched by the same Angel can transport two very different beings to a very similar time. The exact spatio-dispersal point even! So the Tardis is mimicing a touch to see where the flow of Artron energy goes from within the card. It should appear on the pad itself
Layla: Huh?
Master: Co-ordinates. I am not saying please twice!
Layla: Oh. Uh- 25-25-24-19. 22-25-07 sorry. 22-25-17-07. 23-43-45-44. 20-22-22-22.
Daniel: What happens now? Even if its the same traced point where the Doctor was taken. The Spatio-point thingy. Doesn't mean he or the Valeyard would just stand in place for us to rescue them.
Master: Which is why you will need these. Temporal configuration and realignment bands. It is coded to your DNA. Do not bother to think it out, Miss Robbins. You do not need to know where I got your DNA. I have my purposes. These are joined to a 49th century multistellar satellite I once took over. You do not need to operate it. But do try to avoid electromagnetic surges. Think of it as a spacey GPS so that I can track you.
Layla: Track us from where?
Master: From wherever the Time-event replicator takes you.
[At the pull of the wibbly lever, the machine switches on. Two clamps protrude out from the base of the machine and cuffs-in their legs. The whole machine starts vibrating along with the Tardis.]
Daniel: OHhhhhhhh.OOOHHHhh. This is not like travelling in the Time Vortex.
Layla: Ohhhh! 
Layla: Wait what about you. You cannot leave us alone like this. We have no idea what to do once we reach wherever there is.
Master: Which is why I am sending you.
Daniel: Whaaatt? You dirty piece of sh-
Master: Once you are there, helpless and unprotected, the Valeyard or whatever other danger awaits you will sniff you out themselves. You stick out like a thumb-sore. Plus if he does get his hands on you, I do not reckon the Valeyard would just leave you be. He would jump at the chance of making the Doctor feel tormented by the use of you two. That is what I would do. Meanwhile I will be following when I get a good lock on you.
[The portal starts opening, and a fast spin of howling wind starts enveloping them]
Daniel: But why are you doing this. You don't need to do this. I thought we were getting on good terms.
Master: Because this is why I am around. To make the hard choices when he isn't here. I admit, we are on better terms. Not that I care much for you. But atleast I am not yearning to end you right now. After being the Lumiat and being in the fields of Gamma has changed me. In bits and pieces. I talk and act like I never imagined I would. But never ever for once think that I would hesitate to end you if it means reaching the Doctor. Be it for something I gain out of it, or be it that I want to save him this once. He and I are of the same kind. A bond that goes beyond possible or perpetual content and your primitive desires of forced progenesis and mating. This is a bond that goes beyond relations. Beyond respect and will. Beyond intimacy and forms and genders. Something you would never know about, Not in the little lives that you have, [Wind takes up speed] And like it or not, I am evil. So making you the bait for the Valeyard is what comes next. 
Layla: No, but you ca-!
Daniel: Massstterrr!
[Zap. And whiteout.]
Layla and Daniel get sucked into the pitch black darkness that afflict their senses. No up, no down. No sense of smell. Very less light. There is a ringing in their inner ear, even though they could only slightly hear only themselves. Everything feels dizzy. The inability to see the ground they are standing on frightens them. And causes and induced panic and sensation of imbalance. Like a great big vertigo. Layla falls down to her knees. But even melting down to a posture feels painful. She can focus on nothing. And lowering down to the level which she thinks is the ground disrupts her senses even more. Daniel catches her, and signals her to breathe slowly. His voice reaches her but only slightly, like from a great distance, or from outside a vacuumed bubble. Daniel, however, can hear distinctive sound coming from a distance. He picks her up, keeps her joined and embraced at the elbow, countering her balance. He says they should cautiously approach the direction of sound he is hearing. After walking for a while, Daniel sees a flickering light up above, in a distance, shining briefly, a few times. He taps on Layla and signals her to make her aware of the gravity globe.
Meanwhile the Master has been contacted by the New Shadow Proclamation Agency.
Architect: What is it you think you are doing?
Master: Wasting my time entertaining you?
Architect: I leave you unguarded for two seconds and it's typical Master behaviorism all over again. Why are you running away from saving the man who did not choose to run from you. Who did not give up hope, when in fact there was none to begin wit-
Master: I am saving the Doctor.
Architect: ..with. What!? Oh. But I thought. Where are the Doctor's companions?
Master: Send them ahead for recon or falling in to traps. They have temporally refitted configuration and realignment bands. And I have a lock.
Architect: But we do not have the forces capable of countering these..these Angels! Such creatures of the darkness. 
Master: Don't worry. I do.

[Back in the limbo]
The Doctor is looking directly at the gravity globe from below. It is fading away, revealing a few Angels behind the slabs of shadows.
The Valeyard has his back turned on him and is working on something.
Doctor: What is they are clinging on to? Are they coming out of another dimension?
Valeyard: Yes Doctor. I suppose you could say that. They are peeking out of the pockets of the dimension they live in, their own zone, and into my chosen ground. And everything you see around, is in the middle. Not like a void. But more like a limbo of passage.
Doctor: And where is it they are from?
Valeyard: Nobody knows for sure. Over the years there have been speculations. They were found buried, locked out of time itself. Turned and transformed into beings of stone. As old as the beginning of everything. From where my actions released them. The most prevailing notion is that they were locked out of the planet Time itself, and there is where they should be found. But I suppose they are travelers in the Time Vortex as much as you and me. Taking them away from the vortex and keeping them bound in spatio-temporal dampeners degraded them. They were already withered and solidified specimens once they were attacked by the Swarm, dying in their screams. But the lack of exposure to the vortex turned them to stone over years. Those that remained shouting were but the foot-patrols and reactive forces of the Angels. Those that had more will and power, kept their mouth shut, knowing fully well when they needed to open them. They had lost their cries as Sirens, but had gained new powers.
Doctor: Like what?
Valeyard: Their screams were ultrasonic, silent to mere ears, but it could reanimate anything to an Angel-like state. Like a saccule from which the extent and wonders of the Time Vortex passed on to something. Put life in things that have no business being alive. Like any normal statue that resembles them. And a class of cherubs, thousands of them, that they reanimated over the years. While they were strong enough to break most metals of the universe, channeling power through elsewhere in the Time Vortex, the Cherubs were faster. They did not have fangs or unbelievable strength. But they could reach you within the span of your heartbeat. And they had a deadly giggle, that have said to frighten off even the likes of battle-ready Sontarans. Or as they would like to call it, pushed them to the brink of strategic retreat while their comrades fell prey. It is said that the Cherubs are controlled by the more younger Sirens that were killed. In rare cases, a 'scream' of an Angel could also siphon off energy directly.
Doctor: Who else knew the truth about them.
Valeyard: Not many. I for one, because the Spear of Genesis enabled me to. And a few Time Lords of the Old. Like Rassilon. Not even Borusa or Omega.
Doctor: What? He did?
Valeyard: Oh, yes. He did. He had known about the punishment the Sirens were put through for years. Any fellow Time Lord that dared defy or oppose him, he would punish them by locking them in Time Prisons, posed as an Angel, hand covering their faces, that bore a reflection of the monument of their shame, or so he would say. Like the Weeping Angels of the Old.
Doctor: But how could he?
Valeyard: Oh, ever since he went back to- Well! You do not need to know about that. The great Rassilon was one hag of a Time Lord, a disgrace to his kind. No less evil in proportions than I am or choose to be. Which is why I had my own punishment for him. In my universe, foregoing Wilfred and taking over the Daleks is not all I did. After passing a century or so, I brought him back from exile. I kept him locked up in a quantum field chamber, leading to a deep Quantum tunnel. Whenever he could gather up the strength to run and try to escape through the tunneling, an Angel, engineered by me, was placed at the front of the tunnel. Soon he would give up due to lack of strength, and would be zapped back painfully to the quantum field chamber itself. For whole years, he endured that. Without proper food and rejuvenation to his vitality. Without hope and happiness. Standing a monument to his shame. All alone.
Doctor: What did you do?
Valeyard: Nothing that I had not done before. He died. I lived. His regenerations were put to good use. Greater of two evils, I would suppose.
[In a distant approaching sound]
Daniel: Well suppose this!
The companions had slowly crept up to him all this while. And Daniel rushes him with a hexoboric wrench from his own table. An elaborate struggle ensues while Layla tries to get the Doctor free. The Valeyard soon gets the upper hand on him, zapping out of place and reforming elsewhere every time Daniel approaches. Daniel gets hit and shoved down a few times, by a rapidly materializing Valeyard. The Doctor says not to waste his energy. The Valeyard was never fully here in the first place. Only a manifestation of his crooked mind. It's one of his old tricks that he is very fond of.
The bands start glowing and the trio make a run for it, explaining how they got here. But at each corner of the deep, dark Limbo, there are Angels standing Guard, like a minefield. The Angels seem chained up and in pain. But each time they all take a few steps, the Angel in front zaps them a few steps back. And there are quite a few more Angels along the path. The Doctor recalibrates his movements carefully and tells the others to follow him in a single file, step after step. They make it almost to the edge of the field, when an Angel creeps out from below, a shadow slab on the supposed ground, or whatever passes for it, and grabs at Layla's ankle. She shrieks out in fear and tries to look back.
Doctor: No, no! Layla, don't. Don't look back. None of you do.
Daniel[mutters]: But Doctor, it's got her!
Layla [mutters back]: Why are we muttering? Angels would hear us anyways.
Doctor: Do not look back! This is the guard Angel. You look into the eyes and it sends you back to starting point. Or maybe even within a cluster of Angels in the middle. No telling where such a large group in a place like this could send you next. Here, let me try something.
He uses his sonic to create a holo-image of an Angel, covering the eyes, that phases through Layla's feet and hardens out behind her. 
Layla: Doctor!?
The Angel has let go off her feet. It is now in a defensive stance; fangs out, eyes closed, hand still stretched out. The Doctor takes out the top and two other consecutive rings from his sonic and places it near the Angel, avoiding its face. The holo-image of the Angel holds in place.
The Doctor searches for spare parts in his pockets.
Doctor: Ah, if only somebody was smart enough to kidnap me with my Tardis!
Daniel: Doctor, what just happened? What did you do?
Layla: You made a hologram?
Doctor: Secondary emitter channelized disc of the sonic. With hard-light focus and micro stabilizing fields. Handy in rare cases when facing an Angel. Whatever holds the image of an Angel in quantum-locked state also becomes an Angel. I took one captured within the Judoon prison fields years ago. This is a live picture of a real Angel. Now none of them would risk opening their eyes and petrifying each other. But-
Layla: But what?
Doctor: But now I feel naked. My sonic is disabled right now. And we need to run faster!
As they crossed the blackened fields as fast as they can, they hear screeching giggle behind. From the periphery of the Horizon, they can see Angels nearing them, much faster than the usual. The shadows are facilitating their movement easily.
Daniel: What, do they use their wings to fly? How are they so freakishly fast?
Doctor: Now you ask for a lesson!? When I am running for my life?
Daniel[staggers]: Owwh!..Well?
Doctor: They do not run or fly. Not that they couldn't. The wings are for mimicking statues of Angels. I think.
They overshoot a few Angels on the right and keep running.
Daniel: Oh. [Panting]Then?
Layla: [Panting] Oh, you need a smack on your head to keep that nervous inquisition in check!
Doctor: Well. They just.....sort of appear. In time. I am not sure.
Daniel: You don't know?
Doctor: Well I suppose we can stop and ask then?
Daniel: Or we keep running.....
Doctor: Or we keep running! Ow-OWwwhhhhh! Aahhhhh!
Their stepping have halted dead on their tracks. There is a gauntlet deep immersed within the Doctor's guts, with electricity coming out from the end of the finger-tubes, causing much pain evidently. Then the rest of the arm and the body manifests into existence.
Layla: Leave him!
Valeyard: You won't be going anywhere Doctor. No flying, or running, or disappearing in time for you.
The group has been incapacitated with a handheld transmat, that keeps their state temporally fluctuated. Some Angels carry them away. They flicker in their captivity gurneys, until finally put up against the Cyber-conversion units.
Daniel: How come his Angels are so obedient, and the rest try to heckle and manhandle us.
The Valeyard has manifested in his true form behind his conversion unit.
Valeyard: Because in here, I alone control them.
Daniel: Woah! What's wrong with you, You spacey creepy-creeperson!
Valeyard: Shut up, oaf!
Daniel: Hey, I am the neutral party in all of this! I do not have the capacity to get the wibbly wobbly stuff, as he puts it. And I couldn't be bothered about the ways of the universe. The beauty of the universe presents itself to me in the smallest of details, and I take it in. But I understand this much, you are pure evil! So, what are you, the evil version of the Doctor?
Valeyard: You have no idea how little that narrows that down! There have been so many evil versions of him over the years. Clones, Dream Lords, thinkers and mimics under the guidance of the Cybermen.
Daniel: Yeah, well. It's not a good look on you mate! Makes you look a bit too murdery.
Doctor [efforts]: What do you want from us now? What purpose, in all practicality, can we serve up here? [Straightens up] Or is it more history lessons today?
Valeyard: A bit of both. Your usual utility. A bit of lessons to enlighten you of your purposes.
Daniel: And what if we don't?
Valeyard: Must you always ask that? Seriously, where do you get them from now? I liked Mel better the time we met at the trials. She had spunk and brevity in her doubts. Where do you all plan on running to? The next mile of desolate desperation and hunting ground? Even in their weakened and controlled state, the Angels can do this all day. Can you say the same for yourselves?
Layla: If you want to kill us get it over with. Do what you must.
Valeyard: Oh, I do not want to kill you. Like I said Doctor. There are things you do not know. But you might soon find out. And like it or not, I need you with me for this one.
Doctor: Why? And you told me the Sirens..The Angels. They were trying to save time. What's wrong with time? The last truth bomb you dropped on me is that Time is alive, and now it's in danger?
Valeyard: My plan was to tame you, overwhelm you. Like so many others. I did not count for the arrogant imbecile and excess regenerations inside. Bring you under my control in the Vale of Vails, and use your brain and brawn to solve this, permitting you limited capabilities of free-willed thinking with psychic suggestibility and interactions. After that I would have taken you on my side, or stole your regenerations. But late on both counts. Pray we aren't late enough to save time itself.
Doctor: Why?
Valeyard: Deep out there, in one of the universes, there are series of events happening that nobody thinks out of the ordinary. But the repeated use of Time Webs have revealed one thing, that one such event could very well be the cause of the end of all such universes and known worlds. That is why I chose to meet you like this. Meet different versions of you and find out your worth. Of all the time I could have chosen to approach or defeat you. That is why I chose to let you know about the Time Webs. Not just to push you into becoming me gradually, or atleast some version. But because for this once, the Time Webs have helped us. You needed to know the power of the Time Webs. How enormously out of line it is. How differently it operates from mere quantum resonations or mixing of predictability algorithms. You needed to know it to believe it. To believe that this time, there truly is a danger.
Doctor: Where?

- In one of the universes, a century late than the normal established chain of events. The year is 1856. In a church, in Salzburg. A baby keeps cooing and crying steadily, in his mother's arms. Wrapped in a sheet of blanket. 
Sibling[Giggles]: [COO-KOO MONSTER!]
Anna Maria[Shushes the cooing baby]: [SHUT IT!]
[Anna Maria tugs at her husband]
High Priest: [THE CHILD]
High Priest[mutters in prayer]:[....GANGUS THEOPHILUS. MOZAART. MOZ-ART?
Leopold[confirms]: [MOZART].
The kid Mozart looks above, with a long howl of cooing and crying, babbling in his own possible way. Very up, up above, and far, far away, The Time Vortex has turned red and blackish. And there are whirlwinds of irregularities blowing in, like a freak storm. Time is in danger!

The Doctor learns about the paradoxes endangering the multiverse, and his part in it. The Sirens and the echoes in time; those who once helped us, and that which it helped us from. Long forgotten; but back again! Meanwhile, deep within another universe, events unfold that could bring about the end of time as we know it.
Narration: Music. Made form basic sounds you make everyday. In so many different ways. And enhancing them with sound made from the various instruments that attribute its form and existence. As somebody once dared to say, without music, life would be a mistake. Barring the melancholy and the obvious certainties of life, music expresses that which is improbable to put into words, and impossible to remain silent about. A refuge to the desolate. A creation of mankind, so mundane and yet so strong, even Holy and Godly presence were associated with it. For times eternal, life is for the living. Death is for the dead. And music was a cultural paradigm, elegant and strong enough to comment on both equally. A succession of notes, of well-formed sounds to some. To others, a world of its own!

1860. A changed version of Salzburg under the prevailing Holy Roman Empire. A farmhouse in one corner of the country. A child, Mozart, barely five years old, plays at his violin while his family and a group of elders praise him on.

Narration: Some, in the olden days, said that such a jolly and erratic succession of sound was the work of the Devil. A nuisance; deviating from your work and duty towards God and the Holy legions of spirits. But this did not take well with the creative mind of others. To them music was an engine of life itself. Some would even go on to say, music was a window to a whole other world. And this was no less true for one little boy in particular....

[Mozart still playing his violin, while conversations around him start to sound less distinct and fade away. He gets too focused on the nature of sound itself. How it weaves together to form something so unique. So soothing. So peaceful. And yet,.. there was something unsettling. He could feel it. From the corner of his eyes, pressed hard and focused towards the music, he could sense lapses of irregularity. Amidst all the peace his music provided, he could hear something. Something calling and pulling at him. Some extent of uncanny and deliberate uncertainty.]

Narration: From ages past, music has been of many types. Some so live like that the hoodlums of the Great seas would dance and be merry to, celebrating a plunder. Some so unique and uprising, so deep and multi-dimensional that newborn cultures have marked their beginning with such drumming beats and thuds. And some, captivating and soothing, like sirens of the sea, and yet unknown to those who hear it-
[A very quick flash of montages of time as we know it, and time yet to come. People and places. Places teeming with life..even life from other worlds! Humans, proto-humans, Doctors, Gallifreyans, Earthlings, New-Earthlings, Terraberserkers, Daleks, Sontarans, ..and Sirens. Now- Weeping Angels. And one of them ends the montage with its fangs out, reaching for grabs, while another with a perplexed stance and a sad stone face, hand a bit lowered form its face, behind it. And with a sudden rush, the fanged Angel rushes through!]
Little Mozart suddenly opens his eyes! Unable to understand or recollect most of what he saw.
..And there is a soothing sound coming through in his mind. Sweeping in, even within all that fear and anguish and confusion around. Like a melody. One side of the blanket is a rhythm that sounded like a choir, sweet. With an angelic voice drawing near. On the other hand was an accompanying sound - rapid resonating waves that formed a pattern of beat, along with the choir. Like somebody strumming a small piece of nickel through the inner components, the bass strings and the dampers behind the keys of the piano. Making a slow beat reverbing though time itself. Like a beacon. A beacon of the Sirens!
[Cue Title Theme]

Meanwhile in the Limbo-
A Semi-spherical zoom in to the group and the Valeyard facing them. The Doctor and the companions are still in their Cyber-Conversion bindings, while the Valeyard operates his gauntlets from within two barley open gel-like pads, dark as the place itself, which leads back to the conversion units.
Valeyard: Cheer up Doctor, we have work to do....
Doctor[struggles]: So tell me, Mega-Me. Why is it you think something in a far out universe endangers time and it needs saving? And what do you mean Time is alive. A while back I was told Time was a planet. Now it is alive?
The Valeyard operates psychic traces in their minds, causing them bits of uneasiness and pain.[To us- holo-flashbacks of scenes]
Valeyard: The planet of Time is a cluster of rocks and a core - A planetoid redirected to form at the start of 'The' Time-event singularity, so that the flow of time passes through it, and around it. Like the first piece of land that gets the glazing shine of the revolving sun when it comes into view. Lands of Rising Binary Suns at Darillium XE552. Or Highlands in Skaro and the peak of the Citadel in Gallifrey. The singularity that is the first of everything. That caused the creation of everything around you. That initiated the system of living, and being and existing. The most extent of backwards the Guardians could afford to go to. They had to burn down constellations to facilitate their travel so far back. Once settled at the planet of Time, the group of the Guardian Priests were formed and made to look after it. The flow of time itself. Which they considered very much alive.
Doctor: And what do you mean by that? Tell me!
Valeyard: Time is not the information highway that supports the passing of data-packets and living psychic messages. It allows living time-beasts and jumpers and pompous fools travelling in capsules because it itself is alive. It is a correlation; a system of living.
Layla[struggles a little]: And where and why do we come in?
Valeyard: You do not! He, however, does. Time has saved you as much as you have saved time. Which is why time needs you alive. You have fought wars to safeguard Time itself, though you did not know about its initiations back then. Time needs you alive and healthy, because without the intervention of the 'Doctor', a lot could fall apart.
Doctor: What do you mean 'save me'? Saved me from who?
Valeyard: Ah, dangerous word, Doctor. You should know better[smirks]. 
He activates a button that starts a new series of psychic traces and images. The experience seems painful, but the Doctor listens intently.
Valeyard: Saved you from Anti-Time. That is what the Planet of Time called it, supposedly. The build-up of paradoxes so great it can rip multiverses apart. The exact nature of Anti-Time is unknown. Is it an entity? Is it an occurrence, a space-time event? Nobody knows for sure. But everybody knows paradoxes can be dangerous. Yet there is so little we can avoid.
Layla: You are Time Lords. Literal lords of time. Paradoxes should be like Lego to you people.
Valeyard: True. We are not primitive beings who would use foreknowledge to create, negate and again uncreate our own futures. Like a person so stupid, that when he hears he is going to die by the week's end, he causes havoc, alienates his friends and gets depressed enough to actually foolishly try and negate his future and ends up killing himself, to limit the control of 'death" on him. Foreknowledge is a dangerous virtue for uninitiated apes, such as you lot. I get the meaning of your analogy. Maybe, once upon a time. But not anymore. With so many versions of Gallifrey hiding out at the end of universe and others destroyed, we individual Time Lords do not have the sufficient means or sway to avoid or resolve all kinds of paradoxes. Well, I do. But not all. Temporal paradoxes are events arising from something other than the normal flow of time. Where effects preceded cause, and execution came before plan but very acutely so, falling in like missing pieces of a puzzle. Like a Bootstrap paradox, where preceding information was actually a foreknowledge that came from the act of time travel, thus meaning the information had no real source. And yet it exists, as a plan embedded in time. Devised by just the need of existing. Some paradoxes are too benign and resolvable. We do not get them at first because we see time as linear, or in binary dimensions. Like the face of the Earth. But turns out it is a whole other shape, has a whole other side and has its own form of movement. While others are far more complex, like the descendants travelling back to kill their predecessors, creating what we know as-
Layla: Grandfather paradox.
Valeyard: Exactly. The most dangerous kinds of paradoxes are where an entity alters a fixed point in time, a surety. Or a Bootstrap Paradox too great, with no proper explanation of precedence. Of Proper cause and effect, however multi-dimensionally you choose to look. This could bring the whole of space-time continuum to its bare knees. As a law, there were mechanisms like the Blinovitch Limitation Effect, which course-corrected paradoxes like an entity meeting their past or future selves. As long as they share two different sets of ranging resonating frequencies and do not choose to physically coincide or "touch" each other. When they would be synced "back", or choose the go back to their own respective times, only the version furthest away down the road would remember such an incidence. And if they didn't, well that was a whole other story. And then there were us, the Lords of Time. The Ultimate limiter of Paradoxes, until we needed one in grave emergencies. But now its all changed. And now, there exists more paradoxes than we care to admit or venture to know about. Living, breathing paradoxes among us.
[Over a new series of images overhead]
Layla: Who is she? I think I have seen her before somewhere, maybe a picture.
Daniel: Yeah, me too.
Valeyard: Amelia Pond, the girl who waited. The girl you lost.
Doctor: Stop it! Why her, why now? She isn't a paradox. Leave her out of this.

[To the a new rendition of the slow tunes of The Doctor's Theme from the 9th Doctor era onwards, by Murray Gold, by any different artist]
Valeyard: Do you know why you even lost them, Doctor? Why so many versions of us lost them? I have had so many centuries to rethink and ponder over the pain and guilt it caused. Until I didn't anymore. And then using the Spear of Genesis to find the Sirens and retrace back their work helped. The Girl who waited. Two thousand years in the Pandorica, guarded by the one she loved. And whose idea was it to save her and stick her up there. Who had the mere inception of the idea? Where did the conceptual strands begin to use your sonic and give it to Rory. From his point of view, a future 'You' told him to. From your point of view, you were saved from the Pandorica and learned that you had to go to the future, come back, and do so. So whose idea was it?
Layla: That's..! I mean- That's impossible. Isn't it, Doctor?
Doctor: You have no idea how impossible that day was. But I was always a madman travelling in a box, standing at the end of everything. I have always been good at 'how' to save, than 'why' to do so....
Valeyard: River Song. Melody Pond. Another one you lost.[Video of her timeline, up until the library]. And whose idea was it to call her Melody Pond? Amy named her daughter, based on her friend Mels. Who turned out to be Melody herself, told by the Kovarian chapter of the Silence that friends of the Doctor would name her Melody Pond. Come to think of it, who told her to take on the mantle of 'River Song'? You learned it from her. And she learned it from you, the first time she met you, into adulthood. Luckily that was a paradox that resolved itself. She was the daughter of the Tardis, and hence got absolved of corporeal points required to make a paradox. You stuck her up in a library and later converted her to AI, while her essence was absorbed back by the Time Vortex itself. Even her sonic was a bootstrap paradox staring you in the face. You preserved her life in the library and got to know that your future-self had given her the sonic. Your future self, when you reached up to it, enacted the same, because you had seen it and stuck to the chain of events to save River. Both the versions of you did not devise the plan to first use the sonic. So who thought it first? Which is why even her sonic got used up into you converting her life essence into an AI that helped build the Glass House with you. It's not a sonic anymore. It's part of a resolved time event that limited a paradox.
Doctor: You lost her too, you know.
Valeyard: ..But Amy. Amy and Rory were not so lucky. They were living paradoxes from the end of the universe, living on borrowed time. A single incidence of time itself that could have brought the Anti-Time to your universe. Ending everything you know and love. Until you were saved.
Doctor: By whom?
Valeyard: Why, the Angels of course! 
Doctor: What? Impossible! They are killers. Ruthless assassins and disruptors. Saboteurs of Time who only feed.
Daniel: What are these Angels, Doctor? Basically they look just like statues, and yet the Master said they can move. Not just mere traps that catch on to us. I don't understand.
Valeyard: Or fallen Sirens. As you know now. Quantum-locked humanoids. Sufficient observation changes or reforms the thing being observed. Once known as the Sirens, with a sweet cry warning you of danger. They were beings of Angelic dispositions that died saving others; crying out the danger even when they were petrified, bit by bit, into beings of stone. An advanced and irregular metamorphosis of quantum-state, years worth of damage that was done to them in mere moments, turned them to stone. And then they were chained and buried by their own kind, unable to heal, ever. They died singing for those that buried their family with disgrace, because they were  too ashamed to relate to their weakness, too guilty to make an association by race. I understand the frustrations of facing weakness; I have killed my own kind. But even I have not swopped this low. Their Angelic dispositions were gone. Now, they were 'Angels', with fangs and claws and strength, that fed on Artronic energy from the Time Vortex, basically any kind of radiation, to survive. But some, just a few handful of the original Angels, that came from the first and purest of Sirens, understood why the forced evolutionary chain had circumstantially made them to feed on the vortex itself. It was to strengthen up so they can heal irregularities in time.
Doctor: What do you mean?
Valeyard: River was a paradox that was absolved by her dying. Her essence was absorbed back by the Time Vortex itself, when you chose to make an AI out of her, after visiting Trenzalore with your Clara. Sticking her up in the Glass House solved everything. But Amy and Rory were still stuck living with you, drawing the Anti-Time near. [Over images] Do you remember the Angel that sent them back. Because I did. I had that in my mind for sleepless nights. I could not forget that face for years to come. When I became the Valeyard, I wasn't bound by companionship anymore. So, I could kill the Master, force Rassilon to die, demolish the Daleks and bend them to my will. But after learning the truth, I could not undo the resolving of a paradox. I could not kill the Angel. You live in a universe. I live in my own bubble outside of it. In a whole multiverse.
Layla[mutters]: You have no idea how correct that is.
Valeyard[looks sternly]: My bubble is powered with something that is too strong for anybody or anything. Powered by two Tardises, channeling up each others powers in to an amplifier; powered by the Eye of Harmony.  While you made a glass house, I made an asteroid-bunker for the Eye. A single Tardis could explode and burn up the universe. My Spear of Genesis could do at least tenfold. And it was strong enough to attract the Anti-Time to my corner of the multiverse, endangering the security of my bubble universe. I could not risk it. Plus I learnt the truth about the Angels soon enough. And then I went on to learn the truth about the one that send them back.
Doctor: What truth?
Valeyard: Like I said, I remembered that face for a very long time. But slowly I started remembering it even clearer. I remembered when Rory was sent back. That face of the Angel. It was calm at first, bound by duty and faith. Not the signs of a temperamental feeder, with fangs out. And I went back and retraced it. It was the solidified state of one Sister Dulla Lutha, one of the earliest Sirens killed by the Swarm. It was doing you a favor Doctor, resolving a paradox. Sending back Amy and Rory in time, shutting them up in a fixed point in their timelines, that you have no access to, until their death. If you were caught up with them even for a few months longer, the Anti-Time would have come for you too. You were all shadows, the last light to go out on the edge of the universe. The end of everything. But then you were brought back to a whole new version of the Universe. And in that moment you had forgot that you all were paradoxes, saved by a thought that no one had thought of. You had encountered Sister Dulla Lutha quite a few times. When searching parts for the Eternity Clock, you had found an Angel with River, before determining it was just a regular statue. Back in 1561. It was Dulla Lutha all along, acting dormant. Diminishing her Artronic activity to zero. She was deciding how much of a threat River was as a living paradox, at that time. There were a few good Angels that you have unknowingly come across over the years. Rogues to most of their own kind. While others feed in contradiction to what they were deprived off for years, some still try and save the natural progression of time. The Matrix Museum has a few of them too.
Doctor: And what does this have anything to do with Time being alive?
Valeyard: Mere mortals would called it destiny, with preset instances that have to happen, no matter what you choose to do. Daleks call it continuity 'Time-templates'. Sontarans call it battle possibilities. But we, we know better Doctor.  The creation of Angels from Sirens were inevitable, a plan so ineffable and a conclusion so randomly impossible, that it took so long to figure out. Time is going to need you alive for the long run, Doctor. Because you end up saving time a few more times. Time is alive. And time heals itself. Alternate timelines are those that have deviated or diverged from their true or natural timelines, due to some temporal phenomena, or choice of will. Every action taken sums to an infinite number of actions not taken. And each such 'other' action can form an alternate universe. From a metaphysical viewpoint, they can constantly wink out of existence with every choice we make, every words we choose, and every breath we take. In retrospect, every alternate universe is a true universe to itself. They could be visited by jumping time tracks, or an accidental relocation through a quantum tunnel, with a capsule. And then there are the universes that run parallel to each other, but have vast differences, not just alternating choices. Dangerous ones. And Time is full of them. Time houses it all, runs for it all, goes through it all. And time cannot end Doctor, and for its sake, neither can you. If it falls on you to keep time alive, or do I get your regeneration and face Anti-Time myself, 'Time' will tell[smirks]. But there must always be a form of you. That's what Time has decided. Like I said, Time is alive and it heals itself. Some paradoxes are of little consequence, and others can resolve itself through some interventionist approach. Like helping Van Gogh paint the Krafayis. Defeating the Progenitor Daleks in 1963. Going back in time and damaging your own Tardis. Clara jumping in to undo the negation of your victories by the Great Intelligence. Helping Karzan Sardick. Helping Sarah Jane. Preventing me from using the Nathemus. Saving the Tardis itself so many times. But others, Time solves for itself. Provides you with a crude sonic when everything is about to end. Provides you with hope and love when there isn't any.
Doctor: They did for you too.
Valeyard: My time is different than yours, in all essence. And I am not the one that spoils it all up, Doctor. I did not have strands of the Change Engine in my Tardis.
Doctor: Time Variations, huh? Space and time folding on itself to have similarity in events around a single parameter - Me. So the Change Engine strand was causing all of it? Last few months, you and your reveals have driven me to a point where I am astounded in the extent and heights of your lies and fabrications. And yet I have to agree that I might end up wanting to believe you.
Valeyard: Doctor Zeuss did have a big mouth on him. I guess that is another thing we variations of the Doctor have in common. Stealing Tardises. And taking up talkative pets.
Daniel: Mate, you are one to talk-AAaaahhhhhhh. Aahh, AAaaaahhhh!
[Gets zapped]
Valeyard: So, where was I. Yes. Time Variations.
Doctor: How does it work? Time Variations.
Valeyard: Anti-Time is not known by many. Is it a creature? Is it a biomechanical virus? Is it a single-walled cellular body too dangerous for interceptions? Or is it an entity bigger than life itself? But the oldest rumor surrounding it is that it was made to balance out time if ever the flow of time was disturbed. All of time passes through the Mouri. Has to pass through the Mouri. Or it would run wild. An in instances like that, the supposed Anti-time would be released, choosing when and where time needed balancing. What to uphold and preserve. What to delete. And that, the Anti-time and its presence is fueled by a lot of stuff.
Doctor: Yes, paradoxes. You said.
Valeyard: Well, not just paradoxes. But even smaller irregularities too, if caused for prolonged extents. There is a reason the better minds of Gallifrey never came up with an actual Change Engine but the Sisterhood did, not heeding to the adverse effects it might cause. And there is a reason the elders of Gallifrey would bash upon unsupervised travel of a Time Lord in a Time Capsule.
Layla: What do you mean? What does he mean Doctor?
Valeyard: The Time Vortex provides life within the spans and stretches of time itself. Which is why in a sense it can be said Time is alive, like I have explained. We Time Lords get our powers from the Time Vortex. The power to cheat death and corporeal decay, and jump to the next version of life itself. Change Engines provide life too. Not only that, it can amplify whatever it can find around, not just life. But pure, raw emotions, psychic links and openings, vulnerabilities, forms and forces of nature. The Sisters were not clever enough to have considered that. You saw the effects and the growth it caused in Gamma. A mixture of the powers of the Time Vortex and Change Engines can be dangerous. Which is why all such engines were destroyed in the old days. Only a few unknowns are left behind.
Doctor: And such power was within my Tardis.
Valeyard: How did you think you reversed the life-process of the Raxacoricofallapatorian in Cardiff? You regressed it to such conditions because the Tardis could read your emotions, and so could the strands within it, unknown to the both of you. You started the thought, the Tardis drew the power from the Time Vortex, and the strands amplified it. The Tardis always had a close psychic link to you, but it was amplified so well because of the strands. The first time Clara met an older version of you and lost a part of her belief in you, she had lightly advised you to get a sonic screwdriver that does not roll away the next time. The last time you thought you saw her, and had your memories of her erased, the Tardis compensated by providing you with a new sonic, with metal claws. One that does not roll. Where and how did you think the Tardis git that emotion from? It is sentient. But it does not have the functionality of being your space nanny! And these were not the only times! There is a very good reason why elders in Gallifrey chided upon the idea of lone travel in a Time Capsule, through the Time Vortex, for years.
Doctor: Why?
Valeyard: Because that is what the Vortex and the Change Engines have in common. Facilitating and escalating life. And in case of the strands, it was even more than that. Reconstructing and amplifying. One should never travel in close proximity to that for so long as you have. It has irregular consequences. Not dangerous at first. But unwanted and irregular anyways.
Doctor: And what could have I caused that is such a threat?
[Touches his head with the gauntlet to mind-meld]
Valeyard: Remember Pompeii. The fires at Pompeii, from the volcano Vesuvius in 79 AD burned down everybody. One of those was a girl, a Soothsayer of the Sibylline Sisterhood of the Mid-city of Pompeii who dies with her whole sisterhood for what she believed in. She was a proto-Pyroville who could see through time, due to the rift activity there, and breathing in the ashes of Vesuvius. Her belief in the higher power of her High Priestess, that was supposed to elevate her, safeguard her, killed her instead. Became the death of her. And what did your untimely presence and the strands in your Tardis do? Revive her form and essence. As Amelia Pond. The girl who waited. The girl who lived alone and wasn't afraid of anything much. And this time around, her belief was answered. She was saved, elevated even. To become the Doctors companion and friend in all of space and time. The girl who would get on to save flying kingdoms, fight pirates, face Silurians and see the wonders of life. Then came a simple working girl, Adeola Oshodi of Torchwood One at Canary Wharf, killed with her friends at the hand of Cybermen. Mutilated and perversed. Probed to be a puppet with an internal Cyber-conversion, leading others to the Cause of the Cybermen incursion at Torchwood. And what did the strands do again? Revive her form magically as the cousin who lived. Who a week earlier did not even exist. Up until a week before that, Adeola's' father, the supposed brother of Francine Jones, did not have a sister with a particular child named Martha. Martha Jones. The leader of men. Not a puppet anymore. The Woman who travelled to the ends of the world along with the Doctor himself, from the ruins of New York to the fusion mills of China. The brilliant scientist and tactician, who helped so many. Joined UNIT. Helped Torchwood. And so much more! And then came the ones Doctor Zeuss told you about, the smaller ones, where the strands had minimal control. Timestreams around them were degrading on their own, until you came and saved the day again. Different versions of you. There were many more times, where Time Variations have happened. Out of the control or reach of the strands even. But just because they existed and traversed the Time Vortex with you. Some big, some small. Some for the good, some bad. Faces seen before reappearing, things that should not have happened - initiating on their own. End Contact!
The Doctor recovers, and stares down intently.
Valeyard: There is a reason I have pursued your version the most, over the years. You are unique, Doctor. Your abundance of regenerations. Your Tardis, with a little portion of the Change Engine. To go to the baffling lengths for it all and the subsequent results that have presented themselves along the way! I have got the opportunity to vent my rage and exercise my anger as the Valeyard. The King of Submission and Domination that I am. But you, Doctor. You still are bound by the burdens of being good. To never be cruel or cowardly. Never give up or give in. Despite whatever becomes of you, I hope this provides you with some closure before it all, Doctor.
Doctor: Before all what?
Valeyard: Like I said, my time is different than yours. And the battle for the future of your time has just begun. 

The Doctor and the companions are rescued from the limbo; but their journey back is under attack from the Lonely Assassins, which causes a temporal anomaly. Opening up Time Windows into the timeline of a particular person in an alternative universe - Amadeus Wolfgangus Mozart! The Doctor must determine what is it that is about to happen in this universe that can tip the scales outside it.....

Songs and Music used

Puccini: Turandot / Act 2 - Ai Tuoi Piedi Ci Prostriam (La Folla) 2
Beethoven - Symphony No. 3 In E Flat Major (Op. 55) Eroica Mstr
Mozart: Overture - 'Le Nozze Di Figaro
Beck Black Tambourine
Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair (Instrumental, with Gallifreyan flares after the chorus)
A rendition of The Doctor's Theme (9th Doctor onwards), originally by Murray Gold
The Doctor's Battle Theme (corresponding to 13th Doctor Intro Theme)

Upcoming Episodes[Under Construction]

Young Valeyard  flashback
An unknown form a Valeyard, probably a younger one, in his usual Time-Lord attire, is looking on to a screen, at somebody trying to open a safe, marked The Divine Bank of Karabraxos.
A very blue humanoid, with a bandana cloaked in his collars, is using a handheld blowtorch to cut through the rims.
Valeyard: You do know what to do, I presume?
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: Yes, I do. They do not call the Von Bornes the Bloody thiefs of Xantor Bloodmoon for nothing.
Valeyard: And have you c-
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: Yes I have cut the inner layer of the rim. Now I am torching the hinges open to reveal the wiring. And when I bypass the wirings, the charge fluctuations open the panel.
Valeyard: And you have exactly twenty seconds to retrieve the item or the deadlock compartment within the safe sets in. It's a titranium safe. So do be careful.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes[OC]: Ok.
Valeyard: And how long would it-
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes[OC]: Done. Retrieval complete.
Valeyard: You know what to do.

Another light blue colored humanoid is waiting for extraction.
Bladimir: Well?
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: We are done. Go. Go, go, go, go!
The levitating cruiser cuts of a few cars in the other direction, and jumps to the lower levels of the magna-platform highway It takes a swift turn and bends into an alley.
Bladimir: They wouldn't find us at the Grade B pedestrian levels.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: And did you get your part?
Bladimir[shakes and shows]: One oxyhemerogen torch and a Level-Alpha badge from the Bank Archive. What did the Architect say to do next? What do we do with it now?
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: You, nothing. Me, proceed to the next level.
He shoots a paralytic dart at his head from behind, and steals his loots. He proceeds to a building a few lanes later, marked Bilino's Pub. The Pub is heavily lit, with chambers on each corners. There arre two dancing pole in the middle, and a variety of life-forms around.
Attendant: Kaaley, my friend! Is it the usual?
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: You know me too well, Boros.
Attendant: Well, knowing you is costing me. Sometimes do enjoy the amenities the pub has actually to offer. The High Chair is breathing down on my neck.
Kaal'Avista enters a private chamber and locks the door. There is one dancing pole in the middle. He grips the pole, turns it right three time, left one two times and then right again the last time. A small panel from within the side of the pole pricks him.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: Ooiiiuu! By the hounds of Bloodmoon. Gets me every time.
AI voiceover[translated]: Blood Sample Analysis. Kaal'Avista. Von Bornes Metalworks Security.
The pole retracts to the ceiling and a dais opens up to provide a hatch. Kaal'Avista climbs down and is greeted by another of his kind. There is a second person, in a mask and a metallic jacket.
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: Did you get it all?
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: One sealed pouch. One oxyhemerogen torch. And One Level-Alpha badge. What have you got?
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: A Yerba Mate from 12th Colony Earth and Aesophorous Magnodian plant from early Skaro. Found it in the Skylock Museum, just as the Architect said.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: Ready?
Koll'Arbum nods. He rubs the Mate extract on the hinges of the lockbox, on the bench. Then he carefully points the Aesophorous Magnodian plant at the hinges and squeezes it. A lime-yellow liquid gets squirted over the extracts. He does the whole process for all the corners. Soon, the hinges melt off. The upper cover and the lid comes off, leaving the inner locking mechanism only. Along with the lid and back-box, the safety mirror also comes off clean.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: And what does he do?
Valeyard: He does as I tell him, as you men have done.
The Valeyard has silently approached them from behind the empty room. Dressed in a long coat and a headgear that looks like a skull crusher cap that hides most of his usual attire, he advances towards them and presses a switch. The other person jerks up a little bit and then stiffens, like in a shock.
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: How did you?
Valeyard: Let me be clear. He does not only fulfill my wishes. But moreover, he has no other choice.
The mask opens up to reveal a black, oval metallic face, with interface nodes on the forehead.
Valeyard: He is called Psi, an old associate. He used to be an augmented human. Now he is mere brain cells and a severed head with the same capacity stuck inside Autonomic body mechanisms and a stolen neural interface.
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: Whaat?
At the non-verbal bidding of the Valeyard, Autonomic Psi respond to his nods and tries to bypass the safe. His right limb transforms into a skeleton-key reader. With a few tries. He gets in. There is a large capsule inside it.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: Wait. Wait! What is the endgame here? Our 'big' steal is a sealed pouch, a torch and a large capsule of some kind? Why does this capsule look so familiar!? The designs on-
Valeyard: Well, to be fair-[looks at the other]
And he shoots a paralytic dart at Kaal'Avista. Who tumbles down on the floor, His legs still move but this hands are turned upside down and one side of his is barely mobile.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes[mutters with effort] VVWhhyyyyy?
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: What? Speak up. You seen a little down under.
Kaal'Avista Von Bornes: VVWwwhhyyyyy? VVWhhyyyyy vood yu-?
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: Rest up cousin. The lower house of the Bloodmoons is not deserving of the riches I have been offered. In years to come, you will learn to forgive me. While I would not even waste a thought on you. So, is it done. Is this it?
Valeyard: The honor is all yours. Open it up. Go for the spoils.
Koll'Arbum tries to open up the capsule box; but there is a huge splash. It is a liquid similar to the one quirted from the flower. It covers Koll'Arbum and Autonomic Psi fully, drenching them in some kind of sticky underlayer. Koll'Arbum soon looses his grip. He stumbles to his knees. His whole left side has gone numb. And his head is now parting into two from the forehead, like huge dandelions. Meanwhile, all the while the Valeyard seems unphased. Literally unphased. His body is slowly going translucent.
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: VVWhh-VVWhhaad deed yu vuu?
Valeyard: What? Do speak up.
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: VVWhhaad[Pause]. VVWhhaad deedi doo?
That is no ordinary capsule. It is from the Black Operation team on Bloodmoons. They use it on higher House convicts, like you. Mix that with a little bit of propellant[lights it with the torch]. And voila! Makes for a cold flame that can eat through anything.
Both Koll'Arbum and Autonomic Psi burn in a slow red flame.
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: Oh..Woahhhggh! VVWhh-VVWhhaad. Vwwhy dedde u d-vhow wud vu eskaapve?
By now the Valeyard has gone completely translucent. At the very last moment, a round-shaped device appears on his chest, braced with holsters from the back, in a crisscross fashion. He points to his right, while completely disappearing. A different version of the Tardis sound can be heard from where he was point. A Tardis materializes, slower than usual.
Koll'Arbum Von Bornes: Vvhah! Vwuhh vwickes svon of a- 
He and Psi splatters into a slow explosion. And the Valeyard comes out and picks up the sealed pouch from the table. He presses a switch on his gautlet. His attire changes and folds back to his usual Time Lord regalia. He throws away the coat. The device on his chest regresses back to palm-sized, with the X-shaped braces still intact.
Valeyard: Saved by a Tachyon displacement regulator. Displace yourself anywhere within a limited temporal bubble, even the past. And then there was this-
[He opens the pouch]
Valeyard: The hind Brain of the last Teller progeny of The Divine Bank of Karabraxos. Should work perfectly fine against Rassilon. All proof and accomplices destroyed. Well, one partially destroyed. With this I would be able to enhance by psychic transgression techniques even further. With this I mig- Oh! Who am I even talking to? Why bother at all. Curse of mingling with the lower species I suppose.
Suddenly a gas-grenade flies in near his feet. It hits the body of Kaal'Avista and stops spinning. A thick cloud of gas whoozes out rapidly covering the entire area with smoke. Within the smoke the Valeyard can see two shadowy figures, with golden glow contours from the royal regalia. The shape of their head-gear is quite clear, with masks on. As the figure emerge into prominence, they break out their batons, blunt and bigger at the end, with a shock-spark mouth. A brief struggle aside, the Valeyard gets subdued easily. Coughing irresistibly, the Valeyard collapses and passes out.
The young Valeyard wakes up with aches all over his body. Through the hypnopompic mist of unconsciousness and fatigue in his eyes, he sees that he is somewhere resembling the decors of Gallifreyan architecture. There are four people in the room. All eyeing him with pure disdain, yet with a hint of unsure fright.
Valeyard: Gallifreyan Silence Chamber. Nice touch of deniability and sinister applications. What am I doing in here?
Bor'ham: Even in your most impure form and aspects, you cannot stop at only a sentence could you. Oh, mighty Rassilon, they can talk!
Valeyard: So you know who I am?
Bor'ham: The darker sides of the Doctor put together. We have had indefinite sources compiled about your whereabouts over the years. Although they mostly seem inconsistent. You know who we are?
Valeyard: By the architecture and pompous magnificence and gestures of arrogance, I would suppose the High Council.
Bor'ham: We picked you up from universe because we have a task for you. We w-
Valeyard: No.
Bor'ham: What?
Valeyard: No. I am not the errand boy of Gallifrey. If I was, I would still call myself the Doctor and wear a scarf around. Like I said, arrogance. Hidden in all the delight and ravishing joy. The ostentation and splendor of the most knowledgeable beings in the universe. Arrogant enough to even cross universes.
Bor'ham: If you do not comply you-
A Time Lord raises his hand and turns around. He signals, and Bor'ham ushers the guards away, hurriedly.
Rassilon: If you do not comply, death would be the worst of your problems.
Valeyard: Well, well, well. The fatherly voice of tyranny. At last.
Rassilon: I understand that you are used to exercising power and order. Not receiving them. You are used to demanding utter submission. So I will give you some power. Power over your life. [Signal]
A hatch opens below him. Made of glass. Beyond the hatch can be seeing a rotor fan, keeping something intact and levitated.
Rassilon: Organic mould from Terradilecta. With a tiny bit of a death particle inside. You know how it works; you have used the same principle before. Either you agree to assist us or you face the death particle in the isolated chamber. Sucked out beyond Gallifrey. Or, you could help us and empower yourself.
Valeyard: Empower how?
Rassilon: When we get what we want, you get what is rumored you have been after for so very long. The remaining regenerations of the Doctor from our universe.
Valeyard: And what do you wish me to do?
Rassilon: Nothing major. Defame him. Debunk his ego and status. Let me show you how-
He approaches and touches the side of his heads, lowering himself.
Rassilon: Initiate contact!

- And the Valeyards' eyes open up. In the present.

*Valeyard Origins/Story Finale

(This has parts and extracts derived and reimagined from 'Doctor Who and the Time War', by Russel.T.Davies, which was to coincide with the 2013 50th anniversary Special, but never actually released as it deviated from the storytelling of The Day of the Doctor; so parts of it has been paid homage to, as a reimagined scenario)
A long coat, fluttering in the howling wind. Up on the highest visible peak on Mount Seldom. The whole grassland is a version of orange. There is beauty and peace in the sights of it. Everything is silent except the howling winds. And the winds carry the cries of war. The Doctor stands on an eyrie. So far away that the warring kinds of Time Lords and Daleks in the Capital City and Arcadia are out of reach. He could hear them scream in vain. The screams of war.
Time Lord[OC]: Fire the Time Torpedoes!
Dalek-voiceover[OC]: Exterminate! Exterminate!
There is a platoon of Time Lord convoy approaching Mount Seldom. Far away in the horizon, he could make out the shapes of some familiar contours of destruction. Spiderbot Dalek Drones are hovering up and down, in waves, trying to reach him. Their cries to reach him, trying to make him stop, comes to his ears too. Both humanoid and mutant-kind. He chooses to not focus on them, but see the devastation of the Last great Time War instead, reminding him why he is doing this. He is covered by a semi-spherical force shield, top-down. There are fluctuations within the shield. The Daleks are trying to get in using a transmat. Soon the shield would give away.
He looks down at his feet, where a withered skeletal feet crumbles away into dust, carried by the wind. Only the worn-out clothes remain, full of carbon-scoring and burn holes.
8th Doctor: It's too late now..
He looks up to the Moment. An implement of brass and oak, with a big red lever on top. The moment gives a whole glow-out, leading up to the lever. It is ready.
8th Doctor: This is it. Oh, well! Last words are useless now. Not in this world and time. Time Lords of Gallifrey. Dalek-kind of Skaro. Monsters alike. I had served you notice to stop this war, not step into this impending doom. I had said no more, but you chose once more. And now, so shall I, one last time!
He steps forward, with tear in his eyes, and pulls the lever all the way down. Total whiteout. Tears roll down his other eye as he clenches his jaws tighter. Still eyes closed, he steps back and opens them. The war around him, and Gallifrey is no more. He feels a sharp pain, as if disintegrating in small parts. There is funnel of multi-spectrum light, even through the destruction and white nothingness around. Following the faint spectrum around, he goes to his ship and falls down on his knees, crumbling in pain. He finds himself landing on the doors to his Tardis.
8th Doctor: I suppose this is it. The death of the Doctor. 
Another tear rolls down his eyes. He wipes them off, with another hand on his chest. His face bleeding and disheveled. His bones broken, he just lies on his back at the foot of the Tardis.
Moment-Rose: You have time.
8th Doctor: Time for what!? There is no more point to it. All this pain and sorrow. All the guilt and burden. All the places I could have seen, all that I could have done. All this cravings and musings. [Sniffs] Another musing I am having right now. What age am I?
Moment-Rose: Would you like to know? [Steps forward]I can show y-
8th Doctor: Oh, what would be the point? Would it do me any good to know where and exactly when did I manage to fail my own kind. When I stopped destruction with destruction itself. All the lies and betrayal. All the temporal manipulations and experiments. I suppose it could be a thousand by now. Or 980, maybe? 970? Let's just round up to 900, shall we.
Moment-Rose: You are the boss, Boss.
8th Doctor: I boss nobody. Does it look like I am worthy of following? Does it look like my efforts and inner-musings can bring in any fruition worth to anybody?
Moment-Rose: Companion then. That is always your story. Stuck between a girl and a box. And balanced out by a companion.
8th Doctor: Well, given the circumstances the company could have been worse, I suppose. Baloohoom to Mars, Earth to Condor, Skull Moon to Delirium, you were not the worst accomplice to end it all with. Although the choice in face from my future did not do any justice, since I won't be having a future anymore. Is it- Is it done?
Moment-Rose: Your future has been fixed.
8th Doctor: So. No more regeneration. Good, good. Ah, Gallifrey. AHhhhhh.[Sniffs in hard] I once told a friend that no matter where ever you choose to go, you always end up home. I suppose it holds true for somebody as despicable as me too.
Moment-Rose: You are not despicable Doctor. Or disposable.
8th Doctor: Really[coughs]. And what would you call mass genocide? A thought so contemptible and evil. So evil to the roots that it has burned away everything. My own people. My enemies, however bad they were. All life is precious and demands to be preserved no matter the circumstances. A crime so heinous, it has burned away my will to live!
Moment-Rose: Hmmm. "I love humans. Always seeing patterns in things that aren't there".
8th Doctor[coughs lightly]: Whaat!?
Moment-Rose: I said-
8th Doctor: I know what you said. It's what I said. A lifetime ago. I don't forget lines and faces much. Not in most regenerations at least.
Moment-Rose: You are no different Doctor.
8th Doctor: Don't call me that. I do not deserve that name anymore.
Moment-Rose: Okay. That makes the conversation a bit tougher. You are no different, 'Time Lord'[air-quotes]. There is no connection to your pain and what you just did. These are battle scars, the mental anguish and burden. Not the physical pain. Those were truths that had to take place. You had to do what you were meant to do, however painful. In your version of the universe, those were fixed-points. Undeniable temporal conundrum to you, I suppose. To me, one definitive possibility in a long list of possibilities. Plus you are not even dying.
8th Doctor: My version of universe? And wait, did you just say I am not dying!?
Moment-Rose: No. You are not dying. Like I said. Seeing connections where there are none. Nothing is burning away anything in you.
8th Doctor: Then-
Moment-Rose: Isn't it obvious. You are regenerating.
8th Doctor: [Tries to get up in his pain] Why? I explicitly instructed you not to!
Moment-Rose: As if! [Eyes glow] Do not misjudge the gravity of your situation or your statements, Doctor. Words like explicit do not mean the same thing to you and me. You have lived for about 900 years. I could be a sentient life-form in all of existence for nine minutes and still see and know further than you. Both ways too! Your instructions are but mere amusement to me. I wear the face of your future companion for the same reason you wear yours around human companions. To pander to their needs and justifications. To heed to their sensibilities. But deep down, we all are so much more. You have seen so much. And yet I have seen so much more! I have seen many of your stories Doctor. You do not get off that easy. You still have work to do. There is pain and hurt from what you did. But there is so much more good to come out of it. Out of what you feel today, right here. Right now. A version of you, older than you, once said that Time does not pass. It is an illusion and life is the magician- the great provider. Like a magician's trick, revealed to you only in parts. Never the bigger picture. Like frozen pictures. Stills of your life. Pictures are so still and mundane to look at. But if you experience those pictures one after another, then everything comes alive. Imagine if Time happened all at once; not a linear sentiment that you experience one day at a time. But all of it. That is how I see it Doctor. All of it that has happened and all that is yet to come. And you are needed in there. It does take the romance out of things. Maybe Time does you a favor too. Wears the face of one-boring-day-at-a-time.
8th Doctor: Huh? I did not see the day going like this.
Moment-Rose: [Smiles] I did. Like the other one said, Time is a structure relative to each of yourselves. Which is why it is called Time and 'Relative' Dimensions in space. It means life. That is what it provides and upholds. That little box of yours. And you play a part in that in every circumstance. Now get in there. Chop-chop!
8th Doctor: To do what?
Moment-Rose: Wardrobe change.
8th Doctor: So, is this what you meant by 'fixed'?
[His hands start glowing].
Moment-Rose: She did most of it with her kiss. Passed it on as a restoration cycle. Your 'Savior'. That's what you call her in your mind, don't you?
8th Doctor: How did y-
Moment-Rose: I just put in a tiny upgrade in there, after that.
He looks down to see vigorous golden energy coming out of his hands, following the familiar changes. His face starts to burn and engulf him.
8th Doctor: Huh, this is a bit new. 'Savior'. That is just about right. She was that. And so much more.
Moment-Rose: Put it to good use then.
8th Doctor: Hold me to that promise. One day, if need be, I will try and pass it on to save another.
Moment-Rose: Oh, if only you would know it! I am holding you to it right now.
With a very large bang and whiteout, he regenerates. He cools down, smoking and panting. He runs his hand over his face, his hair , his nose, the nape of his neck. The whole length of the foreface, and then his ears.
9th Doctor: Blimey!
Moment-Rose: Double the blimey! Mind you, the ears could-
A sudden beam of energy hits the Doctor from above, like an energetic transmat. His hands laid behind, he is suddenly pulled up and away.
Moment-Rose: Huh! That was new. Although now that I see it.. Oh, well. My work here is done for now...[pouts unmindfully] Wish I had some chips.

Meanwhile, in The Library-
10th Doctor: Time can be rewritten.
River: Not those times. Not one line. Don't you dare. It's okay. It's okay. It's not over for you. You'll see me again. You've got all of that to come. You and me, time and space. You watch us run.
10th Doctor: River, you know my name!
COMPUTER[Automated voiceover]: Autodestruct in ten
10th Doctor: You whispered my name in my ear.
COMPUTER[Automated voiceover]: Nine, eight, seven
10th Doctor: There's only one reason I would ever tell anyone my name. There's only one time I could!
River: Hush, now.
COMPUTER[Automated voiceover]: Four, three
River[smiles]: Spoilers.
COMPUTER[Automated voiceover]: Two, one
[River joins two power cables together. There is a big, blinding light and a partial whiteout.]
A sudden beam of energy hits the Doctor from above, like an energetic transmat. Just like before.....
10th Doctor: What? Whaat!? No, not now! Not today of all days! Not nowwwww-
He vanishes.

In between an infestation of Daleks, at the start of it all-
4th Doctor: Just touch these two strands together and the Daleks are finished. Have I that right?
Sarah: To destroy the Daleks!? You can't doubt it.
4th Doctor: Well, I do. You see, some things could be better with the Daleks. Many future worlds will become allies just because of their fear of the Daleks.
Sarah: But it isn't like that.
4th Doctor: But the final responsibility is mine, and mine alone. Listen, if someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you and told you that that child would grow up totally evil, to be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives, could you then kill that child?
Sarah: We're talking about the Daleks, the most evil creatures ever invented. You must destroy them. You must complete your mission for the Time Lords.
4th Doctor: Do I have the right? Simply touch one wire against the other and that's it. The Daleks cease to exist. Hundreds of millions of people, thousands of generations can live without fear, in peace, and never even know the word Dalek.
Sarah: Then why wait? If it was a disease or some sort of bacteria you were destroying, you wouldn't hesitate.
4th Doctor: But I kill, wipe out a whole intelligent lifeform, then I become like them. I'd be no better than the Daleks.
Sarah: Think of all the suffering there'll be if you don't do it.
[The two wires finally touch! A big whiteout, but the Doctor finds himself riding up a white beam, with minimal voluntary movements.]
4th Doctor: Oh. My! 

12th Doctor: Where am I? What planet is this?
Kid Davros: I don't understand.
12th Doctor: Well, neither do I. I try never to understand. It's called an open mind. Now, you have got to make a choice.
Kid Davros: A choice?
12th Doctor: Yes, you have got to decide that you're going to live. Survival is just a choice. Choose it now.
Kid Davros: If I move, they'll get me.
12th Doctor: I told you, you have one chance in a thousand. But one is all you ever need. What's your name? Come on, faith in the future. Introduce yourself! Tell me the name of the boy who isn't going to die today.
Kid Davros: Davros. My name is Davros. 
[The Doctor looks petrified, and backs away]
Kid Davros: Hello? Are you still there? Please, you've got to help me. You said I could survive. You said you'd help me. Help me!
[Through the battle-fog, we see a sudden beam of bright, white energy hit the silhouette of the Doctor from above, and pick him up]

In Manhattan-
Amy: That gravestone, Rory's, there's room for one more name, isn't there?
11th Doctor: What are you talking about? Back away from the Angel. Come back to the Tardis. We'll figure something out.
Amy: The Angel, would it send me back to the same time? To him!?
11th Doctor: I don't know. Nobody knows.
Amy: But it's my best shot, yeah?
11th Doctor: No!
RIVER: Doctor, shut up! Yes. Yes, it is.
11th Doctor: Amy.....
Amy: Well, then. I just have to blink, right?
11th Doctor: No!
Amy: It'll be fine. I know it will. I'll be with him, like I should be. Me and Rory together. Melody?
11th Doctor: Stop it. Just, just stop it!
[River takes Amy's hand. She kisses it.]
Amy: You look after him. You be a good girl, and you look after him.
11th Doctor: You are creating fixed time. I will never be able to see you again!
Amy: I'll be fine. I'll be with him.
11th Doctor: Amy, please! Just come back into the Tardis. Come along, Pond, please.
Amy: Raggedy man, goodbye!
[Amy turns her back on the Angel, and vanishes. Rory's gravestone has a few more words on it now. And His Loving Wife Amelia Williams. Aged 87.]
11th Doctor: Nooooo!
[Seen from the back, the Doctor draws his sonic and points at the Angel]
11th Doctor: I should do it! Right now! Why, just why!?
A sudden beam of energy hits the Doctor from above, just like the rest.
11th Doctor: Whaaat!? What? No, no, no, no, nooooo!
He vanishes too.

A vast white couduit of energy, with figures travelling upwards.
10th Doctor[OC]: For a long time now, I thought I was just a survivor, but I'm not. I'm the winner. That's who I am. The Time Lord Victorious.
Random voice[OC]: Bill Potts
10th Doctor[OC]: Adelaide, I've done this sort of thing before. In small ways, saved some little people, but never someone as important as you. Oh, I'm good.
Adelaide[OC]: Little people? What, like Mia and Yuri? Who decides they're so unimportant? You?
Random voice[OC]: Ace
Random voice[OC]: Donna
11th Doctor[OC]: Amy, she's not real! Melody, she's a Flesh avatar. Amy!
11th Doctor[OC]: Amy! Amy.
Rory[OC]: Yeah, we know.
10th Doctor[OC]: Exactly. You were born in battle, full of blood and anger and revenge. 
Random voice[OC]: Loshann
Random voice[OC]: Fey Truscott
War Doctor[OC]: What I did, I did without choice. In the name of peace and sanity.
7th Doctor[OC]: Ace!
Wilf[OC]: I'm sorry.
10th Doctor[OC]: Sure.
Wilf[OC]: Look, just leave me.
10th Doctor[OC]: Okay, right then, I will. Because you had to go in there, didn't you? You had to go and get stuck, oh yes. Because that's who you are, Wilfred. You were always this. Waiting for me all this time.
Emperor[OC]: I want to see you become like me. Hail the Doctor, the Great Exterminator.
9th Doctor[OC]: I'll do it!
Emperor[OC]: Then prove yourself, Doctor. What are you, coward or killer?
Wilf[OC]: No really, just leave me. I'm an old man, Doctor. I've had my time.
10th Doctor[OC]: Well, exactly! Look at you. Not remotely important! But me? I could do so much more. Sooo mucchhhh morrrreeeee! But this is what I get. I suppose I should! I could do it, you know. But could I!? How am I Time Lord Victorious with a victory of this kind?
Random voice[OC]: Vervoid
Random voice[OC]: Fenric
Clara[OC]: I went to a concert once. Can't remember who it was. But do you know what the singer said?
12tth Doctor[OC]: Frankly, that would be an absolutely astonishing guess if I did know.
Clara[OC]: She said - "Hatred is too strong an emotion to waste on someone that you don't like."
10th Doctor[OC]: I never would. Have you got that? I never would. When you start this new world, this world of Human and Hath, remember that.
Random voice[OC]: Fendahl
10th Doctor[OC]: Which of us is more valuable to the universe? I don't want to. So I'm not going to-
7th Doctor[OC]: Ace!
8th Doctor[OC]: Cass!
Random voice[OC]: Daleks
10th Doctor[OC]: Tough!
10th Doctor[OC]: Time Lord Victorious
We go back to the scene of the current version of the Valeyard setting off a trap within the Battle Tardis. All versions converge on him, from under. The process seems immensely painful, and he keeps shouting in a long stretch. Gradually, the amends from the engine takes place. A green glow of light slowly waves on, phasing through the tormented conglomerates of the Doctors, and then passing on. As it reaches them, the light engulfs his face, like a regeneration. When everything cools down, the Battle Tardis is almost in ruins. The Valeyard has been born. His clothes are torn up, smoking. He rises on his knees, crouching, slowly. There is rage in his eyes. Too much rage, and vivid determination. He knows what he has to do. He is the savior no more. Healer no more. Doctor no more.


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