This is David the "erratic" Whovian, from Sol-3 of the Milky Way. This blog, or as I call it, is a Fan Outpost for Whovians, knowing and discussing everything from the DW Universe. Here, everything is canonical and mainstream; every single idea!

As these pages grow and link up to other platforms, and if by chance, somebody other than me does notice it and bother to open it up, it would contain all DW Universe discussions, fan theories and speculations. Over the time, I would also present my own take on a few scripts of Doctor Who I have been working on

The page contains what I think are the best and worst of my opinions. None of them are spoilers. If I had one, I'd put on a wavy wig and warn in a sexy voice, saying "SPOILERS, SWEETIE!"

So for now, all I have is a few grave opinions, headcanons, stench of possibility and topics up for debate.

While most of these are my original thoughts, some of them might have come from posts I have seen online, over the years, or comments that have vibes with my own strain of thinking. So if anybody has the same thoughts or were the actual ones long ago to think about it, do feel free to comment and debate on it. I cannot bother to search time and history for the source of every comment that have inspired or aroused my interests.

So, if anybody does ever come up to these corners, Do ENJOY!


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